1. The Dark Horse

    Who has no interest watching the Euro 2020 football?

    I can't say I'm a big football fan, if it's a big game I might watch it but otherwise I have no interest, so if I miss the Euro final I wouldn't care or go out my way to watch it. Who else feels like this? Or because its England do you get behind it more and celebrate it?
  2. M

    Question About System - New Arcam Stereo Receiver Made My B&W Speakers sing like I never thought possible.

    I know I'm new, but I've been on here many times. This is the first audio (other than boombox related) site I've opened account, and plan to be involved in community. Nonetheless, I had an experience recently where I changed a Denon 1300X AVR, that had blown out trying to drive my speakers...
  3. snerkler

    Interesting info on why/when you shouldn’t use EFCS For clarity, Manny gets it wrong in the video it’s not electronic shutter (as in silent shooting) but electronic first curtain shutter. It says this in the article too but if you just watch...
  4. Ja55

    Atmos stereo music replacement

    Interesting article on why Atmos music will supercede stereo music
  5. mooperman

    Interesting stuff you found on YouTube

    So i had a quick look through a few pages back and couldnt see anything for this and this seemed like the most appropriate location... I tend to watch quite a lot of short, 20mins or so, documentaries on YT between bits and bobs so drop any channels/videos you found interesting.. Note this is...
  6. C

    Interesting differences in HD TV pictures from different sources

    Hi everyone I did post this in the LG TV forum, but i don't think it's the TV. I'm 100% sure it's not a Tru-Motion issue before anyone posts! My LG nano TV is fed signals from freeview directly, Sky Q and Apple TV. If i watch BBc1 via preview HD, footage i expect to look 'studio' (i think the...
  7. Spick72

    Interesting interconnect video

    Just watched this video from Pursuit of the Perfect System on YouTube comparing a £2200 interconnect to a £4500 one. I personally am in the Amazon basics camp but then my system didn’t even cost as much as the first cable. I was wondering on other people’s thoughts? If anything it will be good...
  8. Ugg10

    NTDWM Interesting setup for sale Looks an interesting set up - Mackie HR626 front LCR plus Mackie HR624 Rear and side. NTDWM but thought it may be of...
  9. TheGamer147

    Interesting article about VRR

    Apparently what hifi say that VRR is supported on hdmi 2.0 via HDMI VRR (was not mentioned that why it was unknown till now)
  10. J

    An interesting inheritance

    Hi there, I've recently inherited a Sony STR DB930 Receiver and, while it is now 20-odd years old, it is in perfect working order and an absolute beast of a machine! At the moment I am running it with a pair of Sony SS-WZ5E speakers, which are rated at 6 ohms impedance - the DB930 can switch...
  11. O

    Attention to set up detail - interesting results

    Due to all this time at home I’ve been tweaking my set up before splashing out on the next upgrade which will be 3x mk iw300 for LCR and a 2:35 at screen. Before I make what will be a big and expensive upgrade I thought it makes sense to get the most out of what I have already which are Monitor...
  12. Melamori

    What is the most interesting for you to know about the game?

    About what you would like to read news about the game? Some special mechanics? Lore? See more screenshots or see environment? Write your interests below :D
  13. Melamori

    What is the most interesting for you to know about the game?

    About what you would like to read news about the game? Some special mechanics? Lore? See more screenshots or see environment? Write your interests below :D
  14. The Dreamer

    Interesting YouTube and other Video recommendations

    I found the funny YouTube thread, but haven’t seen a thread recommending interesting videos of any sort. While we are all in lockdown, I thought it might be an idea to post any of your favourite videos that you think others might like, to pass the time. I’ve just finished watching something...
  15. S

    Hopefully Interesting "Which one" question: Samsung Q70 VS TCL 6

    Please note: both TCL are the 2018 version. TCL 6 series 55 inch with voice remote: $420.00 TCL 6 series 65 inch no voice remote: $499.00 Samsung Q7DR (Costco version of the Q70 with the beefed up 60 w speakers:) $800.00 I was fully prepared to buy the 2018 55 inch TCL, but these other prices...
  16. Ugg10

    Interesting DAC

    Spotted this, looks like it measures really well, fully balanced, coax output, coax/toslink/usb Xmas input, volume control and source select. Based on ESS9038Q2M and has sorted out the hump issue. Here’s the best bit, currently on sale for $200! Very similar to the Khadas Tone Board but next gen...
  17. Atmos

    Lonn looks interesting

  18. D

    Make.TV: “More niche players to enter OTT market” ( interesting their comment on. smaller video content provider access )

    "Andreas Jacobi, CEO and Co-founder of Make.TV – the live video cloud and a division of LTN Global – has shared five media trends that he believes will define 2020."
  19. pinnocchio

    Interesting timing for this Boris 'Good Friend' story...

    When I first read about this latest dalliance rumour involving Boris and this American bint I was neither surprised by it occurring, not that he would have used taxpayer money to 'support' her activities. However having reflected for a day I'm coming to the conclusion the story may well have...
  20. Paul7777x

    New BK sub... interesting...

    For anyone with less than an ideal width in the listening room for a big sub could do a lot worse than a mega Gemini. Intriguing.
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