1. DavidT

    iOS 15 where are all my files?

    I am trying to view my documents and photos on my iPhone 13 using the ""Files" app but when I select "On My iPhone" there are no folders other than Firefox, GarageBand for iOS and Move to iOS which are all empty. Where are my photos etc?
  2. Timh

    Audyssey MultEQ crashing on IOS

    Since IOS15 on my iPhone and iPad MULTEQ keeps crashing when I attempt to look for my Receiver to send the sound file to. Is it just me or are others having the same issue?
  3. J

    iOS 15 - notification banners and Apple Maps now too small

    Hi. The title explains my issue really. I have just installed the new iOS and I know that 2 of the new features are 1) to have more control of notifications to make them less distracting (Focus mode) and 2) 3D maps have been added to the Apple Maps app. However, is anyone else finding that the...
  4. A

    iOS 15 - Live Text

    Is anyone else missing the live text function in camera and photos? It’s activated in the camera app and the language and region settings but still isn’t available for me…
  5. psychopomp1

    iOS 15 - how to get rid of Privacy Report in Safari?

    Anyone know how to get rid of this annoying message in Safari? Can't find any option to disable this.... Cheers
  6. -gonzo-

    iOS 15 Backup Over Cellular

    I’ve done a search but can’t see if it’s already been mentioned so thought I’d post for those that may not be aware. Just seen this on YouTube and Apple in their infinite wisdom have added a Backup Over Cellular function in iOS 15 which is turned on by default so once you’ve updated it might be...
  7. B

    iOS 14.8

    Seems an emergency update has come out ahead of iOS15 to fix an exploit that has been found. Was reported to Apple and fixed quite quickly. Worth updating rather than waiting for iOS15.
  8. psychopomp1

    Nationwide banking iOS app - Face ID issues?

    Every now and again the iOS Nationwide app won't let me login using Face ID, I just get the background image screen - no error code is displayed. The only way to fix this is to toggle off and on the 'face id' setting in the Nationwide app settings or restart the phone. This happens on both my...
  9. mlisettel

    How attached are we to our phones?

    Hey all, I need your help. I am writing my Master's Dissertation about brand attachment and reputation repair, and I am using phone brands as my case studies. I aim to find out if customers being loyal/ attached to a brand helps with reputation repair. If you could please fill the survey out, it...
  10. R

    iOS Mirroring to Phillips / Sony

    Hi all. Frustrating problem here. i have two new 2021 Android TVs. One Phillips 65” OLED and one 49” Sony LED. Both running the latest Android OS and both wired to the router. My iPhone can screen mirror to the Sony out the box with no software installed. But the Phillips does not show up at...
  11. tpr007

    Is there An iPad/iOS specific gaming forum?

    And, if so, where is it :D if not, should there be? I’m not a massive iPad/iOS gamer (prefer traditional consoles) but there’s a massive catalogue of games now. I’m looking to play some games whilst in Quarantine next month (3 weeks in a hotel). And think the iPad and switch are my only...
  12. mtenga

    iOS TV/Movie Catalogue App

    I stream my movies to a Blu-ray player in the main so there is no fancy movie wall to easily find material. I have 30 SMB shares, some including hundreds of movies, and currently access an Excel CSV file on my iPad to show the share on which the media is located, which is a bit of a chore...
  13. the porter

    iOS 15 here we go again wwdc

    Well here we go again wwdc is here and iOS 15 will go live later I will be installing beta 1 on my daily driver can’t wait lol
  14. Obiit

    Marantz iOS app strange behaviour?

    I have just updated to the latest version of the Marantz iOS app and its constantly saying “It appears that you are not currently subscribed to Apple Music. Please subscribe to Apple Music and then re-open this app. This App will close when you touch OK.” You press OK and it randomly closes the...
  15. S

    Yahama MusicCast iOS App "Control volume with iOS buttons" function does not work

    Have tried on single WX-010 as well as two linked units. iOS App is V 4.31 iPhone iOS is 14.4.1 Firmware on WX-010 is up to date Would be handy to use iPhone controls without navigating to and into the MusicCast app
  16. 0MartyMcFly0

    iPad 2 - iOS 9.3.5 - Home Dashboard?

    I would like to re-purpose an old iPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5 as a wall mounted “home dashboard” sort of thing. I am not really looking to control home automation but rather have a bunch of different info widgets.... News feed Weather Traffic Possibly a radio widget? Possibly a shortcut to dads...
  17. zerge83

    Phone clings to home network (won't roam) how to disable? (ios, and android)

    I live on the French/Swiss border and I have a good plan for roaming (sim is French, I live in Switzerland), I need to go really far from the border for the phone to give up clinging to crap (internetless) French connection and start roaming. So how can I set (jailbreak, reprogram, hack...
  18. D

    LG GX65 and LG ThinQ app - iOS unable to add TV - Works on Android

    Hi, I'm a proud new owner of the LG GX65... Lovely screen... However, I am finding issues with the LG ThinQ app... I have the app installed on iOS, iPhone 11 Pro, search for the TV... does not find it.. I have an LG Tumble Dryer, and that is displayed fine. Uninstalled, logged back in...
  19. B

    iPhone 12 text alert sounds not working, IOS bug?

    For some reason the past week or so my iPhone 12 does not make a sound when I get a text alert, I've checked settings and all fine. It seems to do it now and then once every other day. I'm on IOS 14 latest one, anyone else get this? Thanks
  20. NISMO21

    Question Iphone 7 ripped signal antenna/homebutton not working

    I have a kind of my own project 😁 i bought Iphone 7 128GB for 80euros on facebook market and i wanted to fix everything on it so it would be as new. I had 2 problems with my phone , the small speaker was playing quietly, big speaker was also little quieter and the battery was 79%. BATTERRY...
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