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  1. woodall57

    For Sale Apple iMac 27 2020 i7 512 8GB RAM ( can come with more )

    Looking at moving to a mac studio so selling my iMac. It came with 8GB RAM but upgraded to 128GB. I make music as a hobby and need a lot of ram. I can be flexiable with how much ram is included and sell remaining DIMMs etc. it’s 4x32GB so there would be an option of 32GB upwards. Price quoted...
  2. plaver

    Late 2013 iMac use as 2nd Monitor

    Hi Everyone, I have quick question, can a late 2013 iMac running macOS Catalina be used as 2nd monitor connected to 2020 spec iMac. Thanks
  3. DodgeTheViper

    2019 iMac is running very slow

    It’s got 1Tb of storage with loads of space left and 8Gb of RAM. It’s just running really slow and sometimes the fan can be heard. I’ve done a little bit of reading and the issue appears to be the HDD and possibly a faulty fan. Has anyone here had a similar problem or can say that it most...
  4. A

    Using iMac as a display

    Evening I thought (!) I knew a bit about Apple but I am very new to the whole gaming thing so apologies in advance. My son has become very keen on getting an Xbox X. I'd rather he used it in his bedroom rather than in another room but he doesn't have a TV in his bedroom. However, he does have...
  5. A

    Using iMac as a display

    Evening I am very new to this whole gaming thing so apologies in advance. My son has become very keen on getting an Xbox X. I'd rather he used it in his bedroom rather than in another room but he doesn't have a TV in his bedroom. However, he does have an iMac. The question is whether he can...
  6. AV Happy

    27" iMac, late 2012, is it worth it, help please ??

    Hi all, I hope someone could please help me I currently have a 2014 generic Acer desktop PC which primarily gets used for internet browsing, emails and the occasional word processing task, specs on the following link...
  7. capogear

    What to do with internal Pci drive after upgrading HDD on 2015 imac?

    Hi, I recently upgraded my fusion HDD drive to SSD. I now have an unmounted PCI interal drive (128gb). Can I just use this as an extra internal drive and format to APFS?
  8. M

    Mini displayport to HDMI adapter not sending audio from iMac to TV

    Hi, I'm having problems getting audio to my tv from my iMac via a new hdmi adapter. Setup is a late-2012 iMac running macOS Catalina 10.15.7, connecting to a Samsung AU7100 4K tv. I currently have an old mdp to hdmi adapter which is working ok to send both audio and video to the tv from both...
  9. kingsize

    Can I connect an external (bigger) 4K monitor to my 2013 i7 iMac?

    As per the title… Eyesight not what it was. And was thinking of getting a 32 inch 4K LG to connect to the iMac with a view to replacing the old iMac with a Mac mini when the 2022 update comes out. Will the iMac be able to drive a 4K display - will it even work? Any ideas how I would connect...
  10. G

    Best desktop speakers for 2021 iMac

    Hi, I will soon be taking delivery of my 2021 iMac and was hoping to add some decent desktop speakers. I have been looking at the Ruark MR1 Mk2 and Audioengine A2+ as possibilities. I was almost settled on the Ruark’s but realised the Mac only has usb ports or Bluetooth as a means of...
  11. B

    Connecting iMac Music folder to Bluesound Node

    Hi All Just wasted a whole day trying to get my new Bluesound Node to read the contents of my Music folder on my new (ish) iMac. I have followed the online instructions but to no avail. Im getting the error message “Not Complete, There is a problem adding file”. As far as I can determine file...
  12. R

    New iMac storage

    Just replaced my creaking old 2007 iMac with the new 2021 24” version. The problem I have is the lack of storage on the new machine. Now I had assumed I could just deal with this using iCloud but it seems that this is not really a viable storage option as this just wants to download any file I...
  13. tented

    Casting HD audio from iMac to Chromecast Ultra

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to cast HD audio flac files (24/96, 24/192) from my desktop iMac to Chromecast Ultra. It must include gapless playback -- there's no point in casting HD Dark Side of the Moon if it isn't gapless. I've tried AirFoil, but the results are spotty, without smooth playback...
  14. J

    Building a sound system for an iMac

    Hello there ... As I spend a vast amount of time at the computer, my music on iTunes kees me going. I have been using a Bose Companion 5 as my sound system for the past 13 years. As times assed on, the unit deteriorated and I was contemplating between getting a newer unit which is a Companion...
  15. B

    Anyone run Windows on an Imac, all ok?

    I need a powerful machine to edit 4k footage and my Dell XPS can't cut it. I was thinking of getting a PC built but might be cheaper and less hassle to buy an Imac but I'm not keen on the operating system. Does anyone run Windows on an Imac and if so how do you find it? Thanks
  16. B

    Build a PC or buy iMac to edit 4k and photos?

    I do drone videography and edit photos in Lightroom etc and we do this on a 2nd hand iMac we bought but I want to do it on my PC too, I have a Dell CPS PC which cant even cope with editing DNG files. I don't like the Apple operating system on an Imac so should I build a new PC or buy a decent...
  17. sisko

    Office 365 for iMac

    Getting a new 24" iMac soon and want to install MS Office 365 on it. Where is the best/cheapest place to get it? I have seen a few adds on FB for MS Office codes but am not keen on buying from them. Can anyone recommend a reputable site to buy from? Grateful for any info.
  18. E

    The New iMac 2021 is revealed

    With the power & performance of M1 & Mac os Big Sur, the user could feel the difference immediately. The iMac wakes almost instantly & the apps will launch with blazing speed. The safari is even faster as you can open 100s of tabs simultaneously. Apple arcade is more powered by M1 & you could...
  19. nitro1471

    What would you do with a late 2013 iMac i7 ?

    I have a late 2013 27" iMac 3.5 i7 with 32gb ram, 4gb Video ram and 3TB fusion drive. On Saturday I switched it on to find the dreaded No Entry Sign, having tried all the Apple suggestions it seems the Fusion drive has failed, I have re installed the OS on the only drive showing which is the...
  20. A

    Sennheiser Momentum2 AEBT compatibility with iMac

    My iMac does not recognise my Sennheiser Momentum2 AEBT wireless headphones. They are recognised by my iOS devices, iPhone and iPad. Is there a solution?
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