1. pop80_uk

    For Sale Hive Active Wi-Fi Heating and Hot Water Self Installation with Hub - New Sealed

    Hi :) I have the following item for sale: Hive Active Wi-Fi Heating and Hot Water Self Installation with Hub - New Sealed Includes: Brand new and sealed Condition: Shipped Royal Mail Special delivery due to value of thermostat I would like £115 delivered (delivery by royal mail special...
  2. dollag

    Streaming solution - Raspberry Pi2AES installation - Thoughts......

    So since i came to the conclusion that Roon is by far the best way for me to stream, listen and integrate tidal with my local library, I was on the search for the best way for me to actually stream my music. I didn't want a streamer as I already have a few highend dacs that i wanted to utilise...
  3. aid1985

    For Sale Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat with Professional Installation BRAND NEW £140 o.n.o

    For Sale : Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat with Professional Installation Today im selling a spare Hive active heating and hot water package. Whats different about this package is that it includes professional install from a british gas engineer (who brings you a hive hub on...
  4. F

    Sky Q installation problem

    Sky technician came today to install Sky Q but would not install as my current infrastructure would not be suitable he said. After chatting with him and questioning his reservations as I currently have a powered switch for SAT input he said I would need a DSCR but he still said that he was...
  5. A

    Sky Q installation question

    I have an original Sky SD box installed (for over 30 years now). If I wanted to upgrade to Sky Q, I realize that the dish and/or LNB would need to be changed, but would the cable from the dish to the receiver need replacing? TIA
  6. A

    Zoom installation error - 10006

    Hi, I am having problems installing the Zoom client (free membership) on my Windows 8 laptop. I am getting an error 1006. The installation goes from 0 to 98% but then gives this error. Suggestions on the Zoom website are: 10006 (during installation) The target disk is full. Antivirus...
  7. dtobin

    Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Hi, We are looking to buy a new house and with it being a Victorian building we were obviously concerned about the age/condition of the wiring in the property. Fortunately the seller had a report carried out back in August. The installation came back with a “Satisfactory” score with no areas...
  8. IsraelBankole

    Question Sky Q Installation during Lockdown

    Anyway, I'm due for a new Sky Q installation in the next week or so and I just wanted to ask for people's experience on how their installations have been so I know what to expect., in terms of engineer visits. I've already read the update on engineer visits on how they don't come into the house...
  9. MartinMiller

    Nest Installation

    My neighbour has asked me if I can change his heating controls to nest which is fine....except the HW is controlled by a separate programmer and no cables are marked at the joint box beside boiler. I can trace the cable going to the HW valve but that’s it I’ve attached a picture Any help would...
  10. Mikeeuropa

    Question Village Hall Installation

    Sorry, I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, mods feel free to move if you think it belongs elsewhere. I'm on the committee that runs our village hall, a charitable endeavour. It's a small village in Derbyshire and we've always been short of funds, living out of a run-down ex military WW1...
  11. S

    Question New VM installation

    Hi All Having a new VM installation on the 16th. The main 360 box and hub should be easy as the main TV is on the wall where cable will come in. However I want the mini in our bedroom which is upstairs and on the opposite side of the house. The easiest way to do this would be to take the...
  12. dbeevers

    Question Alarm Installation

    I rent my old house out and the old Yale alarm (yes its crap) has given up so I asked my agent to have someone install a new Pyronix system. I went around xmas eve to see the tenants and noticed its been fitted with a fused spur coming off the hall light switch at the bottom of the stairs. Is...
  13. G

    Shelly 1 Installation required - kent

    I have purchased 12 Shelly 1s that i would like installed in my light fittings, I'm based in Kent, West Malling area, how much should I expect to pay and are there any qualified electricians on here that are familiar with Shelly 1s in this area that would like to quote for the above. Thanks
  14. M

    TV Installation Above Wood Burning Stove

    I have a bit of a dilemma which I'm hoping some members can help shed some light on. Our lounge, while a good size room, only really lends itself to mounting a TV above the wood burning stove. Worth noting that this is a block wall not stud. From a bit of research I see concerns of heat...
  15. K

    Question Hdd installation

    Please can anyone in this forum educate me on how to Install another hdd into my Sony RDR-hxd 1065 recorder and make it work? It keeps displaying hdd error. I need to resolve it. Thanks
  16. MrMrH

    Question Sky Q Installation questions

    Hi, I am looking at Sky Q but need to understand the installation process, in particular what effect the new LBN I see mentioned has on moving away from Sky and back to Freesat afterwards. I live in Ireland so to get more and the 5 out 6 channels here we need Freesat or Sky. I’ve held off a...
  17. B

    Denon AVR-X2700h Installation Help

    I have upgraded my Surround Sound Cinema setup for my 60th Birthday. I thought as I can't go anywhere or do anything special this was my best solution. My setup consists of an LG OLED55CX TV, Denon AVR-X2700h surround sound amp, Virgin Tivo 6 Cable TV box, Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Blu Ray Player...
  18. C

    Most reliable way to refresh the installation of an optical drive. Windows 10.

    I have an old PC which I have had since it arrived with Windows Vista (shudders) and over the years I have upgraded it all the way to Windows 10 professional. It's a bit slow as you can imagine but it still does the basic tasks I ask of it well. Recently however, the SATA connected UHD friendly...
  19. S

    Unable to connect to imap server in Thunderbird after new installation on another laptop

    Maybe I've got this wrong, (I've little computing expertise) but I've installed Thunderbird on my new (to me!) laptop, and having configured it apparently correctly, the connection to the imap server times out after 100 seconds or so. I've installed Windows 7 (at my own risk!), Firefox and...
  20. S

    SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Five Installation and Construction Bracket Help Request

    Does anyone have the cut outs enclosed in the packaging for these that they could upload as a PDF ? My speakers are coming from the US, so will take a while but my builder needs to cut the openings and speaker tracks now. The dimensions on the info say Wall Cut-Out: (H x W) 14 1/4” x 7 1/2” and...
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