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  1. J

    How do I remove input lag on old Philips Ambilight?

    Hello. I have just bought a second hand 37PFL7603D simply to tide me over until I buy a new tv. The problem I have is that there is input lag when I am on the Nintendo Switch. Is there an AV sync setting I am missing somewhere please? I've turned Ambilight off and even updated to the latest...
  2. M

    Sony A8G Android 9 update increased gaming input lag to 120ms

    As stated in the title. At 4k 60hz, the newest update massively increased my input lag from its usual 30ms to easily over 100ms. I can hardly use my mouse! Does anyone else have this problem or know of it? Is there a fix? I assume all TVs with the X1 Extreme chipset would be affected, but maybe...
  3. L

    Is 37ms input lag a deal breaker for gaming?

    So I currently have several tvs on my wish list, one being the philips 935 oled. It has an input lag of 37ms! I intend to buy a PS5 buy in maybe 3 years time, have second child due next March so games are out of action for time being! Im only a casual gamer, games like witcher or horizon I...
  4. Venous

    Question Philips 43PUS7505 vs LG 43UN71006LB for PS5

    So, I am looking over a variety of Tv's, as I am on a relatively low budget, but want something that performs decently aswell. Particularly, I want something that fits the bill of having 4K, specifically 43" or less, HDR support in some shape or form and low (or tolerable)input lag. I am mainly...
  5. Camaxide

    JU 7500 input lag

    I got a JU 7500 4K TV that in tests get 20-21ms input lag in tests online, which is correct with the spec sheets. However, I find the input lag quite bad and miss lots of shots I’d easily hit on a monitor, tracking is a nightmare. I recorder my hand and screen when moving the mouse with a camera...
  6. rking123

    Question Best gaming TV for PS4 Pro

    Hi, I want to buy a gaming TV for PS4 Pro (and maybe prepare for PS5). I want extremely low input lag as I play games like SFV and COD. I know SFV doesn't run at 4k but 1080p low input lag is a must for it. I also play games like RDR2 so would love the amazing picture quality too. I checked the...
  7. S

    Considering the kd65xg8096bu. Concerned about input lag.

    Hey everyone, Appreciate any advice on this. I'm loving this TV. Great viewing angles and great picture but I play games and have seen 31ms as the lag for this TV. Would most people consider that fine? My other option is a Samsung ru7400 which I know has around 11ms lag but doesn't have the...
  8. D

    Question Gaming on a Projector in 2019: Experiences and Suggestions?

    As the Title says, I am looking for people who have experience gaming on a projector. I have a new apartment and the Livingroom setup screams for a big screen. Dimensions of my Livingroom are 20ft by 13ft. I have a big TV but sitting nearly 14-15ft away makes it a bit small and I do not want to...
  9. EldestTheGreat

    LG UK6300 PC Input Label vs Game Mode & When Chroma 4:4:4 gets enabled

    I FINALLY, after 3 tries, was able to talk to someone at LG who could answer my techy questions regarding setting on the TV that impact input lag. I'll post screen shots of our conversation here. I hope this helps gamers who have or want to buy the LGUK6300 (42 inch) TV in the future!
  10. D

    Question Will using aftermarket backlighting kit effect TV performance?

    Hi all. I have a perfect spot in my house for a “Ambilight” led backlight. I’m really leaning towards getting a Philips OLED because of this. However, I’m a big gamer. And I’ve seen the philips OLEDs have a fairly high input lag of 38ms even when in “gaming mode”. This made me think, I...
  11. W

    Question DENON AVR-X4500H Video Pass-through

    hi. I'm in the market for a new AVR and have been looking at the AVR-X4500H. it has everything I need, but one thing that's not entirely specified and that I also need is full, pure, complete video pass-through. the advertised features/specs do make note of 4K Video Pass-through, which is good...
  12. Welshboy98

    Looking to game on a monitor

    Hi I've been gaming for years primarily a playstation, and was an early adopter of 3d and then 4k. I used to be quite good at FPS games but in recent years I've become terrible at them. Today I tried my friends 4k Samsung pc monitor which he uses his ps4 pro for. I was dominating leaderboards...
  13. T

    Acer vl7860 input lag

    Just read a great review of the laser acer vl7860 at projector reviews. They say the input lag is 43ms. Respectable Input Lag for Gamers (43 ms.) Can anyone confirm this, seems good out of the most recent 4k projectors
  14. J

    Real world Optoma UHD51 input lag testing

    Hello everyone, basically this post relates to my observations with input lag although I do briefly mention picture quality too. I've just added this post on a thread titled "Optoma UHD51A: 4K HDR 3D DLP Projector... w/ Alexa" on the US forum AVSforum. Although I'm from the UK I've been...
  15. W

    Philips PUS6262 4K HDR TV Input Lag for Gaming/PS4

    Hi guys, I've solved my issue and in turn might be able to help someone out there!!! Bought the Philips 50 inch 50PUS6262 4k HDR TV from Argos. I'm a big gamer and was happy with picture quality but frankly unimpressed with the input lag/latency with the TV out of the box. I play First Person...
  16. I

    Low Input Lag Monitor, £150-200.

    Hi guys, apologies if it's in the wrong section. After a gaming monitor for my Ps4. Something half decent with low input lag. Appreciate any replies :)
  17. Theduke12

    Panasonic 40EX700B 40EX600b Input lag

    Looking at either of these televisions for my sons ps4 pro does anyone know what the input lag is like or whether these are good for gaming for my son? Cheers guys
  18. Dead Stig

    Question Onkyo TX-NR575E input lag?

    Hi guys. I’m looking for a budget 7.1 receiver that has HDR and 4K pass through capabilities. I’ll be using it primarily with an Xbox One X with a 7.1 setup. At the moment I am using a Sony STR-DH800. The problem is that I have to use optical audio because I don’t have HDR/4K passthrough. So I...
  19. B

    Question Help with surprising input lag Sony xe9005

    Hello all, first time posting in the forum so thanks in advance. I have just purchased a Sony 55xe9005 after reading many great reviews about its overall performance, mostly its input lag. I have come from a budget Philips TV (55put something) approximately 3 years old which had noticeable...
  20. A

    Question Harman Kardon Delay function problem

    Hello ALL, I just registered fo this very topic. It is driving me NUTS. So, I have an Xbox One X that is connected through the latest version HDMI to my Samsung UE40H6200AW. For audio I run a optical cable straight from the Xbox One X to my Harman Kardon receiver, a AVR 145 model. I know, it's...
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