1. P

    Ceiling speaker install planning

    Hi, currently planning on installing 4x atmos ceiling speakers in my lounge, trying to get my head around how best to do this / the potential issues involved. Potentially going for 4x Kef CI200RR speakers but unsure if back boxes are necessary or even feasible to install. It’s a recent new...
  2. pixel8

    AV "glitch" after Graphics card and PSU Install

    I thought it wise to post here but if the mods see otherwise then I've a previous thread here: Question - 4k Graphics Card question I installed a new PSU (Seasonic Focus GX550) and Graphics card (MSI Geforce GT 1030 2GH LP OC). Now when playing audio or video from ANY source, ANY resolution or...
  3. N

    Anyone install KEF Ci130QR on-ceiling as .2 Atmos and did not like it?

    Hey All. As the title suggests looking for some advice: I got KEF Q350 & Q650c on LCR duties, DefTech PM1000 as surrounds an SVS PB1000 and Denon 3700 and want to go for 5.1.2 using some in-ceiling speakers for Atmos. Ive gotten a really good offer for a pair of KEF Ci130QR that i am tempted...
  4. R

    Getting someone else to install Sky dish?

    Hi We're hopefully to move house and take Sky with us. House is a two storey house in London. When had Sky installed at our current house we had an utter disaster. No matter how many times I asked for the "Special Heights" team, whenever the Sky Installer arrived they said they couldn't do it...
  5. M

    How to install Operator CAM Profile on Samsung Q90R TV

    Does anybody know how to install an Operator CAM Profile on a Samsung Q90R TV? I'm using the built-in TV tuner of my 55" Samsung Q90R TV for regular terrestrial TV. But I'm also using the satellite tuner, in order to receive French TV from an operator called Fransat. I use a CAM CI+ module...
  6. AMCross

    Question Windows 10 clean install on HP 15 BW0XX AMD cant instal win 10 pro

    guys any experts could throw light on this removed and reinstalled a new WD SSD into laptop put win 10 usb image usb stick in hp laptop gets to choosing 64 bit or 32 bit and when i press enter screen goes blank and back to choosing edition of win 10 doesnt get to choosing partitions usb...
  7. BertoM3

    Height Speakers for ATMOS

    To install some height speakers on ceiling... which do you prefer ? - Cambridge Audio MINX 22 or - Polk Audio OW M3
  8. BertoM3

    Where should I install the top speakers for an ATMOS system?

    Hi guys! For an ATMOS system, where is the right place to install the atmos speakers? *Are not in-wall speakers. For Surface speakers. 1) Just over your head (TML & TMR) 2) Top of the front wall
  9. O

    Question B&W CCM663 —dispersion range?

    I have an existing 7.2 dedicated theatre with B&W 705s2 all around plus two SVS SB3000 subs. I’m gonna install a pair of CCM663 as Atmos speakers, but I’m unsure of the best ceiling placement. According to Dolby, any wide-dispersion speaker can work, but you should stay inside the primary...
  10. Ryno18

    Clean Wiring for TV Centered on Chimney Wall

    Hello, My first post. Normally I run wires outside my house with insulation from my tv and receiver to the other components to keep every wire hidden, and I wire 3-prong power outlets behind the electrical components . However my TV and theatre system is up against the chimney wall (really a...
  11. V

    Failed Smart Meter Install, Wanting to Change Providers

    I had Smart Meters (SMETS2) fitted in early June - Gas & Elec. The Gas meter never connected to the network, so is effectively dumb. Shortly after, Bulb said there was going to be a price increase for me, so I'm looking to jump ship. When I raised the failed install with Bulb a week after...
  12. G

    Where should I install Oculus Software.

    I am just about to venture into the VR world hopefully via an Oculus Rift S. I expect to be using this for flightsimming mainly, also Project Cars but little else I expect. I have 3 install options on my PC. SSD - I have 86GB available HDD - I have 500 GB available External HDD - I have 650 GB...
  13. bungieben

    Ezviz DB1 side wall mount install

    I didn't want to drill into the door so i purchased a couple of 45 degree brackets, cut them down to suit length ways drilled the holes needed and fitted directly onto the wall. Cable goes directly into garage where the transformer is. Happy days, perfect view.
  14. S

    TV Mounting Question/Problem

    Hi, I'm looking to mount my new tv on the wall, but its quite big so I want to make sure I do it correctly. I looked for studs and the stud finder showed that the studs are 6" apart, which is way to close for a normal wall. So then I made some holes where the stud finder showed that there are...
  15. eliotcole

    4K Dolby Vision rec.2020 Capable Install Sockets / Pigtails

    Hi, It's never easy finding compatible products (believe me, I've tried), and I've actually found one that works (Amazon 1.8m 18Gbps cable + Cable Matters 3m 48GBps cable) ... It's this eBay listing from York AV: Details about HDMI v2.0 Wall Face Plate Panel Mount Tail Stub Cable Lead...
  16. IWC Dopplel

    Moving form 5.2 to 7.3 (I am unable to install heights) worth the cost and effort ?

    I am in the process of upgrading my processor and wanted to think through if might look at adding some additional sides, I can pick up a set of some older sonus Faber speakers to match and if worth it yet another pair of naim 135 mono blocks (or maybe one 250). Which are more important, rears...
  17. Johnmcl7

    Question Migrate SteamVR install to new PC

    I'm building a brand new PC and would like to move the SteamVR configuration since it's all working fine I want to copy that across to the new build. The guides I've found are focused on moving games libraries or moving installs on the same PC, I'm sure plenty people have done it here so would...
  18. A

    About 1000$ 1080p to bedroom ceiling projection (used device)

    Hi, For my first projector I plan using the flat (90°) ceiling above my bed as screen. I'm only watching without lights around to mess up. And the distance from my headboard to the ceiling is 1,5m so I don't expect very large image. I''m going to 3d print brackets to keep the projector upright...
  19. M

    CCTV system help

    Hi guys, I’m looking to install CCTV in my new house and need some help. I’ve read around and it seems hikvision seems to be the way to go. In terms of requirements: - 8mp preferably, even though I will mostly monitor from mobile or abroad in case of an event I would like high res images...
  20. Deegan123

    Question The impossible sat TV mission

    Good Afternoon, I am an automation engineer. But been asked to update / repair sat TV we have at our site. We currently have one sat feed that is then amplified and distributed across 30 cabins. In each of thesse cabin they all have a free sat box. They can each watch whatever they like...
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