1. HeavenlyWarrior

    Pixelated Image On 4K TV When Streaming

    Hi, I thought I'd take a pot shot here to see if the Sansumg TV community can help in case it's something to do with the settings on the TV. Regardless of whether I use a 300mbps Ethernet or 5ghz WiFi, the image I am getting on the Samsung TV we just bought today is bordering on unwatchable...
  2. slimlife

    Philips 43PUS8506 - Help with calibration / image settings

    Hello, I have a Philips 43PUS8506 TV (supposedly MVA matrix). The TV set to the factory settings, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the image. It is especially visible in dark scenes where the picture looks tragic. Instead of a smooth color transition, there are huge black...
  3. G

    Yamaha RX-V 483 video image issue

    Hi, I'm hoping somebody can give me a steer on an issue that has just cropped up with RX-V 483 after 5 years of flawless operation. I have suddenly started to get an intermittent loss of video image on all sources (except TV) when watching the source via the receiver. After a few minutes...
  4. B

    Flashing TV image unless AV amp removed

    My Anthem MRX520, Pioneer Kuro TV and Virgin 360 box was working perfectly. I then changed the Kuro for a Panasonic TX-65jz1500B (2021) and connected to its HDMI 1. The result is the TV showing a program image for just two seconds then no image just continually changing text showing different...
  5. T

    New TX40JXW834 - image error?

    Hello everyone! Three days ago, i bought a brand new Panasonic TX-40JXW834 TV. I cant really say anything bad about the overall image quality or the settings etc, its all good. But i noticed something while playing on the PS5. There is a weird dark horizontal bar in the middle of the screen...
  6. flamenco

    New Denon 4700 but sound and image keep cutting out

    I’ve installed my new Denon AVC X4700H this morning, following the on screen set up - all gone well. Tv is Sony KD49XH9505. Plugged Virgin TiVo box into the Denon using the arc hdmi socket. Watching BBC and the sound and vision suddenly cut out for a second or so and then back on. It has kept...
  7. C

    Viewsonic Projector changing image size after displaying grid

    I have an Nvidia card with 4 outputs and I wish to set up two projectors that will show images from a PowerPoint presentation for an art project. I am attempting to use Nvidia's Mosaic utility to facilitate this. The utility should permit me to essentially treat the two projectors as a single...
  8. joscejrod

    Samsung 75q70r poor image with football

    Hello, when I’m watching football all lines of the field and other horizontal structures of the stadium (bleacher railing) are blurred/flashing. Any help please?
  9. R

    Samsung LSP9T image offset

    Can any owners of the Samsung LSP9T comment if their image output is horizontally centred to the projector body? With the projector installed so the image is dead level and plumb, mine is offset 32 mm to the left, and since there’s no lens shift on this model, it’s a nightmare as it’s set in a...
  10. robertwcrouch

    Device that Accepts HDMI Input & Outputs its Mirror Image for Teleprompter

    I am looking for an HDMI device that accepts HDMI-in and sends the "mirror image" to HDMI-out. I found one example of what I am looking for, but it has been discontinued: HDMI MIrrorBox (Discontinued) Detail I would like to use an LCD screen with my teleprompter for Zoom, Teams, and WebEx...
  11. S

    Panasonic DMR-EZ49VEB- No Video image

    Hi Last week i played a video cleaning tape through my Panasonic DMR-EZ49VEB recorder. When I play a re-recorded tape or any other type tape, I can't get a picture. I can hear the the sound, but no picture. The DVD side of the machine works fine. I would welcome any ideas or tips to solving...
  12. G

    Projecting iPad screen to Samsung The Frame 43" 4k in Portrait / small image

    Hello, I have a Samsung The Frame 43" 4k TV that was just purchased. I want to use it in Portrait mode and project an iPhone and/or iPad image to it. I have tried two things: a) connecting the iPad via Apple TV device using Airplay and 2) using a direct cable connection with a lightning to...
  13. V

    Image disappearing during the game.

    While playing the game, the screen suddenly turns gray and all the fun of the game is lost, what is the solution? Product : HTC Vive
  14. D

    HDR/Dolby Vision washed out image

    I've recent purchased a Philips 43pus7855/12 ambilight tv. After playing with the settings I'm finally happy with the quality of normal HD content. The issue I have is when viewing movies in HDR or Dolby Vision, the colours appear really washed out and look grey compared to when I watch...
  15. F

    Sound but No Image on Projector

    Hi, I have an Epson EH-TW6100W projector. I had a blue vertical line on the screen and I read that I should clean the RGB connectors which I did. Now when I turn the projector on it comes on and I can see the projector light through the lens but there is now no image on screen whatsoever (nor...
  16. S

    Can’t change profile image in Zoom Cloud

    Hi Have been using free version of Zoom on iPhone, iPad and MacBook since pandemic started. Now find, I can change display name, but not image. Whenever I go into settings and select image from phone, the image reverts to the previous one. Tried restarting phone, deleting and reinstalling app...
  17. bingodisco

    Britbox app Apple TV 4K - image quality

    Does anyone else have odd variances in picture quality using the Britbox app on an Apple TV 4K box? Some stuff looks perfect - sharp, colour balanced and very watchable. Other stuff looks very off - with raised, milky blacks. Series 2 of the ITV drama 'Innocent' for example looked this way, as...
  18. Corza77

    BENQ W2700 - Black Bar/Box on bottom of image

    Hello everyone First time poster here. I have had the BenQ w2700 for approx 6 months and have started experiencing an image related issue. Intermittently, when l turn the projector on for use there is a black bar that runs the length of image. (Pics Attached) The only way to fix the issue is...
  19. C

    Projector Suggestions for 216inch image for a 4.8mtr wide garage door?

    Hello, I don’t know much at all about projectors and need some advice, I am looking to get a projector to project onto a double garage door. (I do a Christmas lights show, and would like to project videos onto the door) The garage door measures 4.8mtrs wide x 2.1 metres high, And would...
  20. BorkenArrow

    Dua Lipa sued for posting an image of herself.

    Apparently you don't own the rights to your own image.
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