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  1. Ascotbilly

    Question Help on Integrated Amplifier Selection Please

    Morning, Thanks for recent suggestions on upgrading my system. I now have a dilemma. Background Info Room 2.5m x 3. Source 60% Vinyl through Rega Fono. Low usage of CD Player. Speakers will be bookshelf £500-£800. Budget Min £600 - £1000. " Streaming" sources : No NAS, Amazon "Standard...
  2. malcolmduffin

    Question Persuade me not to return my Arcam SA10 Intergrated Amplifier!

    Hi folks, I have a 15ft x 10ft work studio at home where I have my 2nd system. Currently a Tidal via Bluesound Node 2i into Marantz PM6006 UK Edition Amp and Acoustic Energy AE300 Standmount Speakers. Quite happy with it but always felt that, while good, I could probably improve on the amp...
  3. J

    Best integrated amplifier with tone/loudness controls

    Hello all. I’m looking for a stereo integrated amplifier under £1000 (and ideally under £700) that has tone and loudness controls. Background: For years I’ve happily used my Marantz PM4000 driving my Dali Zensor 5 floor-standers. (My sources are Rega Planar 3 + Ortofon Blue and Yamaha CDS300...
  4. A

    DENON PMA 1600, high price and weight, low wattage. What's the deal?

    Hello, I am in the look for an integrated amp for 2ch music. I want an amp that can drive a pair of large floor standing speakers like KEF R series, ML Motion etc. After reading the review about how good PME 600 is, I noticed there is a model 1600, 4 times the price and very hefty...
  5. F

    Question Audiolab 6000a, Dali Oberon 5, Chromecast audio for hi-res streaming

    Hi! I'm about to purchase my first hifi setup this week and very excited but nervous and would love to hear your opinions. Purpose is stereo music as a priority, followed by ability to connect to my TV for a 2.0/2.1 sound system. Main source of music has been Spotify premium, but I'm planning...
  6. M

    Yamaha Integrated Amp - Level Meters

    Hi everyone. My first post here! I just purchased a Yamaha A-S1100 integrated amp. I love the sound but noticed something peculiar. The right channel level meter (whether set on Volume or Peak) is always measuring slightly higher levels than the left channel meter. I've tried different music...
  7. NicoWhite

    Question Netflix App DD+ audio not working through Integrated Amplifier

    Hello AV people I have an ongoing issue I am struggling to solve, I'm hoping you can assist me. I have the Panasonic Smart TV (Model: TH-50AS700A ) plugged into my Rotel RA-12 Integrated Amplifier via an Optical Cable. Audio plays perfectly through all Apps (Youtube, ABC iView etc) except for...
  8. O

    Answered Hoping for in depth advice about matching appropriate speakers to integrated/analog amps.

    I've often spent hours reading things on this site, but I finally have my own issues. I hope someone could help me out. I got an entry level rega turn table last week, and based on what I think might be some bad advice I also got an NAD 3020 V2 as an amp to get the sound out of it. I haven't...
  9. K

    Question NAD C356BEE integrated amplifier opinions?

    This NAD amp is now discontinued, but I can get one brand new and boxed from a German dealer for around £450 including shipping. Impossible to locate a new one in the UK now it seems. I bought the C326BEE a few years back and was looking to see what is now available from NAD as a possible...
  10. DaveWales

    Adding an extra amplifier

    Hi, I run a yam 860 av reciever and I am wondering if adding a separate amplifier for the front speakers will make a noticeable difference. the speakers small, being monitor audio Apex A10's.
  11. KDoggy

    Which integrated amplifier is best for Kef R700

    Hello fellow audio enthusiasts! I have a Marantz SR7010 powering a Kef Q series 5.1 setup. I'm looking to replace my fronts to R700 and centre to R200c and want to go for an integrated amp to use for music and pre outs for movies. Is there any integrated amplifiers with AVR bypass anyone can...
  12. HenryHonda

    Question Neutral Integrated Amplifiers?

    Having 'rediscovered' vinyl, and recently updated my source to the latest Rega Planar 3 (2016) with an excellent (for the price) Hana EH high output moving coil cartridge, I'm considering replacing my pre/power pair (Quad 44/A&R Cambridge SA200) with a good quality integrated amp at ca. £900...
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