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  1. mickbirch2000

    Internet radio regional restrictions

    Why are there regional restrictions on good quality internet radio stations? For instance on the Node 2i using Tunein there are several Hi-res stations Ogg/Flac 24/96 & Ogg/Flac 16/48 that can only be accessed by the "Favourites" workaround. On my Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 Vtuner doesnt even find :-...
  2. Pure Ltd

    Pure - Keep on discovering News, Offers and Radio Recommendations

    Hi, dear AVForums Community! We are Pure - a UK brand, building radios for the modern day to connect you with your favourite broadcasts and podcasts. Welcome to this thread! We are super excited to create a space for you within this forum to discover news, offers and recommendations for all...
  3. brymbo76

    Best Android Internet Radio app offering the most stations that you can sort into folders?

    I've tried out some new internet radio apps today on my android phone. I did install TuneIn sometime ago but the worse things about that is that you can't change the order of the folders, delete folders or rename folders. The apps I have tried installing just to compare them against each other...
  4. D

    Reciva Shutting Down and The Future Of Station Databases.

    Anyone affected by Reciva shutting down here's a thread for you all. These first few months of 2021 feel like tremors. I'm heavily invested in terms of energy in seeing the Community Radio Browser gain more usage. The upside of this is that you can host the database yourself locally. Should...
  5. D

    Which Soundbar with DSD compatibility, Internet Radio & Multiple input.

    Hi all, After getting some great advice on here about my room not being ideal acoustic wise for surround sound it got me thinking if there was a Soundbar out that could replace my dated AVR ?. Now features I am looking for are : DSD playback from NAS Drive Internet services such as Spotify &...
  6. bogart99

    Internet radio

    How is it when I listen to a foreign radio station on the internet I get annoying adverts from UK government telling me what to do re covid?
  7. rosmith52

    Question Denon DNP720AE Internet Radio unavailable

    When I selected Internet Radio on my DNP720AE yesterday instead of showing radio station the was a message "Please go to RADIODENON.COM for information...". When I went to RADIODENON.COM there was a message to the saying "to receive full access to Vtuner Services Please click here" you are than...
  8. E

    CD player with streaming for internet radio

    I'm looking for a decent CD player with combined internet radio, so as to eliminate the 2 separate units I have. The radio is important because we live in the Basque country, northern Spain & listen to Radio 4 quite a bit! That tells you our age! Currently, I have narrowed the choice down to 4...
  9. O

    Question SHOUTcast internet radio folders takeover?

    The internet radio I had on my Yamaha Aventage RX-A1080 and Synology Media Server setup was a little clunky, but had great sound so I've been tolerating it until I could find a solution with better organization. But a few days ago all my internet radio station folders got taken over by...
  10. FUELZ HD

    A system with airplay 2 and dab radio?

    so I’ve been looking to replace my old pure hifi unit with something new and exiting,but I’ve been looking around and can’t find anything that meets requirements! It needs to have airplay 2, internet radio, Dab radio and a CD player, preferably Bluetooth as well. I’ve seen the Marantz M-CR611...
  11. BWMAC

    Marantz internet radio cuts out after a sec or two

    Hello, I am new here and only stopped in to post a possible fix. I checked the modem, logged into its ip and found no problem. I logged into the Marantz and with the tv on was able to see everything I checked in options and setup and really could not see the issue. I knew it was either a signal...
  12. P

    Denon RCD N9 internet radio issues

    Hi all, this is my first post on here although I have read many reviews etc on here over the years. Basically, just over a year ago I bought a Denon N9 from Richer sounds. I tested it againsinst a similar priced Marantz & Yamaha but opted for the Denon due to its connectivity. Since I’ve...
  13. hornetster

    Question VSX932 Internet radio issues.

    Question re: Pioneer VSX932 AV Receiver: Trying to stream 'specific' URLs.. Tunein is not the perfect streaming solution - on other hardware, I have used +, to atream internet radio, and these worked rather well, even allowing you to add additional...
  14. S

    Answered Ocean Internet Radio keeps dropping out

    I've bought a reconditioned Ocean Digital WR261 internet radio. Although my broadband is at least 30Mbps, I turn off all other devices on the network and the wifi meter on the radio shows a good signal, it has terrible problems connecting to any station at all. I just get Buffering..., maybe a...
  15. T

    Question Yamaha RX-V481D - strange 'buzzzing' while listening to internet radio

    Good Morning! I would kindly ask you for a tip regarding my problem with Yamaha RX-V481D ('D' = version with DAB). The problem is all about strange 'buzzzing' which happens when I'm listening to internet radio. This 'buzzzing' lasts for a dozen of seconds and happens only during first 30...
  16. M

    Question Denon CEOL N9 Internet Radio loosing connection

    I have a Denon CEOL N9 and it used to work perfectly. Since a couple of weeks the internet radio stream looses the network connection as soon as I switch on / wake up one of my Android devices, which run in the same network. The Denon is conneted via wire to a Nighthawk R7000 Wifi router. I can...
  17. J

    Answered MusicCast Internet radio stations differ WXAD-10 and YSP-1600

    Just a bit confused to see that the internet radio stations menu + available radio stations etc are quite a bit different when selecting internet radio sources on the YSP-1600 soundboard and WXAD-10 streamer in the IOS musiccast app. Seems as if Yamaha have deployed different internet radio...
  18. mints

    Question Internet Radio Tuners

    I am considering purchase of a stand alone unit to connect to my audio system. I would like one with a reasonable number of of station presets. Can anyone recommend one please.
  19. B

    Question Nice iPad Denon AVR app, but where is internet radio favourites?

    having just got my Denon AVR 2300x, I'm impressed with the iPad app. Browsing new internet radio stations is easy and I see the heart symbol to add a find to favourites. Blow me if I can see how to see my favourites though. I can't see a favourites folder or any other special button. Am I...
  20. P

    Question Need an internet radio that doubles as a bedside clock

    I currently have an Archos Home Connect that I use as an alarm clock and an internet radio, but it's getting old and it looks like it might be about to fail. So I want to replace it. Does anybody have any recommendations? My budget is about £150-£200. But I'd like to spend less if possible...
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