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Apple iMac computer
The iMac is a range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc. It has been the primary part of Apple's consumer desktop offerings since its debut in August 1998.
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  1. N

    For Sale iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)

    I am selling this iMac as I have upgraded it several times and no longer use it. Processor 4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Memory 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4 GB I wiped the unit and installed the latest version of macOS it can support, which is macOS Big Sur version...
  2. S

    Help needed with 27 inch iMac power loss.

    Please. I need help with my 27 inch iMac. I’ve recently decided to do away with the Fusion Drive on my late 2012 27 inch iMac. It was starting to get a bit laggy and I didn’t want to run the risk of it failing on me. I’ve upgraded plenty of sealed unit iMacs so I’m confident when it comes to...
  3. M

    Deal Agreed Apple iMac 27" 2017 Model - 2TB SSD - 64GB RAM

    Having upgraded to a newer Mac Mini, I am selling my trusty iMac. Bought direct from Apple in UK in March 2018, specced to my needs at the time: 4.2 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Radeon Pro 580 8GB 64GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM 2TB SSD It has been well looked after and is still in excellent cosmetic...
  4. Ace Of Wands

    Can you form a bond with a computer? Time to move on from my 2011 imac

    Wow, its been 12 years. Over a decade of making music, creating art, storing photo's of my life. it's never let me down 🖥️ The OS is High Sierra. Only now a few websites not loading correctly on Safari, Chrome is also saying it will no longer be able to update. Apps (such as Canva) are saying...
  5. K

    iMac 27" 5k 2019 Ventura slow performance after SSD upgrade

    Hello, I have an iMac 27" 5K 2019 with Ventura installed on it and it was running very slow. I removed Samsung 128Gb 655-1992J MZ-KPW1280/0A7 PCIe SSD and a 2TB Sata Hard drive. I then installed a Sandisk Ultra 3D 1TB SSD on the sata connection. I then installed Ventura (clean install)...
  6. L

    Question Advice re upgrading Fusion Drive to SSD 2014 iMac

    I have a late 2014 27” 5K iMac 4GHz i7, 32 GB RAM, 3TB Fusion Drive running High Sierra that I need to update. Having read that APFS doesn’t play well with HDD I’m considering 2 options and would like opinions/advice please. 1. Replace internal HDD with 4TB SSD using this kit. (I’ve upgraded...
  7. B

    Can iMac owners check if 4k 60fps footage plays ok with no stutter and what year iMac you have?

    Looking to upgrade my 2014 iMac 27 inch. Specs below. It stutters and won't play smoothly my drone footage which is in 4k and 60fps and sometimes filmed in H.265. Can anyone check if they have raw footage like this if it plays ok please, would be really appreciated. My spec: Late 2014 imac...
  8. J

    Question iMac screen blacks out occasionally

    Hi! I use a mid-2010 iMac, and hsve used it for about 11 years, with no trouble. It has not had a great deal of use (perhaps about four hours a day, on average). The PRAM battery was replaced recently and the fans cleaned etc. Recently, the screen blacked out and kept blacking out. It was cured...
  9. B

    Question Jittery 4k 60fps playback on my imac, too old?

    I get Jittery 4k 60fps playback on my imac, is it too old, it's a 20 model and I got it 3 years ago. Maybe just too old for what im asking of it? Details below. Im trying to play 4k 60fps drone footage from DJI Mini 3 pro drone. Late 2014 imac 3.5ghz Quad core intel i5 processor 24GB memory...
  10. rogerh

    Connecting Cat5e network from iMac to Samsung 7 Series TV?

    Hi. We have a new home with a Cat 5e network wired in. I have an iMac running OS Catalina v10.15.7. I have connected my Samsung 7 Series Crystal UHD to the Cat 5e. I can see my computer screen but when playing video from my external hard drive, that is connected to my iMac, there is no sound...
  11. AitchB

    What's the best way to connect an iMac to good speakers with an amplifier?

    Hi, Everyone, I've had a lifetime using amplifiers and speakers in all kinds of home hi-fi setups. At the moment I have a Marantz SR4021 amp and a pair of French-made Davis floor-standing loudspeakers (VINCI 1st generation - image attached!) that cost me £1000 a few years ago. Like many of us...
  12. gilford

    Has anyone switched to an SSD with 27" late 2015 iMac?

    My office Mac is terribly slow, after a bit of digging it appears my HDD is "failing" and I've read you can switch to an external SSD which not only solves it but makes the iMac much faster! Has anyone done this? Cheers
  13. Sparky1970

    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Upgrading ram

    Hi, Just wondering if its worth adding another 2 x 4gb ram, currently have the original 8gb installed. Would there be any noticeable improvements ? I only mainly use the mac for browser and emails. Also is it worth upgrading the fusion drive ?
  14. pault2007

    Upgrading from Mid-2011 iMac - Intel or M1 iMac/Mac Mini?

    Hi I currently have a 21.5" Mid-2011 iMac with 2TB hard drive (1TB free at all times), which I've owned from new and, as you can imagine, is now pretty slow e.g. almost 2 minutes to boot up. I'd like to upgrade to a much newer computer but I can't decide between the M1 Mini, M1 iMac or 21.5"...
  15. pault2007

    Mid-2011 iMac turns itself on

    Twice this week, my mid-2011 iMac has turned itself on when I've plugged in the power cable and turned the plug on. On both occasions, it's booted into sleep mode after restarting itself. The power button works fine at other times. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks.
  16. plaver

    Late 2013 iMac use as 2nd Monitor

    Hi Everyone, I have quick question, can a late 2013 iMac running macOS Catalina be used as 2nd monitor connected to 2020 spec iMac. Thanks
  17. DodgeTheViper

    2019 iMac is running very slow

    It’s got 1Tb of storage with loads of space left and 8Gb of RAM. It’s just running really slow and sometimes the fan can be heard. I’ve done a little bit of reading and the issue appears to be the HDD and possibly a faulty fan. Has anyone here had a similar problem or can say that it most...
  18. A

    Using iMac as a display

    Evening I thought (!) I knew a bit about Apple but I am very new to the whole gaming thing so apologies in advance. My son has become very keen on getting an Xbox X. I'd rather he used it in his bedroom rather than in another room but he doesn't have a TV in his bedroom. However, he does have...
  19. A

    Using iMac as a display

    Evening I am very new to this whole gaming thing so apologies in advance. My son has become very keen on getting an Xbox X. I'd rather he used it in his bedroom rather than in another room but he doesn't have a TV in his bedroom. However, he does have an iMac. The question is whether he can...
  20. AV Happy

    27" iMac, late 2012, is it worth it, help please ??

    Hi all, I hope someone could please help me I currently have a 2014 generic Acer desktop PC which primarily gets used for internet browsing, emails and the occasional word processing task, specs on the following link...
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