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  1. O

    Question Remove info from media player LGG3

    Guys, i have 2 external hdd's attached to my LG G3 TV. On the tv it is showing them as expansion USB1 and expansion USB 2. Ideally i would like to label them differently, i can change the name of the hdd's on my pc,but it makes no difference on my tv. Any ideas please?
  2. Anas Neo

    Question Seeking Browser Info for Receivers

    Hello everyone! I'm researching which DEC devices use the Vewd SDK or Opera TV. I’m particularly interested in the following models : DEC DTIW385 Orange DEC DTIW384 UHD SFR T4H (SD) DEC DCIW303 TLC Does anyone have insights on the browser capabilities of these devices or experience with using...
  3. AVtest

    Useful info: Debloat android tv with a matter of few clicks.

    Last week I updated my 7394 and app removal was a breeze with this app (free) below and no root required, so thought would share: Probably some of you already aware of ADB AppControl app which is gaining some popularity across android users. Years ago removal of pre-installed apps was a bit of...
  4. K

    Question Can i connect iphone 12 with SSD directly to back up photos without losing its info.

    Can i connect iphone 12 with SSD directly to back up photos without losing its info. I tried from cloud, but the cloud photos did not show the details of the photos. Maybe with cable " lightning vs usbc. ?
  5. shoemaker666

    ebay, vinted, Depop etc info automatically forwarded to HMRC from jan 2024

    From 1 January 2024, Ebay, vinted, Depop etc will need to record how much its users make and report this to HMRC. At the moment, HMRC can request this data on an ad-hoc basis, but from 1 January it will start to be given automatically. now its my understanding the way this will be done with...
  6. snappyq

    Program needed for scraping media info

    not sure if this is the right place but i used to use YAMJ to scrape my media files then it would put all the pictures and info in the relevant folder, this stopped working a while ago and i havnt really found anything else to use! I was wondering if there was any decent programs or software...
  7. R

    Hisense U8KL - Info Thread Looking for any info on my Next TV!!! Quick specifications: Hisense U8KL MiniLED TVs Metal Build (Base & Border) Display: MiniLED TV, 4K 144Hz display, DCI-P3 color gamut, 16:9 aspect ratio, 97%, ULED X technology, XDR Pro Screen-to-body...
  8. D

    Info on this subwoofer driver appreciated.

    I'd appreciate any info available on this AVI 10" subwoofer driver. Hi-fi Corner seem to have acquired a job lot of some (ex?) AVI drivers, including this 10" sub: Thiele/Small parameters would be great but...
  9. spinaltap

    INFO: Marantz Trade-In Offer

    Between 15th September and 24th November, 2023, trade-in any Amplifier/Receiver for up to 15% discount on a brand-new Marantz AVP or AVR (including AMP 10).
  10. T

    Vintage Aiwa speaker

    Any info on this little guy would be appreciated. 60s? 70s? Plugs into my laptop and sounds amazing for its age. Crisp
  11. Tempest

    Do you trust OneDrive - Pics, Docs, etc? Private info?

    Just wondering what the feeling is here about OneDrive these days? It was something I was paranoid about in the past, but recently I've got more into the OneDrive way of living with my new Windows 11 PC, my Windows 11 Laptop and my Pixel Mobiles. My documents, My Photo's, Music etc, together...
  12. spinaltap

    INFO: Atom HE + Focal Headphones Promo

    During May, if you buy a Naim Atom HE with a given pair of Focal Headphones the following discount applies… Clear MG: £350 Stellia: £1,000 Utopia: £1,500
  13. W

    Any info on the MA 300 3G Floorstanders?

    I've seen these for around £250 new. Monitor 300 | Floorstanding Speakers | Monitor Audio I've currently got an MA Silver C350 centre and Q3050i as the L/R, does anyone know how these compare to the Q's, and would they sound similar to the centre timbre wise? Mainly movie/tv use via a Denon...
  14. N

    Info about the scammer

    Hi all, so a month ago i've found an ad for Dali Epicon 6 on Czech ad site, Dali Dali Epicon 6 speakers - Reprosoustavy - HiFi Bazar - I have paid for them 3000€ with delivery, scammer sent me fake website TRANS-NATE - TRANSPORTES INTERNACIONAIS, S.A. When i've asked for...
  15. G

    Auto turn on/off av receiver and soundbar info

    Okay, so lets start with downstairs here. I have a 65" 4k LG Smart tv downstairs. On HDMI 1 port, I have my sky Q box On HDMI 2 port, I have my Xbox One S I have an av receiver, that is connected into the the xbox HDMI in port, I have an optical cable from my TV to my AV receiver, and have...
  16. F

    Need info on Comelentric Technology Power FEP 204 crossover filter.

    Hi, I have this 3/4-way crossover filter that have been used in an old PA-system. Seems to be very rare, and from the small amount of info I can find it seems that it was (is) a very good piece of equipment. It´s french-made, only 2 years production in the early 80:s. Does anyone here have info...
  17. S

    Various Denon AVR models with Active Speaker Info Display Issues…

    Hi all, My Denon 6700h decided it no longer wants to display all speakers that are active (output). The front panel, phone app and tv info graphic show just heights as active despite a full Atmos playback from every speaker in the room. Happened out of no where. Hearing other Denon AVR are...
  18. M

    BT TV Box Pro - BT Youview IR Remotes Still Work!

    I just thought I'd post this for info in case it helps anyone else. I upgraded my faulty BT DTR-T4000 Youview Box to a BT TV Box Pro this week. There are only really minor differences between the features, but the main benefits seem to be responsiveness and (I'm pretty sure I not imagining it)...
  19. A

    JVC X3 / HD350 input lag, anyone has info about that?

    Hi! I would like to buy a JVC X3 or HD350, but I didnt find any info about input lags. Now I have a BenQ W1070, this projector has good input lag for gaming. How about X3, or HD350 input lags? Thank you, if anyone could help me that.
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