1. S

    iCloud and Docs - confused

    I am completely confused - yesterday I added the 50gb option to my iCloud account as I was running out of space for phone backups and photos. On my MBA, I now have all the docs in iCloud which I do not want. I want them as they were - sitting on my laptop's hard drive and nowhere else. If I go...
  2. DavidT

    iCloud backup storage size

    Why did iCloud backup tell me I needed to upgrade from the free 5gb plan but then once I had upgraded the backup size is just 319mb? Have Apple duped me into paying for an upgrade I don’t need.
  3. J

    iCloud alternatives

    So after having iCloud stop syncing (again) on my Windows PC, I think I’ve finally decided to seek an alternative. When it worked, what I liked about iCloud is that it worked across my pc, MacBook and iPhone and that on the computers I was able to see my files all through desktop folders...
  4. psychopomp1

    iCloud 'your storage could not be upgraded' error message

    Hi, On my iPhone I'm trying to upgrade from the free 5gb icloud storage to the 50gb icloud storage @ 79p/m but keep getting the following message. Payment details are all up to date, any suggestions how to fix this?
  5. wonderer

    Sending photo folders from iCloud to a non apple friend??

    Hi all. So I have not been an apple person since the second iPhone. Purely android. My friend however is currently travelling the world and has a ton of photos and videos they would like to share but I can't find any way for them to do this. I don't have any Apple products to register an...
  6. LexDiamond

    How to delete photos on iPhone but keep on iCloud?

    I have been looking into this and am thoroughly confused. The situation is that I have a 200gb family plan and I have shared that with my wife. Her phone now is saying it is low on storage (128gb phone). As far as I can see iCloud seems to be a synchronisation service that stores the photos and...
  7. K

    Whatsapp chat backups on icloud

    How often do whatsapp chats automatically get backup on icloud? Is it the same for everyone by default?
  8. K

    Bringing back deleted whatsapp chat on iphone

    To bring back a deleted Whatsapp chat on Iphone, I know that we must uninstall and reinstall whatsapp to bring it back. But this is not alone enough right? Must we perform a backup first, before deleting a whatsapp chat on iphone, if we want to bring it back later? What if a Whatsapp chat gets...
  9. P

    Using iCloud or Amazon to sort and delete duplicates

    Hi all I've got into a right pickle with my photos. Having originally been on Flickr, I tried to move the whole collection on to Google Photos. I used some software that messed up all the tags, dates, and created lots of duplicates. Google Photos don't offer any kind of duplicate sorting...
  10. Dave M

    Question iCloud Storage options?

    My iCloud Storage is slowly getting eaten up! I started at the base free 5 GB and have increased to what I have now which is the 200 GB option. Now, I only have 30 GB of that free so am considering increasing the to the maximum 2 TB. I'm just interested to see what others have and how they...
  11. S

    iPhone 12 Pro iCloud restore from iPhone X

    Just got my iPhone 12 Pro 256Gb. Current phone is iPhone X with 210GB of used storage. I‘ve backed up the X to iCloud. What’s the best way to copy ALL data from X to 12? I went down the iCloud route and after about 6 hours, it’s only got to about 95GB. I‘m still using my X until the process...
  12. DJT75

    ICloud back up problem

    I used to back up everything to a PC, and transfer photos to a hard drive but gave up when they changed the photo format and switched to iCloud. So far so good until this week. I had to back up / erase content and restore a couple of family phones. The automatic back up are there, but any...
  13. S


    im actually going to be pulling out my hair.... ive been trying for a day to download my media/chats/convos from icloud and its telling me 'i need to free up 23GB of spave on my iphone (my iphone 11 is brand new so im confused how i have no space... i believe i have around 30-33GB free space...
  14. 5

    Managing Photo Library in Apple ecosystem

    Bit of a sanity check post, plus some vain hope I'm missing an easier way. After a week twiddling my thumbs and being driven mad by the kids, I thought I'd use the lockdown to slowly address those tasks i've been forever putting off. Sorting out our family photos has ended up top of the list :)...
  15. GeneticMutation

    Question iCloud Activation Lock

    So, my sister-in-laws step daughter locked her iPad Mini about eight years ago. It's been sitting in her wardrobe ever since. I recently gave her my old iPhone 8 and asked for their old iPhone 6 and the iPad Mini. After googling for hours it seems an iCloud Activation Lock is permanent and...
  16. Deeez Nuuutz

    Question How to store photos in iCloud but not on iPhone?

    Hi, I’ve bought my mrs a new iPhone 11 Pro Max for Xmas and it’s a 64GB version. Last night I was trying to sort something out for her in the settings and I noticed she’s got over 100GB of just photos on her iphones memory (currently an iPhone 7 128GB). She has a 250GB iCloud allowance that she...
  17. DJT75

    Understanding iCloud storage help

    Hi I've been doing this all old skool for years. I back up my, my wife's and my kids devices through iTunes on my PC every now and then, and I've been transferring photos/videos from these same devices to a portable hard drive for as long as I can remember. That 320GB hard drive is nearly full...
  18. Alps

    Question Unable to sign into iCloud account on Mac Pro

    Guys, I have a Mac Pro and am trying to setup a new user account for a colleague (I am the admin on this computer). I've given the user their password. But when they go in to their account and try and setup their iTunes account, once they've entered their existing iTunes username and password...
  19. GE90

    Question Hard Drive / iCloud Confusion......!

    Hi All Right, just when I think I've worked it out, one final thing I cannot get my head around - help appreciated! So, I've realised I'm old school. I have a MacBook, and save all of my files on it (backed up regularly etc). I have turned on iCloud, has love being able to access all of these...
  20. Dalesman

    I want to increase I cloud storage

    I save to I cloud so have an account. Increasing storage, but how, OS Win 10 Laptop, I cant find where to increase from, there is no mention of icloud in the windows folder or settings. what am i missing.
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