For Sale Huawei B525S-23e 4G Home/Mobile internet Router (Unlocked for any network) Boxed

    Huawei B525s-23e. Home / Mobile Internet Router, Open to any network just insert a sim card and off you go (I have been using it with a 3 UK Sim and its been giving a reliable 70Mbps down and 30Mbps up at my home about 1.5 Miles from the nearest tower). Complete with Power Supply, 2 External...
  2. N

    Things "The internet doesn't know" but you do..

    Proper real things (not what you had for breakfast this morning, though the internet probably does know that for many people). However you word your search, nothing resembling what you know is found. I have two: Circa 1978 when in primary school, I read a paperback with a story I enjoyed; I'm...
  3. B

    Doom 64 - internet connection required

    Hi Just revisiting my childhood at present with Doom64 and loving it, but something which I’m finding quite annoying is that when I select to start a game it immediately searches for an internet connection and throws me out to the Switch internet connection screen. Given that it’s portable...
  4. x3j3UKN

    Any Internet experts or BT guys here?

    Ok so I have an odd issue where the BB supplier is maintaining no fault found so I am stuck between a rock & a hard place here! One of our customers was in the middle of opening up new premises and scheduled to go in end of March before Covid struck! FTTC Broadband went in end of Feb & as...
  5. F

    Question Smart TV needs setting internet up each time

    I have a new 24" smart tv for my boat using a Netgear Smartcard hotspot. I can set up the connection to the Netgear router and then get Netflix (pre loaded app). If I want to get youtube or any wifi browsing I have to reconnect the tv each time by doing fresh installation. If I go to the web...
  6. Dony

    Changing internet providers - email address

    I've been with BT for over 20 yrs but due to poor value for money on all their services (broadband, phone, BT sport and a BT mobile) I've decided to close my account and try a new approach. The only issue I have with cancelling is losing our various email address' which I've had for years now...
  7. M

    Question New devolo 500, "limited connection"

    Hi, I recently purchased a devolo 500mbps. After installing it according to the instructions, it still doesn't work: Every time I switch it on, the devolo network works for under 15 mins. After this period, the connection is said to be "limited," or "No internet, secure," and remains like...
  8. G

    Non permanent Internet access

    Hi all, I have a property where I don't have or need an internet connection on a permanent basis but I do visit once every week or 2. What are my options for having access to the internet using our tablet,laptop or firestick? Kind regards Mark
  9. tybittz

    just ordered a 4k tv...concerns about streaming 4k content; is my internet good enough??

    so I just ordered my first 4k tv(lg cx oled 48 inch to be exact) and I'm a bit concerned how smoothly I'll be able to watch things such as 4k content on youtube. the router in my house is two floors down and can't be relocated. I still live with my parents so there is not much I can do if I use...
  10. T

    Question TX-49FS352B Icon in top right corner in Internet mode.

    Hi. When i press the internet button on my remote there is an icon above the apps in the top right hand corner that is three blue lines on a white background with a 1 in a blue speech bubble. I think this a notification of somekind, but i can't work out how to access it. Anybody know what i...
  11. Scapegoat

    Sky Q / Mini and internet connectivity

    For the first year and a bit the Sky Q system was rock solid, never missing a beat. Then is started to lose connectivity to Wi-Fi (sat next the router and no other products in the house experienced issues at the same time). Moved to PlusNet as ISP and it got worse - but then so did other...
  12. D

    Question Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Slow Internet

    Recently I noticed when using Galaxy Tab S2 to surf the Internet that is was very slow. I ran a speed test using and it "found" the nearest place to connect to was in Shanghai China even though I'm in Fort Worth TX. It thinks I'm only 3 miles from Shanghai and 7,700 miles from...
  13. bogart99

    Internet radio

    How is it when I listen to a foreign radio station on the internet I get annoying adverts from UK government telling me what to do re covid?
  14. al shookup

    Why can't I get internet connection?

    My desktop is working perfectly but I suddenly can't get access to the internet on my old laptop. Coincidentally, my TV through which I can watch YouTube, has stopped giving me access and says no internet connection. Why would my desktop and nexus 10 tablet get me online but the rest won't? thanks
  15. ulrichburke

    Help needed making a PPC mac use the Internet!

    Dear Anyone. For starters - be nice to the (literally) mentally handicapped guy trying to wrap his brain around a Mac. Posted this on MacRumors and got laughed at like drains by all concerned so I came here hoping people would be friendlier... OK. I've become the proud owner of a PPC Mac...
  16. antighsiothail

    Denying acces to internet on pc used as media server.

    Hi I've just setup an old Windows 7 pc as a media server on my home network. Everything works just fine but given that 7 won't get anymore security updates is it possible to stop that pc from having internet access while still being able to share files across my home network. It's wired directly...
  17. plloydie

    Question Internet locking PC?

    My PC is running windows 7 and I have the latest updates. In the last few weeks whilst (I thought) using Google Chrome the Browser would lock up nothing I did would recover chrome unless I shut sown the PC by turning it off at the wall, the PC would not shutdown otherwise. I decided to...
  18. U

    Digital tv vs internet video call quality

    Hi all, While being in Corona virus lockdown there has been a lot of promotion of video calls and it made me wonder, why it is that digital TV is so consistent in terms of picture quality compared to internet based video calls. Is it purely about bandwidth available to transfer the data? And...
  19. H

    Question Marantz SR6008 Not Connecting to Internet

    Hey Gents, So I have a pretty complicated question (or so I believe) so bare with me. I have a Marantz SR6008 and it is currently hardwired via ethernet to my router. For some reason when I run the network test it shows me a diagram of the receiver connected to the router via ethernet marked...
  20. K


    Hi, I've successfully connected my philips 43pft4131/05 to the Internet, but haven't any idea how to use it, get it up on my tv screen etc any help would be very much appreciated, cheers. And please Stay safe.
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