1. D

    For Sale Solid State Logic SSL 2 USB Interface

    Solid State Logic SSL 2 USB Interface Used this for less than a few hours, immaculate condition and fully boxed These are £160 new, I'm asking £125 including delivery
  2. D

    For Sale Solid State Logic SSL 2 USB Interface

    Solid State Logic SSL 2 USB Interface Used this for less than a few hours, immaculate condition and fully boxed These are £160 new, I'm asking £125 including delivery
  3. D

    For Sale Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface (3rd Gen) Brand new / Shure SM58 / AT2035

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface (3rd Gen) This is a brand new warranty replacement. I no longer need this since I bought a Go Xlr Mini which suits me a bit better. £80 including postage, will consider near offers ----- Shure SM58 Microphone with on/off switch This was purchased from...
  4. D

    Low resolution on Webos and apps interface (NANO75 - 65")

    Hi Guys! So I just bought a 65" NANO75. It came perfectly and I'm really satisfied with the 4k images. The only thing that's been bothering me is that the Webos interface and even apps' interface like Youtube or Netflix seem like they are in a lower resolution than the TV can handle. The content...
  5. M

    Pioneer VSX-LX104 web interface

    Hi - I just got a Pioneer VSX-LX104 (as you probably figured out already). As with everything i get, one it was on my network i pointed my browser to its IP address. A box pops up asking for a username and password. Any idea where i get these? thanks!
  6. Orzizzzz

    Denon AVRX 1600H interface issue

    Hi everyone, I've just purchased a Denon AVRX 1600H to connect to my PC. Somehow, the interface turns to weird unreadable blocks when I connect it to the subwoofer. Turning on / off, reconnecting the power won't make the problem go away. Connecting it to the HDMI port of my GPU and I can hear...
  7. C

    How do I set up an audio interface

    How do I set up my Behringer audio interface to utilise in pc gaming?
  8. Artie Fufkin

    Best budget 55" tv for Freeview with slick interface.

    My days of looking for best picture quality are done, all I need is a 55" tv that has a good, fast, glitch free smart interface and will perform reasonably with SD material [freeview/catchup/netflix/disney]. Under £500 if possible.
  9. 6

    Humax TV interface

    I have a Panasonic TXL24E3B TV connected to a Humax 9300T via a SCART cable and aerial cable, the aerial feed goes into the Humax then to the TV. The SCART connection seems to be intermittent so I fitted HDMI cable instead which was OK except that I cannot control the volume with the Humax...
  10. R

    Question All New Fire TV User Interface for Fire Stick TV - what do we think?

    Looks good, but it seems the interface is designed to push Amazon content and make "suggestions" - no thanks. I can use the Amazon app on my TV for this. I'd like an interface I can configure myself. So I have installed ATV Launcher and configured so I can organise and find my apps easily. I can...
  11. JigB

    OLED65B7A suddenly has strange pixelation on WebOS interface

    As of this morning, my OLED65B7A started showing strange pixelation on the WebOS UI. My Directv that is plugged into the HDMI port shows just fine but using the WebOS UI to scroll through apps or look at the settings, or even inside apps like Netflix or Prime, etc., the strange pixelation occurs...
  12. D

    Amazon Rolling Out New-Look User Interface to Fire TV Devices
  13. C

    Question How user friendly is the Sony Android TV user interface

    Thinking of buying a 49 inch Sony 9505. But I have to be careful that her ladyship finds it easy to use for the basic functions (she is a bit of a technophobe). Some folk seem to say the Android TV can be clunky and slow to respond, Is this really true?
  14. nicksource

    Question All round TV with wide viewing angle £500-600

    We have had a Philips 50" 8204 with Ambilight. I love the ambilight but the android software is terrible (apps always crash or lag), the quality is okay but I think it could probably better, it doesn't help that we sit quite wide angle from the TV. So looking for: At least 49" Good wide...
  15. mifk

    Question Where can I find this led interface

    My backlight went out on my tv and the interface strip no longer powers the bottom strips. I cant seem to find this anywhere.
  16. H

    Using audio interface to drive a karaoke speaker

    Hi I am a relative newbie so pardon my questions. I have a Tascam 2x2 audio interface (which i use for my daughter for connecting a piano to a Macbook so she can record while playing and share online etc.) . Now I also separately have a dynamic microphone, a Behringer 4 input mixer (told you...
  17. CatalogGuy

    Interface to switch HDMI inputs

    I am seeking a way to add Roku in the living room. We have it in 2 rooms and I really like the Roku interface and I find it superior to the interfaces on the other appliances. The TCL TV with Roku has spoiled me. In the living room, however, we have a beautiful "dumb" plasma TV with 2 HDMI...
  18. I

    DAC with a decent interface?

    Hi, looking for ideas. I have a Marantz DAC which I use to play my music from a NAS It works the sound is ok but the interface is not ideal. I'm looking for a device which I can control from a Windows laptop or a Iphone so I can use playlists see the album art etc. Thanks Ian
  19. B

    Question Rift: Where to get a long facial interface for wearing glasses

    Appreciate its probably been covered tons but couldnt see anything on the first 5 pages. Just getting into using the rift again and want to give it a good shot before I decide to sell or keep. I cant find the longer faceplate anywhere. I think not wearing my glasses has hindered my enjoyment...
  20. stephen0205

    Question Would I bennifit from a sound interface ?

    Hi guys, so being stuck at home I have picked up a few things to make a few little YouTube videos and do some voice work. I picked up a cheap mic kit for a neewer nw700 condenser microphone with a phantom power. The cable from the phantom power however is a XLR to 3.5mm. so I was getting quite...
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