1. U

    Sky Q without internet connection

    Is it possible to watch Sky Sports UHD without internet connection on the Sky Q box? Considering that Sky is a satellite-based system, it shouldn't be a problem to watch live TV without internet right? Can anyone confirm?
  2. inkinoo

    Sky Q constantly disconnecting from the Internet

    Bit of a weird problem. All my Sky Q boxes will constantly disconnect and reconnect from the Internet. It will say “Connected”, then three seconds later say problem with the Internet l, three seconds later back to Internet. Mini boxes will talk to the main box just fine and I’m on a wired...
  3. J

    Downloading/uploading large files saturates my internet access

    If I am downloading or uploading a large file (or multiple files) my home internet becomes virtually unusable. Such as downloading a VM or even uploading a load of files via OneDrive. We only have 40/8Mbit DSL internet but even so I would have expected a router to be a bit more smart and I've...
  4. J

    Use my existing phone with VoIP over fibre internet?

    I'm looking at switching to a full-fibre FTTP provider. They provide the ability to use your existing landline phone - you plug it into the fibre NTE box they supply and behind the scenes it's done over VoIP. But I can't figure out how this works and if there's something special about the NTE...
  5. T

    Linn Jazz internet Radio DTS Play Fi

    I am relatively new to streaming. I have the Audiolab6000N and have found the Linn Jazz Internet radio station which is or was fantastic. I set it to a pre set on the Audiolab and have enjoyed it. However I came to listen to it last night, and now DTS Play Fi is now saying file format is not...
  6. RedDevil85

    Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K UHD

    Link: Zavvi Release date: 04/10/2021
  7. F

    Form software

    Hello all I hope someone out there can help. I am looking for form completion software - preferably free, but a small price considered, for remote completion and response collation, so, think Google Docs Forms. I have looked at this, but unless I'm wrong, it doesn't offer some of the...
  8. Noble372

    You need an internet connection to use this app but other apps work fine?

    Out of no where my tv can no longer launch the Prime video or YouTube app, it said I need a internet connect, I do a connection test and it connects fine without any issues, I can even use Netflix, and the uk catch up apps on the tv, but YouTube and Prime say my tv is not connected ?? any ideas...
  9. Secondhand

    Sonos System keeps disconnecting Internet Wifi - router Technicolour DGA0122 - Help?

    After moving into a new house and setting up my Sonos that’s been in storage for 2 years, I’ve come to realise that it’s my Sonos System that appears to be disconnecting my internet WiFi. I’ve spoken to Sonos helpline and they’ve sent me an email giving me tips to change settings within the...
  10. smayne365

    Panasonic DMR-PWT655 internet

    I have Panasonic DMR-PWT655 it was working perfectly fine, now it won’t connect to the internet. I usually connect to the internet via hotspot. I have another device connected to the hotspot and it’s working perfectly fine. I have a Ariel connected to it and it works fine. When I go to network...
  11. L

    Technology/phone forums on darknet

    ( Please dont delete. This should not be for an illegal purpose.) Do you know technology forums on darknet? No matter, if it is specific for phones, computers or else. It can also be a forum for technology in general.
  12. N

    Have to change from Virgin Media, who offers the next best internet?

    For gaming, video and everything else?
  13. 6

    Unable to reach some internet pages

    am using Edge and just recently there appears to be a problem clicking on a site, some times there is an error "Page not found" or no response as if the link is greyed out although it isn't. Doesn't happen with every link. Any advice welcome Please no technical terms.
  14. T

    Internet much faster on phone wifi than on PC Ethernet (powerline) OR PC Wifi?

    I recently upgraded to 150mb full ultra fibre. On my phone wifi, I am getting rougly 70mbps (I'm supposed to get a guaranteed 100mbps, but whatever). However, on my PC it seems to be capping at about 40mbps. I'd like to highlight that I have tried this using both a 600mbps powerline, and a...
  15. DPinBucks

    Internet Over 4/5G

    Just an enquiry out of interest: I'm with 3Mobile, and the other day got an email about their 4G internet service. It's £22 a month (min 24 months). £23 if not already a customer. For that, they say you get a WiFi hub offering up to 100MBpS, max 64 devices and unlimited data. They're also...
  16. hdmaniac123

    Is there any audio file available on the internet for testing subwoofer ?

    Hi, I am using a Logitech 2.1 speaker system. Its connected to my desktop. I am not satisfied with the bass. Is there a specific method to determine if a subwoofer is good ? By "good" I mean the if this subwoofer meets the minimum standards. If there is such a method & my speaker setup fails to...
  17. mickbirch2000

    Internet radio regional restrictions

    Why are there regional restrictions on good quality internet radio stations? For instance on the Node 2i using Tunein there are several Hi-res stations Ogg/Flac 24/96 & Ogg/Flac 16/48 that can only be accessed by the "Favourites" workaround. On my Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 Vtuner doesnt even find :-...
  18. L

    Panasonic XS380 lack of internet content.

    Hi, new to the forum so please excuse any gaffs. I have a new (to me) Panasonic XS380 purchased for its Freesat and DLNA features. The DLNA works perfectly across the home network, the Panasonic appearing as a device on the smart TV and a drive on the PC. However there is no Internet content...
  19. C

    My TX_40EX600B has suddenly decided it can't connect to the internet

    Today, out of the blue, the TV has announced it can't connect to the internet. It is connected to the router as can be seen from the attached screenshot. All our other devices are still connected and working normally. Nothing has been changed (up to the point I rebooted the router, see below)...
  20. Frank Smith

    Who is your Internet provider and how do you rate them?

    With Virgin, Router is atrocious but have since replaced it. Looking to move as it's getting expensive but not too sure who would be a provider to go with. Any suggestions?
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