1. TruroSpurs

    Shallow In-Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

    Does anybody know of any in-ceiling speakers that are no more than 7cm in depth. I'm after a couple for Atmos duties but due to having a very shallow depth between the ceiling plaster board and upstairs floor boards I'm struggling a bit. Alternatively I'm open to mounting speakers onto the beams...
  2. Lesmor

    In-wall and in-ceiling discussion thread

    my recent upgrade journey ended with me upgrading to a larger 138" 16:9 PJ screen unfortunately this meant moving my beloved Arendal 1723 centre speaker close to the floor easy solution I thought just get a in-wall centre speaker I have always been under the impression that in-wall L/C/R...
  3. A

    Atmos in-ceiling with angle?

    Hi all, Just started my journey into designing my home cinema as we are renovating our house and making one room a cinema room. We can't afford to kit it all out straight away but are looking to all the cables in and now whilst ceilings are down etc. I'm also thinking about getting in ceiling...
  4. steinybot

    Advice on in wall speakers and setup for new build

    Hi, We are building a new house an my wife has said that my Wharfedale Diamond 10's have to go and that she only wants in-wall speakers in the new house. Our lounge / media room is 3.95m x 3.81m. The TV will be mounted on the longer wall. The issue I have is that the left wall has a big...
  5. G

    Adding in-ceiling rears to existing HT

    I recently moved into a house where the basement was already wired for 5.X with the two current 'rears' in the ceiling and sitting to the sides of the couch (the blue arrows in the pics). There is a soffit with AC that runs behind and over the bar area, and at the back of that there is some...
  6. J

    Need advice with placement of in-ceiling speakers (music only)

    Hi everyone - I'm a noob here and I'd love any helpful advice you can offer. We're remodeling our house and I'm considering putting in-ceiling speakers for streaming music only. The room is L-shaped which makes it kind of difficult. I'm thinking of using 4x Klipsch CDT-5800-C speakers with...
  7. J

    Help What would you go for? 4 B&W Signature 7NT in wall Speakers vs Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers?

    I'm planning on installing ceiling speakers mainly for a home cinema set up as well as music and was thinking of getting some Polk Audio RC60i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers on amazon for £228 a pair. But i spoke with a friend and he offered to sell me 4 B&W Signature 7NT in wall speakers for £200...
  8. B

    5.1 or 5.1.2 with in-ceiling surrounds (sofa on back wall) - Does Atmos make sense?

    Hi everyone, I have a question I'm hoping you can help me with! I am currently renovating my house, and plan on having a home theater installed in my family room. But given the constraints of the room, I am trying to determine whether it makes sense to go with a 5.1.2 set-up (or whether I...
  9. X

    In-Ceiling Speakers - Sonos Sonance vs Polk M80 vs KEF Ci160ER vs Klipsch R-1650

    Hey guys, I'm setting up 6 ceiling speakers in my kitchen and dinning room for background music listening sometimes at fairly high volumes. There is a floor above the kitchen, but the joists are open so probably not the best. I'm perfectly aware that in-ceiling is the worst position but this...
  10. S

    Question about In-Ceiling Speaker Placement in Rectangular Room

    Hello. This is my first post to this forum, and I am unsure if this is the correct topic to post this thread. Thank you in advance for any advice or help. I have a woodshop space that is 20ft long by 11ft wide. I have made an illustration below to show the room size/layout. One side of the...
  11. M

    In-Ceiling Speaker Placement

    I'm planning on distributed audio in multiple zones in my house. Are there any online tools that anyone can recommend that would help determine number speakers, size of speaker, placement of speakers, etc for various room sizes?
  12. D

    5.1.4 atmos in-ceiling speaker choice and position

    I currently have a large room with a 3.2 setup (86m/ 925ft squared floor plan attached) I can’t have rear surrounds at the moment as they would have to be on a stand and the kids would knock them over. I luckily have someone willing to help wire up ceiling speakers for me so I’m now going down...
  13. Chester

    In-ceiling 2-channel speakers for small shower room

    This is a small 6' x 7 1/2' room. I already have a Monitor Audio single stereo speaker connecting to a Sonos Amp that works well, but looking for a bit more bass, so the obvious way to do that is go for 2 speakers. We're loosing the central light fitting so in terms of ceiling furniture, it...
  14. B

    Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers or Monitor Audio C265 for Rear Channel

    Hi, I have a couple of questions that I cannot find answers to, so I'm hoping for a few opinions or suggestions. I am in the process of renovating my house and will be adding in-ceiling speakers to a few rooms with Sonos amps. In the main living room, I will be using a Sonos Arc + Sonos Sub +...
  15. M

    Is in-ceiling placement of rear & sides possible for 7.1 system?

    Installer I am working with says they have installed thousands of systems with in-ceiling rears & sides and that the sound does not suffer significantly. The room I am trying to use is really challenging (window immediately behind seating, no wall on the entire left side of room (opens to...
  16. boco

    Performance enclosures for Polk in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

    Hi, I currently have a set of 4 Polk 265-LS and 1 Polk 255c-LS in-wall speakers in a 5.1 setup. They are great, but I am doing a rebuild/renovation and will be re-using them in a 7.1.4 atmos setup. I will be getting 2 more 265-LS speakers and 4 700-LS in-ceiling speakers. My existing speakers...
  17. G

    General help with in-ceiling atmos speakers kindly requested

    So as you can see in the picture my ceilings are vaulted and sloped. I'm trying to figure out the best way to install in-ceiling atmos speakers. Should I buy some with aimable tweeters or should I buy some that have angled woofers with aimable tweeters? I've initially purchased a pair of the...
  18. S

    Question In-ceiling recommendations to go with MS Mezzo 5.1 setup

    Muppet me posted in the thread above, but can't seem to delete, apologies! I'm in the fun position of helping a friend set up their A/V rig in a new house. They've currently got a very nice Mordaunt Short Mezzo (8/5/2) setup driven by a Denon AVRX2600 and fancy getting a set of ceiling speakers...
  19. S

    In-ceiling recommendations to go with MS Mezzo 5.1 setup

    Compliments of the season all! I'm in the fun position of helping a friend set up their A/V rig in a new house. They've currently got a very nice Mordaunt Short Mezzo (8/5/2) setup driven by a Denon AVRX2600 and fancy getting a set of ceiling speakers for Atmos. Any recommendations around...
  20. sp7980

    Question Stereo in-ceiling speakers for atmos?

    Hi, I am looking to setup a 5.1.2 dedicated home cinema and would like to know if a pair of stereo in-ceiling speakers is a good option for atmos? Something like - Thanks.
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