1. Andy_Green

    Wanted iPad Air 4 Wi-Fi 64gb

    Looking to see if anyone has an iPad Air 4 available which they wish to part with. Would be looking for something in mint condition, boxed, charger, etc. Realise the new Air model has not been out long so unlikely to be many around but you never know. Recent sale agreed at £470 (link) so...
  2. raigraphixs

    Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (TBC) Directed by Li Liming

    Released in Australia/China last year https://asianfilmstrike.com/2019/12/30/ip-man-kung-fu-master-2019-review/
  3. B

    Hikvision IP camera - no storage management available on web page

    Hi, Model DS-2CD1123G0-I. Re-flashed with several firmware versions, browser re-installed plug-in. Couldn't find a way to view the Storage/Storage management tab. Check screenshot. Please advise. Thanks !
  4. Fatamorgana

    IP Camera - still unsure but am I missing something?

    Darn, still musing over an IP camera for a web cam. Outdoors, fourth floor, do I need a specific server to enable this? We have a BT Broadband account, lots of bandwidth, a Sq Space website, what options do I need to consider to get this underway, we don't need a constant feed as the landscape...
  5. K

    Using an 8 year old Full HD 1080p Television with a Super HD 2K (2019 release) IP Camera at 2688 x 1520 resolution - Delayed streaming on live view

    Hi, I have an old Samsung Full HD 1080p TV and I purchased it about 8 years ago. I recently purchased an IP Network Camera and it is connected to a Network Video Recorder, which is then connected to my TV. The IP camera is streaming on my TV through the recorder at a resolution of 2688 x...
  6. T

    POE IP camera or a wired camera with wifi?

    I am having a house rewired and I cannot decide what is the best option. I am having a back floodlight fitted so will have power connection - can this same connection be used to wire up a security camera or does it needs its own line? Or I can have a POE Camera installed instead with the...
  7. Loog

    HiLook CCTV system IP with POE and Ethernet over Power

    Hi, I'm looking for some help before I purchase my CCTV system. My garage is not connected to the house but I already have EOP connecting the two buildings together. I was looking to buy a systems that has POE for easier installation and single cable to connect up. I don't know much about these...
  8. D

    Simplest way to stream RTSP IP Cameras to your website via WebRTC, without transcoding

    If you are on Windows OS, there is a remarkably easy way of doing this. Download and install free Unreal Media Server , create a live broadcast of type "rebroadcast live RTSP/RTMP...stream", select RTSP from dropdown and provide your RTSP Camera URL. Give that broadcast some name (Alias). Now...
  9. DT79

    Question Mac based IP surveillance set-up advice needed

    Hi, I’m new to this, so please be gentle. I want to set-up a home surveillance set-up based around some POE IP cameras. Mainly looking to cover the exterior of my property, but may add one or two internal cameras as well. I don’t need recording 24/7, nor do I need to keep recordings for a...
  10. F

    IP Camera dilemma

    Hi all, I have a Hikvison NVR DS-7604NI (B) and a Hikvision DS-2CD2555FWD-IS. The mini dome is great during the daytime, at night I do feel it's not that clear to pick up face from 5m away and it does need a constant wipe. I'm looking to add another camera, and was unsure what to go for out of...
  11. N

    IP sannce NVR POE CCTV system

    I have just upgraded my sannce NVR and got 4 more cameras. The new NVR has auto detected and connected to the new IP cameras but the 3 existing cameras are not being seen on the new NVR. The old cameras where also POE, IP cameras. The POE rj45 ports on back of NVR don’t even detect the older...
  12. D

    Experiences of using Synology Surveillance Station, and recommended IP cams for indoors / outdoors?

    I’m a great fan of Synology NAS and have a few including an 8 disk unit in the basement. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up the surveillance station for quite a while. Where I’ve got stuck is choosing a suitable IP cam to use - there seem to be thousands on the market and I must...
  13. T

    Question How can I limit access through proxy to only one website?

    I have a laptop which I installed a filter on. The filter only works for URL's, not for IP address'. If I put in an IP address, it won't connect. I want to use a proxy IP for accessing Facebook. I can exclude this IP address from the filter, but then any traffic coming through the proxy is...
  14. F

    LG 75SM8610PLA. IP Control

    Has anyone managed to find which port accepts ip control. i have checked with LG and they say it is not possible. The Most annoying thing is, I bought This set as it is supposed to have RS232 but then found out it is not on the UK version I have it waking up ok through WOL and can get any...
  15. RationalRabbit

    Question HDMI Over IP - Using Correct HDMI Cable

    I have noticed some cable manufacturers list their product with similar phrases as " Provides HDMI Ethernet Channel" When using HDMI over IP, is there a specific type of HDMI cable to use, or is this just an irrelevant selling point? I am also in a quandry when there is a wide range of pricing...
  16. M

    HDMI over IP?

    Trying to decide between Wyrestorm & Just Add Power. I have 2 jobs coming up, 1 residential, 1 restaurant, 2-4 inputs, 4-6 displays........ Looking for any feedback and recommendations regarding these 2 product lines?
  17. ShaunIOW

    Question IP Camera suggestions please

    I need to replace to my aging Panasonic IP camera, so am after some suggestions for a replacement. The main criteria is I can set it up and access it through a web browser by IP address and not just an Android/IOS app as i want to view the video feed on a PC second screen like I do my current...
  18. T

    Can someone please help, cant connect this IP cam to pc via router....

    hi i bought this ip cam below and it goes through all this info on how to connect via wifi etc but i just want it to connect to my pc and router so i can use it via my pc etc for recording and cctv , but even the Ethernet lights on back of the cam wont light up at all when its got Ethernet in...
  19. T

    Looking Advice on an IP camera thats got motion detection for recording?

    hi i have 2 indoor ip cams connected to my router which ive had for years which are cheap but did the job and they create 1440 files in 24 hours resulting the folder being 40gig in size so i was hoping to buy a few new ip cams that have motion detection and a small compressed output, i aint the...
  20. T

    Questions about home security cameras

    My house will be getting rewired with cat6 cabling and I thought it was a great opportunity to get a home security camera system. Definitely keen on getting a power over ethernet system as I'm having the cabling done and it seems like a nice clean job. Definitely keen on: Nice high resolution...
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