1. T

    Looking for a tool that will notify me via email when my public IP address changes

    Hello, Can anyone recommend such a tool or service or maybe a Raspberry PI project that can do this? Thanks.
  2. cdoublejj

    anyone else use LG TV feature for extra IP channels?

    anyone else use LG TV feature for extra IP channels?
  3. T

    IP Rating Tablet Housing

    I am looking for an ip68 rating housing case (outdoor use) for a Surface 7 pro or similar. Does anyone know anywhere I could get one from? I would ideally need something that I can fit the charger into and other USB's
  4. Z

    Samsung TV assign ip address manually not working

    Dear folk I have Samsung TV connecting to the internet when it has its ip address assigned automatically ( and default gateway What I tried to do assign the same ip address manually to the TV and press OK TV showing red cross on the connectivity to the...
  5. R

    IP address conflicts showing in router log

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this. My Huawei 5G CPE Pro router loses its internet connection periodically. Looking in the system log, it seems like each of the outages corresponds with either of these two entries in the log: LAN side maintenance IP address conflict with...
  6. B

    New Router IP address

    Can someone put my mind at rest please. I have been using a Virgin-badged netgear router along with a Virgin 'hub' modem for many years. Ever since I first started with internet/networking many years ago the base IP address for my network has always been 192.168.x.x. As a result all my 18 NAS...
  7. K

    HDMI over IP - IR cable boxes issue

    HDMI over IP - IR cable boxes issue. I’m running 20 TV’s with HDMI over IP and four cable boxes in the server rack. However the IR blaster changes all channels no matter how I configure them. It seems the HDMI transmitters are receiving and sending the IR signal to all blasters regardless of...
  8. D

    Sonos - Arc, Sub and 2 One Sls (pair) all on same IP?

    Router: Askey SAX1V1K (Spectrum Cable / US) My system sounds great; I'm not experiencing any problems. I'm just wondering why all Sonos device speakers are listed on my Network at 1 IP address? In my previous router there were 5 different devices listed, at different IP addresses. Does this...
  9. 3

    Considering IP TV

    Hi, thanks in advance for any advice! I am struggling to receive a decent TV signal in my home and considering different options. I was hoping someone here could help! The below is a reasonable summary of my situation: My family and I don't do a huge amount of TV watching but most of the...
  10. D

    IP POE Home Security Camera Suggestions

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any recommendations for good IP POE Security Cams, as my experience with these to date has been rather grim, and i will explain further; Prior to a loft conversion 10 years ago i was able to completely wire my house in cat 6 and now have sockets in all rooms in my...
  11. ShaunIOW

    IP Camera that don't need a mobile app recommendations please

    I'm getting really hacked off with my current YI IP camera, as nearly every day i cannot connect to it in the mornings ( it can only be logged in to via either a mobile phone app or PC app and not direct with an IP address) and I get a Send HTTP Fail(3) message on the PC app, and the mobile app...
  12. M

    SAT over IP advice.

    Hello! Long time Stalker no time poster. I moved into a house that had the worst possible layout for working from home so I had a slight issue when i rearranged and changed the old living room into a computer room, i left out the part of how I got TV into the new living room. Mostly we lived...
  13. M

    Vodaphone Gigafast Static IP Addresses

    Hi, Looking to move from Zen to Vodaphone Gigafast but need 5 static public IP's which I have with Zen Can Vodaphone supply these ? Has anyone got these and any general thoughts on the service with vodaphone would be helpful before I make the move Thanks in advance Mark
  14. B

    4MP IP Cameras Vs. 8MP CCTV Cameras?

    I'm new here. I googled this question and I understand that IP cameras have higher fps so it has a smoother video, ....etc. But when it comes to zooming in, I read that IP cameras are better. Why is that? They have lower resolution (lower MegaPixels). In my country, the max available IP camera...
  15. Hallstar

    App to allow live feed of multiple IP cams?

    Hi all, I have 3x Eufy (Anker) WIFI cameras within my home, all of which are currently connected via Apple HomeKit, of which I am using HomeCam app via my iPad Pro for simultaneous live feed of all cameras. I wish to free up my iPad and use either an android based tablet tor my Windows 10...
  16. I

    HikVision IP cameras

    Can someone tell me if I'm correct in what I say. If you plug the camera directly into your NVR when you first purchase it will inherit the same password as the NVR. Alternatively, you can plug the IP camera into an injector and open it in SAPD and then manually activate it with your own...
  17. C

    Home HDMI Over IP Setup

    Good evening folks! I am back for more advice please :D I want to push the outputs from my media centre (Sky Q and Xbox One) through a Gb Switch so I can watch them from any TV in the house (only 3). My planned lounge layout can be seen below: This is where I would like to get to, with a...
  18. B

    Question UN75TU7000FXZA IP Control?

    I have looked on Samsung Developer website to review Tizen but not able to find direct commands for App select via IP Control. Is there a direct command to select Netflix, Hulu etc. via HTTP, RS232 or TCP/IP. I know the 2019 models work with direct access but the 2020 versions doesn't appear...
  19. S

    2nd Remote IP cameras over Homeplugs casuing Signal issues

    Looking some advice and help with a hilook IP nvr. Currently running 2 cameras on a 8ch NVR. 1 POE connected directly and 1 in a garage connected by powerline adapters(TP-Link TL-PA7020KIT 2-Port Gigabit Powerline) All has been working without problems for a few years. Recently I bought 3 more...
  20. raigraphixs

    Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (TBC) Directed by Li Liming

    Released in Australia/China last year https://asianfilmstrike.com/2019/12/30/ip-man-kung-fu-master-2019-review/
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