1. M

    Rega P3, Rega IO floorstanding speakers advice

    I recently upgraded my set to Rega Planar 3 with AT VM95SH and Rega IO and I'm still using my old Mission 702e speakers. Though they get to sound much better now, I'm thinking of an upgrade to do the Regas justice. The recommendations I see around is for smaller mounted speakers, but I heard...
  2. M

    Is Rega IO capable to provide audible improvements with P1 vs P2 vs P3?

    I am upgrading my system and recently bought Rega IO. I have Pro-Ject Debut II with phono, so I can't use Rega IO's phono stage and Mission 702E speakers. I already like the improved sound over old NAD C340 and feel like Rega IO deserves better.. I wonder how far in Rega TT line IO can go? And...
  3. C

    New system suggestions around Riga Planar 3

    Hi all, first post! :) After recent move and new rooms geography, I'm setting up a new vinyl-only system. I got my hands on a used Rega Planar 3, so I'm very excited about that! After reading the Rega io review here, and seeing that price, I figured that would be a no brainer. I also intend...
  4. R

    Audition the Rega IO - any tips

    Hello Kind People, hope you are well. I am looking to get back into hifi with a starter system. I appreciate sound is subjective, but love to get your opinions, especially those who have IO. Looking to audition the Rega IO amp, that is intended for my home office circa 3m x 3m. Main source...
  5. P

    Rega Brio vs Rega IO: sound differences?

    Hi everyone! Thinking of putting together a nice sounding setup in my small bedroom (4 x 3 meters). I haven't settled on any particular speaker yet but when it comes to amps, I feel like I'm leaning more toward Rega - just not sure which one to get, the Brio or the IO? Should I go with the...
  6. D

    Rega IO or Audiolab 6000A (For vinyl mostly)

    Hello, I'm in the market for a new amp. I am looking at either the Rega IO or the Audiolab 6000A. I can get either for a decent price (the 6000A currently has a discount and will cost about 100 euro more then the IO) I'm looking to hook either one of them up to my turntable and either a pair...
  7. Madsjn

    B&W 705 s1 with Rega io

    Hello, I've recently bought the small Rega IO and am very pleased with it so far. I also got a set of B&W 607 S2 which I like a lot, but just saw a pair of B&W 705 being offered at 1/3 the original retail price. I have to admit I am tempted to go for the upscale version, but not really sure...
  8. Sayeduzzaman Rayan

    Question Necessity of high(er) end earphones [Campfire Audio IO]

    Hi, I'm currently the owner of a sony wh-1000xm3, a bose soundsport wireless, an audio-Technica ath-m50x and a Sennheiser hd559. An earphone recently caught my eye, the Campfire Audio IO. But I'm not sure if it's really worth it to get it. I don't have any way of hearing the buds without buying...
  9. R

    Newbie help - choosing a setup (Rega IO), Streamer, speakers

    I’m looking for some help in selecting some good matching components, to mainly be used for streaming (will add CD later). It’s been a while since I have had hi-fi kit so am a bit out of touch. I’m looking to build around the Rega IO amplifier for my home office (4x3m) - first thoughts were to...
  10. P

    Rega Io Integrated Amp: What does it sound like?

    Hi, I am currently considering setting up a system in my small bedroom (4 x 3 meters), and this little puppy - Rega Io - caught my attention. My goal is something affordable but with solid build quality and punching above its weight if possible, with non fatiguing, "musical" delivery, a sweet...
  11. B

    Rega IO vs Brio - Paired with Planar 3

    HI all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently upgraded my TT to a Planar 3, and speakers to B&W 607. This has led me to wanting to change my amp. I currently have a Pioneer A10. The room i listen in isn’t big, about 3mx3m, and I don’t listen at loud volumes (about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn...
  12. C

    Rega Brio3 vs Brio io

    I have the possibility of a good 2010 Brio3 or should I push the boat out and get the new Brio io. I want a vinyl only system and will be getting the Rega Planar 1. Current speakers are Q Acoustic 3010 but prepared to upgrade those in a few months. Basically will the quality of a 10 year old...
  13. D

    Rega Planar 2 + io + Oberon 5?

    I’m looking to return to vinyl, and was originally planning with a budget of around £1000. This aligned to Rega Planar 1 + io + Oberon 1 (but no speaker stands which I’d also need). Aesthetically, I’d love floor standers. I’m considering pushing budget a little further to £1350, which would...
  14. G

    Rega Brio IO to replace Audiolab 8000A

    Hi all In my home office I am using an Audiolab 8000A with Dali Zensor 1s at the moment, fed via a Dragonfly Black. I use it purely for Spotify and work calls. My office space is very small and the Audiolab takes up too much room so I'm considering getting a Rega Brio IO. The question is...
  15. A

    Question Help, Rega brio vs Rega IO, is the IO powerful enough?

    Hi there I was wondering if the rega io would power my 8ohm speakers with power handling rated between 50-150 watts? I know the rega io’s power is only 30watts per channel so I’m a little concerned that it’s a bit to weak for my bookshelf mission speakers. I currently use a marantz amp but I’m...
  16. Ed Selley

    Rega Io Integrated Amp Review & Comments

    Rega reaffirms their commitment to affordable audio with the Io, but is this tiny integrated amp able to cut it with the big boys? Read the review. Write your own review for Rega Io
  17. Sagarmichael

    Add Spdif IO EQ between tv and soundbar

    Hi, I have a Philips OLED tv and a Sky soundbox. min struggling to watch films because the voices are too quiet and the bass is too loud (for the neighbours) so I want to add an eq with a spdif in and out because the tv h G want got an eq out and the soundbox hasn’t got a new either. I cannot...
  18. Ed Selley

    Campfire Audio Io In Ear Earphone Review & Comments

    The Io is Campfire Audio’s approach to making a relatively affordable earphone that embodies the virtues that they consider important. Does it deliver? Read the review. Write your own review for Campfire Audio Io
  19. Casimir Harlow

    Netflix's IO Review & Comments

    IO proves a nice if slight little sci-fi distraction, with its ostensible similarities to Oblivion and The Martian, albeit drawn on a Netflix scale. Read the review. Write your own review for IO
  20. C

    IO Play 2 Bluetooth Car Sound System Issue

    I have been using this for around 4 months and it has worked fine. However lately the sound has been very quiet and there is a crackly noise when the music is playing. It also sometimes has a high pitched buzzing noise and you cannot hear the music. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have...
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