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  1. E

    Camera for Rabbit Guinea pigs

    Hi, I am looking to buy an outdoor IP camera to fit inside our guinea pig hutch to be able to view them with our kids so bit of fun watching them as they have just had babies. Not too sure as not brought one before but I think I need night vision, IP not just SD card, power is fine as I have an...
  2. S

    Which Hikvision camera would you choose?

    The school director asked me to look for a poe camera that perform good at night and price is no more than 120$. We already have an expensive Hikvision camera, but it does not fit into the budget. I'm really satisfied with the brand. I found 3 option: -Hikvision DS-2CD1023G0E-I (2.8mm)...
  3. O

    Question Use hik-connect without account/internet?

    Hi, I'm looking at te hik-connect app, it seems that you are obliged to register an account with hikvision? Is there any info on what information and access is actually given? Are they able to look at your camera feeds (since you register the camera's with them)? Can you use hik-connect...
  4. M

    Query - Hikvision Minimal Requeriments

    Hi, my name is Mariano and Im from Argentina. I need a suggest for recomended requeriments PC to use IVMS with 75 Hikvision Cameras IP on 1 tv and 2 monitors Cameras: DS-2CD2T23G0 DS-2CD2125FWD-I DS-7616NI-E2 Need a PC for can see all this and daily use.- Thanks
  5. madmal

    Security cameras and NVR

    Can someone please help, I'm looking at installing some IP cameras at home with an NVR. One of my neighbours has a Swann system which he installed himself but to be honest the quality is not that great. I'm looking for cameras that can be mounted outside, survive the UK weather and be reliable...
  6. goatywoaty

    Answered CCTV - Can anyone suggest a roll of the best outdoor CAT5 to use for IP cameras?

    Hi chaps Anyone bought a big roll of decent Cat5 cable for outdoor use recently? I keep reading things about it needs to be shielded, solid copper a certain AWG etc, and i'm getting bamboozled by it all. Is there a known decent brand/model that I can look for? TIA!
  7. M

    Question Any one used Powermaster 30 with IP cameras?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone use or knows about the Visonic power master 30 alarm with IP cameras? Just wondering what the cameras are like? Good quality? Also, assuming you have the power link 3 installed, do you have the smart notifications as well as a PSTN dialler? Thanks for any help
  8. P

    Question Hikvision ip cameras and apps

    Hi, I have finally got my hikvision ip cameras all up and running. Can see them on my monitor in the attic, what do people use for remote viewing on ios? Is there an idiots guide to setting them up? I have messed about with virgin router and I saw one on my ipad on an app called iVMS-4500 but it...
  9. billbrooks

    Question Any cheap wi-fi pc cameras?

    I am looking for a cheap wifi ip camera(indoor or out) that will work with a PC and record using apps like contacam or ispy and record to hdd. All the ones I see are for access via mobile phones. I want to record access to the front door.
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