1. S

    LG GX OLED - Image Zoom Question

    Hi Folks, The new LG GX Gallery TV is my very first LG set, previously I've had exclusively Samsung. I love the LG set but there is one question in relation to image sizes etc. On the Samsung if playing a movie for example from a USB key or indeed any source that has a resolution of 1920x800...
  2. A

    Question Thread-like strip on projector image

    My Optoma HD25 started having a thread-like strip on the projected image. The strip changes position every one or two days, and quivers continuously sometimes: I sent Optoma the pics and they suspect faulty engine module and rod module. Does anyone know of such problems caused by these two...
  3. R

    Question XF90: Image quality issues, PC monitor/gaming.

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble finding a TV/NVIDIA setting which delivers both a clear picture and low input lag. In fact, unfortunately, it's not even quite as simple as choosing between higher input lag and a good picture or lower input lag and a less good picture. Here's the issue: 1. AFAIK...
  4. W

    LG Oled B9 tv image judders, after gaming

    I have noticed a very new issue with my Oled tv, that when I have been gaming for say 30+ minutes on the Xbox series X on the LG Oled B9. That when I switch back to watch the TV the images have a lot judders of on all channels and don’t flow smoothly. Yet if I switch TV off and on it seems to...
  5. A

    Question Colored Band Appearing Across Projector Image

    I have a Optoma HD25 projector and the lamp usage is 3,280 hours. It was fine but suddenly there is a multi-color diagonal band across the bottom of the projected image as shown in this test screen: Close-up top half: Close-up bottom half: I cleaned the lens and can confirm there is no...
  6. Webbserver

    Question Netflix and Disney+ pixelated image

    Is anyone else having an issue with image quality on HD content in Netflix and Disney+? I’ve had my OLED65B8 over a year and never had an issue, but as of a couple of days ago, all content below 4K is really pixelated/blocky and looks awful via the inbuilt Netflix and Disney+ apps. All other...
  7. SIN55

    Optoma UHD50 vertical blur (double image)

    Hello, in March 2019 I bought an Optoma UHD50 projector and although it has been fine for the most part, something has always bothered me about it and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to fix it or pinpointing what could be wrong. When looking at small fonts, the problem is most...
  8. Harkon321

    Projector in Pelmet - will I get the image low enough?

    I’m in the process of building a dedicated room with a pelmet around the edge. Example attached which I’m modelling mine on. Im worried I’ll not be able to get the image down to eye height. I think I need to check the vertical lens shift (which on an Epsom 9400) is 96%. Im not sure where this...
  9. Noble372

    Question I have a oled Tv a 4k bu ray player that supports both 10+ and Dolby vision, for discs that support both what format do i choose for the best image???

    Okay so I own a ub820 4k player that supports hdr10+ and dolby vision I own a Panasonic gz2000 which support dolby vision and HDR10+ And I own a bunch of 4k discs which support both formats. When I play a disk that supports both 10+ and dolby vision eg 1917 or back to the future, My player will...
  10. 8

    Optoma UHD40: Image at 60Hz

    Hello, I have what I think is an issue with an Optoma UHD40 whereby the image appears doubled-up, with the second instance of the image offset by a few pixels in the vertical direction. This affects both the supplied image via HDMI, and the on-screen Optoma menu items. Issue only apparent when...
  11. T

    Question 55PUS6272/05 Flipped (Mirrored Image)

    Hi Guys! I have recently got my hands on a Philips 55PUS6272/05, however, there’s one problem .. the image is flipped/mirrored, so everything including text, menus etc is backwards. I have tried everything that I can think of, every menu/setting etc. Even changed the T-CON board to no avail...
  12. YorkshireJim007

    Zappiti Image Issues

    Hi, Anyone got any bright ideas on how to resolve this? I've finally get everything up and running with my Zappiti 4K One, but unfortunately I'm running into some images issues. Please see image below. In bright scenes it look fine, but then in dark scenes... (taken with an iphone in night...
  13. B

    Newbie question on stereo image

    Dear All, A quick intro, I am a noob in audio. I am considering to buy a stereo set of bookshelf speakers to be placed on TV cabinet . I don't have any proper audio sets, except for listening to songs via TV speakers. My living room is compromised and don't have room to create proper speaker...
  14. B

    Blue tinge to part of image

    My old Sanyo z2000 now has a blue tinge to the left third of the screen, visable on light or white images. I’ve just done a bulb change in the last two weeks and it started since then as it was perfect before. Any ideas for a solution to this or what it might be caused by or is it time to look...
  15. M

    Hp Reverb - Sim Racing - image foggy ???

    hi, with my Hp reverb 2k resolution per eye the quality is so high, so cool, i play at maximum details and is perfect, i just want to ask if some of u feel like after 1-2 minutes the quality of image begin to decrease, i mean like the eye maybe need air or something like need and so need to move...
  16. rcheli32

    Question One block of image blanked out for Chromecast only?

    Has anyone ever seen an issue where one part of an image is blank, as if that part of the projector display was faulty, but it only occurs on Chromecast with other video sources showing a complete image? And driving a TV split off the same HDMI signal proves the Chromecast is transmitting the...
  17. pewex1988

    Epson TW7400/HC4010 vs BenQ W2700 for Dark small room and 100inch screen or Epson TW7100

    I want to buy a projector for a small home theater. Red walls, white ceilings. Full light control I'm looking for the most cinematic image. The best black, sharpness and contrast that will be available at this price. I am also thinking about TW7100 / HC3800 in europa
  18. audiolab007

    Not one image wasted; The perfect album cover (as the perfect album was so much fun)

    Here are my suggestions (importantly the music is great too)
  19. A

    Question OLED image Problems

    Has anybody with an lg oled got the GMB logo constantly in the bottom left. I've ran the cleaner numerous times to no affect. Bought from richer sounds, I never watch GMTV but my wife watches for about 20 to 30 minutes before work.
  20. JL12W7

    Question Zoomed 16: image to remove balck bars top and bottom how does he do it.

    Watching this video can anyone answer the question I assume he is using a 16:9 screen ratio as it resembles a 16:9 screen how does this guy manage to shift the video content from 16;9 with balck bars top and bottom to zoom out and retain full aspect ratio meaning they get rid of the black bars...
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