1. kah22

    Question IFTTT and Apple HomeKit

    At the moment I‘m doing some renovations and aim to include smart plugs and smart switches as an alternative to the standard switches and plugs. To be honest though I’m only dipping my toe into this Smart Home thing at the moment and have more questions than answers ! I’ve been reading about...
  2. M

    GJD PIR Sensors

    Hi I have GJD Sensors around my house, with the panel in the loft and keypad in the hallway downstairs. They keypad lets me turn the lights on or enable/disable the beep when motion is detected. GJD do not do any smart panels, but i could use Sonoff with it to give me some autonomy. But with...
  3. S

    Question IFTTT Compatible Temperature Sensor

    Hi guys, I currently run a Hive thermostat linked into a hive hub plus a couple of hive active bulbs. I run the central heating for the whole house off the one hive thermostat. This works fine and I'm actually quite impressed with it's performance. I also have a conservatory who's temperature...
  4. A

    Ring hue ifttt and tasker

    I just bought a hue starter kit for 2 living room lamps I used to control with a wemo. I linked it to ring view ifttt. Unfortunately it seems that live view in the ring app triggers the someone at your front door event in ifttt, which is not very useful. I also found the home away feature in...
  5. Tricky12

    Question EVAIKON Smart plug IFTTT compatibility

    Just purchased this Evaikon smart plug from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XS51NVN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The questions and answers on Amazon state this can be used with IFTTT; Question: Does this plug support ifttt or have an open channel? Answer: Hi...
  6. Dancook

    Philips Hue, IFTTT, alexa? Harry Potter..

    My ideal situation is that I say 'expelliarmus' or 'avada kedavra' and the hue lights strobe or flash in a specific colour - then go back to a standard colour. The more control the better. Currently, with IFTTT I can get it to go a colour and blink, and it stays that colour - but also I have...
  7. M

    Android based node / VM / other for IFTTT, Tasker

    Hi all, Currently running combination of Echo, Echo Dot, Hue, TP-Link smart plugs etc. Want to incorporate RM Pro for RF and IR as I have conservatory ceiling fan etc I want to add. iOS devices in house as phone / tablet. Need an always on home device to run tasker (specifically rm tasker...
  8. Marvelous Mr T

    Question Smart socket Compatible with IFTTT and Homekit

    I'm looking for either a plug in socket or socket faceplate that I can use for my garden lighting. I'm after something that can be controlled by both IFTTT and Apple Homekit. The socket is for inside the shed so indoor use is fine. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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