1. G

    Creating a static ip address on 58PUS9005/12

    Hi, I am having freezing and buffering issues on Neltfix and Kodi through my TV. I am wanting to set the TV to a static ip address to see if it resolves my issues. I have already created the static lease on my router. My issues is I can't delete the preset zeros from the DNS in the settings...
  2. E

    Barix system with Dante

    Good morning, I have a small setup which has a Barix Annuncicom MPI400 device that is routed with an Avio Dante input device (the latter in turn has a microphone connected). The Annuncicom is connected to a SIP server that is constantly sending announcements. My final objective is to achieve...
  3. colinb4987

    HDMI over IP and eARC

    Simply, does eARC work over most HDMI over IP solutions (especially those that support 4K 60Hz 4:4:4)? Any major issues to be wary of when implementing this kind of AVoIP? My switch and VLAN setup can handle that side of it just fine, and no limitations on bandwidth (Cat6a everywhere)
  4. S

    Visonic Powermaster 10 IP module?

    I have the Visonic Powermaster 10 at my home. It currently only has the GSM (2G) module and the reception is not the best. That is a problem since next year, the 2G and 3G networks will be shut down, only 4G and 5G will remain. As I see it, I have 2 options: 1. Buy the LTE (4G) module, it...
  5. F

    Question How to watch Hikvision IP camera on Samsung Smart TV?

    Customer recently bought a 55" Samsung Smart TV's and wants to view a Hikvision 4MP IP camera on it. Viewing the camera directory (via built-in web browser) results in a poor quality image. Checked with Hikvision distributor who says we should install the iVMS-4200/4500 app. There's a bunch...
  6. Tempest

    SuperHub 3 - Changing LAN IP ?

    I'm either going nutty, or something as I thought this was a simple task. There is/was a place on the SuperHub 2 to simply change this, but I'm buggered if I can find where this is hidden on the SuperHub 3 By default the IP of the SuperHub 3 is the same as with many bits of kit. But...
  7. G

    FRITZ!Box 7530 router not allocating IP address to my printer?

    I'm just setting up my new Zen fibre broadband service via my supplied Fritzbox wireless router. All my devices are connecting fine via their automatically assigned IP addresses. However, my Brother DCP-J1200WE printer is not being allocated an address? I've dialled into the router, and it's...
  8. Nobbler

    So whos got christmas tree up already? Add pics for more ribbing!

    So summers just finished and I've just put thr BBQ away. Mrs N mentioned the T word. I said we can get it down for a couple of hours christmas morning. I'm miserable apparently. Christmas gets earlier every year with Channel 5 being the main instigator. For me, up christmas eve, down 12 nights...
  9. R

    Any recomendations on Hikvision Doorbells

    Looking to install hikvision IP doorbell but there seem to be few different ones out there. Any recommendations on what are the best to go for?
  10. T

    Recommendation for indoor IP cam battery backup and local recording

    Looking for an indoor IP camera recommendation. My requirements are: Mains powered with battery backup (ideally it can run on a couple of days without power) Records to the internet but in addition, local recording as well Ideally options for wired and wireless network connection Good night...
  11. jacckdaw

    Freeview over IP to be launched in 2024

    Media reports this morning that a new service called "Freely" developed by everyone TV (Freeview/Freesat) to launch on smart TVs in 2024 https://www.everyonetv.co.uk/news/press-release/new-free-tv-service-via-ip
  12. PZ800

    Capture/recording live output on C1?

    Mods please move if answered in an existing thread, could not find the question using search. Is there a method to record the current output (A&V) from the TV? I don't use regular programming via the tuner, which can be recorded easily so that option is not in play here. All viewing is done via...
  13. F

    Route replacement? Multiple IP ranges in use

    I've currently got 1GB FTTP and to accomodate it I've connected my Netgear ORBI router and get the full 1GB connectivity. However I've got mutliple IP ranges in use, these can only access the internet if they are NAT'd to the IP range connected to the Netgear ORBI LAN range. I have put static...
  14. brookheather

    BBC HD IP streams launching on Freeview Play models – 24 July

    Tomorrow the BBC are launching some of their HD streaming channels on newer Freeview Play TV EPGs so you will be able to watch BBC News HD on channel 502 for example: https://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/work-warning/news/hd-ip-streams
  15. ShogunPatch

    Question How to combine ZTE MU5001 Mobile 5G Router with Tenda Nova MW6 to assign static IP addresses to some of my hardware

    Greetings all. As per the post title, I'm seeking advice on how to combine ZTE MU5001 Mobile 5G Router with Tenda Nova MW6 mesh system to assign static IP addresses to some of my hardware. I do not have a hard-wired phone line in to my house and rely on 5G mobile broadband on a Three SIM. I...
  16. Drax1

    Ip Man 5 (TBC)

    Just announced at Cannes is another Ip Man instalment. Donnie Yen is back and maybe directing this time too... https://collider.com/ip-man-5-poster/
  17. B

    IP Security Camera stream directly to OneDrive?

    I have a couple of Annke IP POE camera that work well for me and record to NAS. I am investigating whether I can get them to stream to Microsoft OneDrive rather than my NAS. I have read that some Hikvision cameras can do this but wondering if anyone has direct experience? I would be up for...
  18. Bossk128

    Terrestrial over IP - BT TV Pro?

    I'm interested in moving from Virgin to another internet provider- I'll lose the TV provision. Is there a legal IPTV system I can use to deliver terrestrial channels over my network connection? I was looking at the BT TV Pro box but I think the Internet mode only works over a BT connection...
  19. Boca

    Samsung UE32H5500AK - what IP address does it use?

    where do i find the IP address being used by my Samsung UE32H5500AK?
  20. C

    AV Over IP. Complete Beginner.

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right sub forum so if it isn't will the mods please move it. I'm looking at building an AV rack setup but need advice. I want to place the rack in one room and my TV in another but am confused about controlling my equipment. The components are: Apple TV Apple...
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