1. H

    Question Installation guide for an LG GX type TV?

    Hi there, Does anyone know if there is a guide on how this TV will be mounted? I've seen some of the CES videos where it shows the cable channels on the back of the TV and what looks like a wall mount metal box on the top back. Does the TV have to be mounted to a wall by going "right through"...
  2. DT79

    Question HDMI 48Gbps 7.5m+ for installation

    Hi all - looking for some advice. We’re getting the lounge renovated and I’m getting all the AV cabling installed so there are no cables on view. I need a 7.5m HDMI cable to go from one end of a wall to the other. The electrician is going to install it so that it emerges from a brush plate on...
  3. S

    New build aerial installation

    Hi all, bit of a newbie here. We've just moved into a new build and with the expense of moving decided to install an aerial ourselves. Got an SLx loft aerial which is currently on the very top floor bedroom floor whilst I attempt to wire it. I think I've hooked it up fine, stripping the co-ax...
  4. martynscs

    Installation of Satellite socket

    Hi all, I sincerely apologies if this has been asked before. My dad has upgraded his TV during a redecoration of his living room. And now has the ability to have freesat. I have tuned this in and it worked. This however was a rough install, I have now come to install the wiring neatly. But I...
  5. Alexxxx

    Acoustic foam panels/material for velvet installation.

    Hello everybody and happy new year! Quick question for you all. I am in the process of building my home cinema half of which will be covered with black velvet. I would like to do some room acoustic treatment as well, which is why I already purchased a very thick carpet and and about 9m2 of...
  6. Richyp147

    Electric Recessed Projector Screen Installation

    Can anyone help me out please? - I want to purchase an electric recessed projector screen. We don't have a false ceiling so wondering if this is even possible as it would mean cutting through ceiling stud beams to install - can anyone advise please or has anyone actually done this.
  7. DT79

    Detriment of breaks in continuity of speaker cable using banana plugs/sockets in installation

    Hi, Sorry for the clunky title, hopefully what it lacks in elegance it makes up for in clarity and the right people are reading this :) We are decorating the lounge and the opportunity exists to hide all manner of cables, and indeed move the hifi to a more aesthetically convenient location on...
  8. M

    Question Probably daft question about Hue installation/wiring

    Hi all, I have a quick question about changing my current LED spot lights in the front room for new hue setup. I currently have JCC spotlights that have a fixed light/bulb in them so can’t replace the bulbs. I have purchased these to put the new hue bulbs into...
  9. S

    Ceiling speaker installation question

    First, I am a newbie so please let me know if it's posted to the wrong forum. I am trying to install some ceiling speakers in our new house. The low voltage subcontractor has installed some mounting brackets, as shown in the attachments. The bracket measures around 10" in diameter, and it seems...
  10. Killak

    Question Installation of Ring Door Bell Pro with old doorbell but not wanting to touch Consumer Unit

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a Ring Doorbell Pro thinking it was easy to swap from my old doorbell to my new one. Now realised its more complicated then I thought. I find the help guides and video's out there a bit confusing dispute spending quite a lot of time researching I am still...
  11. H

    Installation stopped on updates

    Hi, I’m trying to install the update for Modern Warfare but it will install about 2% (slow WiFi) and then say installation stopped. Hard restart works for another few percent but then it does it again. I’ve got plenty of space on the hard drive. many help much appreciated. Thanks, Hozza
  12. C

    Home TV Setup

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so apologies if not. I have an idea of how I would like to install / setup my home TV in my living room, however I need some help / advice on how to do this, as I plan on doing all of the DIY myself. I have created a very rough...
  13. C

    Home cinema installation in London

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and I am looking for some recommendations. We have just moved to a new property and would like to install a home cinema solution in the sitting room. The idea is to go with a 2 stages approach. 1) Projector (Epson TW9400 or Sony VPL270ES) and motorised...
  14. D

    8" inch ceiling speakers worth it ?

    Hi Folks, I'm looking to upgrade my existing 5.1 setup to an atmos 5.1.4 environment and am currently choosing my ceiling speakers. My room is quite large at ~550 sq ft (its the attic) so I'm leaning towards 8" ceiling speakers as I believe they will give me better coverage. Apart from the...
  15. R

    LED Strip Installation

    Have had LED Strips installed on a new ~10m retaining wall. The installation approach has been to run tails through the wall at a central point and run two ~5m strips from that point outward toward the ends of the wall. Aside from a hole that was made far too big in order to run the led strips...
  16. Noahdavid1984

    Question New build house with Atmos living room installation

    Hi guys so I’ve just bought a new build. I’ve got an Atmos setup already but as it’s a new build I’m going to get rid of my Dali heights and get some small ceiling speakers. Would these be better off installed before I get the place carpeted in case whoever does it needs to get under the floor...
  17. W

    Question Audio Physic Scorpio 2 driver installation - DIY

    Hi I have just purchased a new driver for my AP Scorpio 2 speakers from Elite Audio. Upon removing the old driver I noticed that the internal connecting wires were soldered to the wires on the speaker unit. I would appreciate any advice on how or where or what expertise I require to install the...
  18. M

    CCTV system help

    Hi guys, I’m looking to install CCTV in my new house and need some help. I’ve read around and it seems hikvision seems to be the way to go. In terms of requirements: - 8mp preferably, even though I will mostly monitor from mobile or abroad in case of an event I would like high res images...
  19. A

    Question Audio Equipment for a Soundscape?

    I am making a soundscape in a room that has 50 feet ceilings. The room is 70 feet long and 50 feet wide. What type of speakers would you recommend?
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