1. bbvukeli

    H39A5100 info?

    Hello people I need help about this model Hisense H39A5100. Is this TV able to import/export channel list from(to) USB? In menu (and service menu) there is no option to choose. Is there another way to do this or not? Thanks in advance.
  2. sorgesana12

    Info Projector Screen

    Hi guys i bought a Luxburg Screen for 100$ and it smells of very strong of toxic materials etc. so i washed with a dump clothes and left outside for almost 15 days but the smeel is still strong so I will definitely send it back, it's a pitty because it's the only Cons. So i bought another...
  3. W

    How to show resolution info?

    Just bought a Samsung QE75Q60TAUXXC and I can’t find out how to show what resolution the TV shows at the moment. Anyone who knows how to do it?
  4. snerkler

    Interesting info on why/when you shouldn’t use EFCS For clarity, Manny gets it wrong in the video it’s not electronic shutter (as in silent shooting) but electronic first curtain shutter. It says this in the article too but if you just watch...
  5. edu33

    What's this movie? A guy dies and comes back to earth...(not Soul, older)

    I dont remember anything else...i guess there's a ton of movies like that... In this particular one he receives a message through the letters that scroll under the news... I know its a hard one, I have a feeling the movie may not be very good
  6. Wirelessjack

    Cex contact info

    Hello I sent quite a few items to cex 3 weeks ago to sell and I still haven't heard anything back and they state it will only take 7 working days for testing etc, the only way I can contact them is via their online form and I have filled three of these out without any return contact. Is there a...
  7. Spuddy5423

    Vintage wharfdale info

    Hi all I’ve come across a wharfedale gp50 s amplifier and would love some info on it Age , useage and worth Can’t find any references online and I’m baffled Please help
  8. A

    43XH8505BU when watching from V6 on demand, TV info says 4K

    Using the 43XH8505BU and watching on demand from the Virgin V6 box, the TV info button says 4K. Is something set up wrong as it's not 4K? This has happened with both iPlayer and ITV Hub.
  9. R

    Question Info on selling

    My apologies in advance if this isn’t allowed (newbie). I’ve read through some of the plasma posts because I wanted information on how to install a Panasonic TC-P50S2 50-inch 1080p Plasma HDTV from 2010. It weighs 66.4 lbs. The space would be a corner mount. The quote was $400.00...
  10. acgingersnaps

    Hifiman Sundara Info

    Hi. Some opinions sought. Is the Sundara worth the extra pennies vs the AKG 712 Pro? Almost exclusively for music listening. I have a Magni Heresy on the way from the states, so suitable amplification is sorted.
  11. flyinmunky1

    Question Any info on when Sky will launch FTTP 900mb Like BT?

    I can get BT 900mb FTTP now but would prefer to stick with Sky. Looking around it seems BT get first dibs on new FTTP connections before SKY can even offer it. What is annoying is not knowing when SKY will be able to offer this service. A month, two months, a year? Upload speed will prob be...
  12. harry66

    Question Has anyone found a quicker way of accessing Programme Info on a Magic Remote?

    I have a 43UN73006LC with the Magic Remote MR20GA - which does not have a programme INFO button. Currently, I have to press the .... button and then scroll down to select Info. Has anyone found an easier way of doing this e.g. program a shortcut key etc? Thanks.
  13. Garrett

    My PC Side Ribbon Lacking Info + Ghost Drive

    I had a update the other day and since then the strip in the left missing a lot of info that was there before so bee trying to get it back without success. Is there a way to get back to the first picture but with more info in the left side ribbon? Oh also had the problem of a ghost drive USB...
  14. Ugg10

    Denon Heos Link info ?

    Bit of a long shot but have a couple of questions for Denon Heos Link Owners that I can't find answers to in the Denon info (very sparse) - 1) Is it possible to route the Analogue Line In ports to the digital outputs (coax or optical) i.e. use as an ADC? 2) If so what format is the output -...
  15. M

    Good review site with panel info?

    Hi All, I'm looking at getting a new TV and want a review site that is likely to tell me whether a TV has an IPS or VA panel. I saw one mentioned on a review here a few months back, but can't remember it or find the thread! Any recommendations? I think it was a foreign site. Cheers
  16. ianfreeman

    Netflix plays show when just wanting info

    In Netflix, when on a film's page and selecting 'more info' the film starts to play. I've been into my account settings, made sure the preview boxes are unticked and logged out of Netflix and back in again, to no avail. Am I missing something?
  17. yamazaki55

    Programme info From Freesat - Loewe Reference 55 TV

    Hi there, I've had this TV for a few years and I'm happy with the picture & sound, but the channel info that comes back from the Freesat dish is a random mess, with no program info etc. Now I have a bit of time on my hands I was wondering if there is and way of sorting this without having to get...
  18. A

    Need info

    Need info on this drone know nothing about it. Wondering what it’s worth?
  19. vaderag

    Netflix auto play on More Info

    When I click More Info on a Netflix show it auto plays... If I hit a cover art for a show with no option it auto plays How can I stop this? I already have turned off next episode auto play and trailer auto play but I hate this behaviour and there seems no way to stop it
  20. S

    Question KEF R3 & Arendal 1723 Monitor info please...

    Hi all, I would consider myself a music first person, love my 2 channel hifi, but also enjoy a good film or series on Netflix etc etc. I am looking at a new system, and am very much interested in finding a speaker that excels with music first and foremost, but also equally good for AV use...
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