1. P

    For Sale Karate Kid 1&2 rare Oop slip, Cinderella box, The Haunting & Ghost HMV Premium Collection with art cards sealed - What Lies Beneath Import.

    Karate Kid 1 & 2 - 2 Blu rays (with rare slips) £10.00 delivered Rings (Ring franchise) £4.99 Disney's Cinderella Collection incs Cinderella 1,2 & 3 Rare OOP box set New & Sealed £15.00 The Haunting HMV Platinum Edition New & Sealed £12 (Liam Neeson) What Lies Beneath (German import) full...
  2. TUX1977

    Rad - Mondo X Blu-ray Steelbook Import

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone already owns this? I loved this film as a youngster and I'm tempted to import it, but my Blu-ray player is "vanilla" and according to Mill Creek Entertainment and, the disc is Region A encoded. Is anyone who owns it able to confirm that's the case...
  3. Davidj6420

    Question Which sites do you use for US imports?

    Looking to import some UHD films and possibly preorder Rise of Skywalker from the US. Just wondering which sites people use? I’ve head Blu-Rays for Everyone is meant to be alright. Any help would be great - cheers!
  4. A

    Question Lg V40 import. Will i have problems?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a lg v40 which is not a uk model. It's the lg v40 5EBW. Can anyone tell me if I will have problems with filmware or warranty etc or anything else when buying a non uk model. Tia
  5. M

    Which programme to better Sony PlayMemoriesHome for import of files ?

    Hi, Using Sony Play Memories Home to import onto PC videos and stills shot on Sony AX100E camcorder 4k. I see a load of thumbs and each one when hovered displays an unreadable magenta/white text with hardly discernible file number and file size. There is no quick way of selecting a batch of...
  6. Delorean88mph

    Your Import Blu/DVD Treasures

    Hey Guys and Girls. I am new to the forums, but certainly not new to the world of DVD and Blu Ray. I have always been a huge fan of picking up cracking releases of A List and B-Movie films. I was curious to see how many members collect "Special Editions" of certain titles. Just some of my...
  7. C

    Import taxes and fees

    Hello, Struggling to find this information on the Web (I can find some of it on the .gov website, but not to my specific questions) I have bought a few things from Japan, one Item costs £10, (current cut off to pay VAT is £15) the shipping cost me £25. The TOTAL value of the transaction is...
  8. Cocksure

    Importing tobacco products (or general import info)

    I have placed an order for 200 cigarettes from abroad and given them clear instructions to mark the package as containing tobacco products. I have looked up the import duty which is £207.99 per 1000 plus 16.5% of sale price, which doesn't seem to bad, however I forgot to ask them to mark the...
  9. K

    Are import charges payable on items from Play Asia and Yes Asia?

    I am thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch Case for approx £30 from either Play Asia and Yes Asia. Would I be likely to pay import duties on this? I used Yes Asia back in 2004 and in those days they used to send products via their internal mail to avoid import charges, but they don't seem to do...
  10. thedead

    Question Deadpool US Import Copyright Violation error

    Hello First time poster on here and wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. I was over in the states and bought 6 UHD movies whilst over there and brought them back to the UK. I have a Panasonic DMP-UB300 player and all but one film works perfectly. When I put the Deadpool UHD movie in...
  11. camelot1971

    The Great Wall - 4k UHD (US Import)

    Watched this over the weekend. I thought it wasn't a bad film - the story is a bit average but the visuals and audio are outstanding. Tian Jing looked amazing in her blue armour :love: Also, some amazing bass, especially when they play the drums on the wall!
  12. tim1982

    Question American import VAT to UK

    Sorry if this has been asked a million times but I cant find anything relating to it, im getting some 4k's posted to me from the US and im now a tad worried that im going to be screwed by HM Customs when they arrive. The total value including postage was around £62 and they were an ebay...
  13. Rikko

    Question Import remotes into Broadlink e-control app

    Hi, I'm trying to get all my devices setup on my Broadlink RM Pro, but it's a little cumbersome having to program each and every button into a layout that resembles the physical remote. I've seen references to cloud sharing throughout the Broadlink website and instructions, but I'm not quite...
  14. JONXLR8

    Importing a Yamaha R-N602 from US to UK

    I've had my eye on one of these for a while as it has a lot of features I can make use of. I'm looking at all options to try and get a good deal. If I were to hypothetically import one from the US, I realise I'd need a voltage converter, but as this unit has lots of different wireless and...
  15. G

    Sony KDL-55W805C import 1080p/24Hz signal from bluray

    Hello everyone! I have an LG 3D home cinema with HDMI output 1080p/24Hz (also 1080p/50Hz). Also I have a tv SONY KDL-55W805C whitch supports 1080p/24Hz import signal. Can you tell me if I must have on or off the Motionflow setting on TV? I try to find some informations how to setup correct tv...
  16. mclingo

    Question Anyone know where people can get a 3D bluray import of these Chinese only 3D movies?

    Hi, I love my 3D movies, they are fantastic on my LG OLED so i'm looking to increase my 3D collections. Some movies only got a Chinese release in 3D but i'm hoping there is somewhere I can import these from. Anyone know where people can get a 3D bluray import of these Chinese only 3D movies...
  17. R

    Question can I display foreign menu text in a blu ray movie in English ?

    I want to order The Little Prince blu ray from amazon france as where I live it doesn't get sold in blu ray format. I checked the specs and it has both English audio and subtitles included. But I wanna know if ill be able to see the menu text in English. Its distributed by Paramount Pictures and...
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