1. Showoff

    Philips Hue bulb, Ikea Gateway with Alexa control?

    I have a load of GU10 Ikea Tradfri bulbs in my kitchen connected to an IKEA Gateway and an Ikea remote. Using the Alexa IKEA skill, I was able to discover all the bulbs and set up a group called “Kitchen” and can turn them all off/on and control the light temp with my voice. I updated my...
  2. W

    Thoughts on Hanging TV - Ikea

    Hi all, Just wanting your thoughts on Hanging a TV on the back of this Ikea Platsa wardrobe? I assume I will have to strengthen it somehow first. I've googled around and can't find any examples of this being done? Would have thought it an obvious hack but am I missing something? All cables etc...
  3. D

    Sell sonos beam for true 5.1 or add ikea

    Hi, So i have the sonos beam, which is quite good vut i want to add rears, now im tempted by the ikea ones but they need a power cord, these are £200 with brackets. One side is fine theres a plug, the other corner is about 5m away from power. Do i just add the rears? Or sell the beam for...
  4. Hixs

    Dishwasher door mounting kit (Ikea)

    Afternoon. I'm looking for the name of the part that connects the outer cupboard door to the internal dishwasher door. They're round and slot into the grooves at the top on the internal door. I had to remove the outer door a while ago as it got damaged at some point and water got in and made...
  5. C

    rejuvenating old IKEA Faktum tall cabinet

    Hi, Any idea if an old (2005) IKEA Faktum tall cabinet (217cm) could accommodate the MAXIMERA drawers (incl minor DYI operations)? I had to replace a double built-in oven with a single one, so I need to fill the opening and I am thinking to get new doors and drawers. I believe the new doors...
  6. cozmicdad

    Question Anyone used the Ikea Brimnes range of AV units? Thoughts?

    https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/brimnes-tv-storage-combination-black-s89278216/ I'm looking at a more gaming-focussed unit (multiple consoles) rather then cinema. I'll still have Dolby Atmos + AV Receiver + wall-mounted TV, but I have lots of controllers / headets / chargers / docks / peripherals...
  7. Autopilot

    Switching Ikea mixer taps - easy?

    Looking for some plumbing advice please. Last year we had a new Ikea kitchen and a utility fitted. The mixer tap in the utility is one of those extending hose type ones, the kitchen mixer tap is a standard one. In hindsight this was a mistake, especially as the kitchen sink is much bigger. How...
  8. chenks

    Question vesa mount 100x200 ?

    i bout the ikea uppleva tv mount for my cabinet. it's all gone together fine, however the vesa mount on the back of my TV is very narrow. 100x200 i think. this has resulted in the two brackets being very close to each other. does this look like it'll be secure enough? it's a sony kd-43xd8305.
  9. M

    Ikea Hinges

    I've recently bought some second hand Billy bookshelves and doors but there are no hinges. Could anybody tell me what sort of Ikea hinges I should order to use with the Oxberg doors? TIA.
  10. defmech

    Question Is there a sub that fits and works in an IKEA Kallax unit? 🤔

    I think the only real place I can fit a sub in my living room would be in a slot of my IKEA Kallax unit. Is there anything that would fit/work? I imagine it'd have to be forward firing and maybe forward ported? The space is 33cm cubed. Any pointers appreciated.
  11. M

    Question DIY subwoofer in an IKEA cabinet?

    Hey all! I have a large ikea Platsa cabinet below each of my left and right channels. They are pretty large and I am considering building a DF subwoofer in each. Internal dimensions when taking into account the door hinges is 76cm x 36cm x 46cm This is frame the enclosures would need to fit...
  12. J

    BESTA go big or go home!

    I've finally got to the stage where my wall can no longer take any more IKEA BESTA cabinets! The "floating" section above the TV (installed last night / this morning with a hand from my little bro) finally completes my collection (/obsession?). (BESTA geeks - notice anything interesting...
  13. B

    Question Connents on new PC Setup

    I've finally managed to put together my new system with desk setup, please review and advise comments. Thanks
  14. aVdub

    Ikea Smart Blinds

    Seems Ikea are entering the word of Smart Blinds with a guessed rough price of €99 - €155 so will probably be £100 and £160 in the UK. Looks as though it is possible to link up to Alexa, Google and Homekit. IKEA is launching low-cost smart window blinds On sale -...
  15. N

    Question Bekant Conference Table: Suitable for AV setup?

    Hello, In the future I'm thinking of a minimalist lounge. I'm considering using a bekant table from Ikea to hold my modest setup: 32 Inch Samsung TV Amazon Fire TV Stick Set Top Box Ikea Koppla 3 way socket with 2 usb sockets Ikea Romma cable management box I'd partner the desk with an...
  16. V

    Question Ikea Besta wall mounting

    I am considering the 180cm Besta and would like it to be wall mounted. After carefully planning where to site it and adding the besta suspension rail to my list I have discovered the rails aren’t compatible with the tv bench’s. I am fixing to a stud wall so the suspension rails would have...
  17. R

    Question Plasterboard being removed for TV. What should I do whilst it's down?

    Hello all, I'm finally making a start on my very first lounge cinema with WAF. It's in a new build property, and I have the advantage of having contractors on site who are willing to do some work for me. I have 2 guys who are planning on cutting a large hole in the plasterboard to affix...
  18. S

    IKEA Besta Advice

    Hi there, I’m new to these forums and a bit of a beginner do go easy on me! Thinking about buying some 128x60cm besta units for under my stairs, however the space available is only 125cm tall. How easy are besta units to reduce in height? Many thanks
  19. D

    Ikea Tradfri - Hue like Energize / Read daylight setting

    First of all in my home I'm now up to 48 Philips hue bulbs :) But for our office, which we got last week the light is terrible in a few places. So we are thinking of replacing 17 desklamps E27, and 46 GU10 bulbs. To save a bit of cost as have to get so much other stuff I was thinking of trying...
  20. R

    Question How should I wall mount an OLED, LCR & IKEA Besta?

    Evening everyone, I'm planning my build for a my first home cinema in my lounge. I've mocked it up on Google Sketchup. However, I need to figure out the best way to strengthen the wall to take the weight. It's a new-build timber frame. I've attached a picture of part of the wall behind the...
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