1. mickey


    Hi guys thinking of selling my quest 2 128gb. My question is which classified ads should I use computing, gaming or miscellaneous ads forums? Mike
  2. S

    Syncro info

    Hi, This is my first time on this site and am searching for information on my synchro record deck which I bought 30 years ago and have not used very much at all so may as well consider selling it. I don't have any information myself on the model, any ideas where I can find it and the value of it...
  3. framerateuk

    LG replacing my C7 screen - info and progress

    Long time lurker on this forum, first time posting. I've got a C7 that's being collected by LG today. Bought in 2018, so out of warrantee. Had the BBC news clock burnt in on the bottom corner along with the big red blob in the middle of the screen. I wouldn't have called it 'excessive'...
  4. herosrule

    Philips 2022 models 8507,8807 and 807 info

    News of the philips 2022 tvs is starting to appear in europian news outlets With two of their "the one" TV's offeing 60 and 120hz options (the 85x07 and 88x7) Oh and the 807 had a nice stand too! You'll need translate on for this...
  5. sha66y

    Subwoofer connection info required

    I am getting a BK-xls200 DF subwoofer next month, I will be using it for both movies and music listening and have requested both the high level and single LFE cable to go into my Cyrus Lyric09. however here is my issue and hopefully those on here in the know can point me in the right direction...
  6. miggyboys

    SkyQ problem / not pausing / playing recordings / showing programme info

    Hi all! Setup: Quattro LNB dish ---> EMP Centauri multiswitch ---> Triax TMDS 42C dSCR multiswitch ---> quadplex wall plate ---> Sky Q box (dSCR mode). I had an electrical circuit trip in the consumer unit (fuse box) and when I turned it back my SkyQ wasn't working. There was no satellite feed...
  7. T

    PS5 Info required about transferring games from PS4 and SSD in PS5

    Hi Just got my autistic daughter a new PS5 with DVD (Not digital). I am 76 and haven't got all the modern knowledge and she is unable to handle techie issues. First how large is the SSD on the PS5? How much does a game take up on the SSD on average? She has games stored on her PS4 and wants...
  8. O

    Where on service menu is HDMI info - bitrate, resolution, and video info

    I scanned around the service menu on the LG but could not find an area where it tells the user all HDMI. I want to see what mode it is in, etc. Everything.
  9. S

    Info Needed on this Denon AVC-A1XV AMP

    Hi I have this amp, seems to work ok , but I will fully test it Google search tells me it was a high spec piece of kit in it time, is it still relevant for use today ? It’s all I have and wonder if it’s worth building upon this for a home hifi/cinema system Or just sell it on and get something...
  10. T

    LG 65QNED996PB info wanted

    as anyone got info on this Tv, i am interested in buying it
  11. jk1988

    Brought the Kef R3 need Info.

    I am to take delivery of a new set of Kef R3. I am hoping to use them in a home cinema setup using a Denon AVR-X3500H is it a capable amp for them or am I in need of a seperate two chanel amp to work with the amp. If I am in need of new two chanel amp what do people recommend. And I currently...
  12. Willis1995

    LG CX Resolution Info

    On the LG CX OLED TV’s, there is a hidden info screen that can be accessed by pressing the three dots, on the magic remote, followed by “information”. This brings up info on resolution, aspect ratio, and audio format. What I would like to know is whether the resolution displayed is telling you...
  13. JurgenHanz

    Is there any info regarding Sony's mini LED 4K TVs?

    Are they poised to come in 2022? Or is Sony not interested at all?
  14. T

    Denon AVR-X2200W Info Display Wrong

    Hi, I have had the Denon AVR-X2200W for a few years now and love it. One thing that's been bugging me though is the info display both from the "Info" button on the TV and the Denon app doesn't display the correct output no matter what is being output. As you can see above the only channels...
  15. M

    Using MacBook Pro to view setup info on Pioneer receiver

    Hello all, first post here. I recently picked up a Pioneer VSX LX104 AV receiver to use exclusively for music- streaming from AirPlay, playing CDs, etc. My question is about initial setup; when I turn it on, it says "see TV for initial setup"- however, I do not watch/own a television. It just...
  16. M

    Samsung LNA650 - DAC info?

    Hello. First post here. I’ve had this question on my mind for a few years now. I run the Sony DVD player to the TV via HDMI, then audio out to the receiver via the RCA’s. Thinking of adding a DAC (DVD player does not have one) but it has me thinking.. how do I find out the specs of the DAC...
  17. jonwpdx

    Bybee Series 104 Speakers - Need Info

    Hello, my friend inherited a set of Bybee Series 104 speakers with outboard crossovers. Do any of you have information and/or documentation for them? Any information will be appreciated.
  18. J

    Yamaha rx-v663, running no sub. Auto calibration correctly sets speakers to large but also sets LFE to fronts. More info in post....confused.

    Running 4 towers and very large center. Calibration sets the speaker size correctly, all speakers large. What confuses me is there is no option for no sub and it sets LFE to "fronts" with a crossover at 60hz. If all speakers are set to large what is better crossed over? All speakers are set at...
  19. B

    Q85T No owners thread or settings info

    Hi all I have just bought a 65” Q85T and it seems like I have picked a tv that is in the wilderness. There is hardly any info on it, no owners thread on here, no settings info anywhere on the internet. Can someone possibly point me in the direction of another human that owns this TV? I really...
  20. RobTi

    Does this info look okay playing a 4K disc

    Hi first disc I have bought in quite a while I know the hdmi is limited on the 9300 but just wanted to check if this info looks okay ? Thanks
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