1. sonic traveler

    Looking for the right subwoofers for sound installation

    Hello everyone, For my graduation project, I am working on an interactive sound installation, and am now looking for the right speakers. Maybe someone of you could help me out with some questions I am facing? That would be pretty amazing . The installation I am planning is being activated by...
  2. B

    Inwall center installation length concerns

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. But I was about to order an inwall center speaker DEF UIW RLS III 24" long. Then it dawns on me the length and the only way to install would be to cut the studs. What do you suggest in this situation. A shorter length speaker? or something else? Thanks
  3. Xenomorph

    Fence installation cost

    I'm wanting to replace an existing low fence with a higher one. I'd like a 6ft fence, and the total length is approx 47m. I've had a couple of quotes, bit surprised that one guy quoted £6000 for close board fencing. Seems very high. Another one I got was significantly cheaper. I believe that...
  4. R

    PC Software Installation

    I recently changed my old PC with Windows XP to one with Windows 10. Excel is available free on the new PC but only for a limited time. My old PC was a stand alone system, i.e. not connected to the internet, with Microsoft Office installed. As I preferred the version of Excel on the XP PC, I...
  5. G

    Professional Home Cinema Installation

    How do people find Professional Home Cinema Installers where they live? I live in North West London and I am finding it very difficult... I just don't know what I am looking for! I am hopefully moving home in a month or two and I want a company to can come round, advice on how best to use my...
  6. J

    Pre installation help

    Hi, im going to be getting virgin media broadband installed next week (350mps) and need to check some informations as virgin wont give me a straight answer. Im looking to get tv bb and phone but would also like to hardwired internet sockets to go into additional rooms. I was wondering if...
  7. N

    Projector installation and calibration Bristol UK

    Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to recommend a company in the Bristol\Bath UK area who could fit a JVC NZ7 projector and calibrate it. I already have a suitable bracket and cabling in place, so it is literally just the lifting the projector into place that is required in regard to the...
  8. matteisy

    Side Surrounds - Channeling, Installation and Tidy Up

    I'm looking to expand my current 5.3.2 setup to a 7.3.2 by adding matching bi-pole side surrounds to match the rear. I'd like to hide the wires via channeling, not externally via trunking, same as what was done for the rears. I am hesitant to tackle this myself because of the mess and dust of...
  9. LarryDv

    My first ever OLED and I'm concerned about poor installation and assembly!

    Hi I'm very happy to finally get the C1 55" but I'm worried because a couple of stupid delivery guys didn't have a clue about assembling the stand and they lifted it from the thin part above too! I warned them but they lifted it anyway saying "leave it to God!" Like they say about pretty much...
  10. PhilRaw

    Professional home cinema installation - What is a reasonable price?

    Hello, I am looking for my first ever home cinema to be installed and as such I am unaware what a reasonable price for professional home cinema installation is. At the moment, I have a quote from Trusted Technology for £1,500 to do the below. Installation of OLED TV on chimney breast with...
  11. G

    John Lewis Epic Instal Fail PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP?

    So I purchased my 77" G1 and GX soundbar and informed the pre delivery team its being installed on a hollow plasterboard wall. The install team arrived and said that it cannot be installed on that wall as its too heavy. The way they handled the TV was so disrespectful sliding the stand all over...
  12. IanHoll

    LG G1 65 Evo Portrait Installation

    I'm in the process of pre-wiring my walls in preperation you install a LG G1 65 Evo. I've watched a video of a professional installer fit this exact television. However, where I plan to use an extortionally over priced SyncBox, the installer installed the much larger LeGrand box. With that...
  13. I

    in wall speakers installation on outer walls

    Hi Everyone, how can I install in-wall LCR and surround speakers on outer walls? Please keep in mind that house is located in Massachusetts, thus, outer wall insulation is very important. The frame is 2x4 studs with foam insulation. This is a new construction, and I am DIYing all low voltage...
  14. C

    Pod Point Home Charger installation

    Has anyone had a Pod Point home charger installed and had the cables all run on an outside wall to the meter cabinet but crossing a mains gas pipe? I have an electrician and gas engineer who both say this is non-compliant as electric cables must be at least 25mm away from a gas pipe. Pod Point...
  15. N

    Moved in to new house, previous owners had no TV, how to install?

    Hello I've just moved houses to an old, Victorian Terrace. The previous owners had no TV and so there are no TV points anywhere in the house, nor an areal. Perhaps a silly question - but how do you install a TV point and are there any restrictions on where it can be? Also, the house is in a...
  16. Jonny G

    Philips 55OLED856 Installation woes

    Hi all, had the 55OLED856 one week now after it's first decent price drop at Richer Sounds and have spent more time trying to get it set up to a reasonable level than I have any other recent bit of tech I can remember. If anyone could assist with one or more of the following issues, I'd be...
  17. spinaltap

    ASHP Installation in New House

    This is an ASHP installation at a recently constructed house: I wonder why the owners are selling the house so soon afterwards. ;-)…
  18. Topmetom 2

    False wall/ in wall speaker installation in surrey?

    Anyone recommend anyone to do a false wall and install in wall speakers please?
  19. mudddy

    Block VPN/ Browser Installation

    Is there any way to restrict the installation or use of a VPN on a Windows 10 PC. My young son has figured that using a VPN can allow him access any nefarious site which would not be possible normally.
  20. P

    Good budget, home theater cable for inwall installation? 100m spool?

    As above really. Looking at getting some acceptable speaker cable to be chased into brick walls on the cheap. Anyone got any good recommendations of stuff theyve used before for this sort of purpose. Looking at needing around 100 of it.
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