1. A

    NHL - ice hockey

    Anyone follow the NHL? Colorado and Florida are looking like the main challengers for the Stanley cup, but I'm hoping the Toronto maple leafs can pull it off.
  2. J

    Car audio installer in Cambridge area

    Can anyone recommend a car audio installer in the Cambridge area please? I've already got the kit I want installed (front component speakers, sound deadening, adapter cable, adapter fitting plate) and most places aren't interested in fitting only - they want to get the mark-up on equipment...
  3. Stuart Wright

    If anyone argues that EVs pollute as much as ICE cars, show them this

    If anyone argues that EVs pollute as much as ICE cars, show them this
  4. B

    2003 Audi A3 - Need Head Unit - USB? Advice needed...

    Hi all, I have a 2003 Audi A3 with the bog standard CD/Radio and I have had enough - Ultimately I would love a decent sound system but haven't yet got the cash (new child, etc) so all I am after is a head unit that has USB. However, am I correct in thinking that I will need a few pre-outs if I...
  5. R

    Question ICE Install Help

    Im new to all this ICE stuff and have just got myself a 4 channel amp to run my speakers and a separate sub/amp combo. The problem is my head unit only has one RCA and the amps not got a pass through, so im going to need to use some Y cables to hook it all up. Would the attached diagram be the...
  6. monsieurblack

    Question CarPlay aftermarket Audi solutions

    Hi all Just a quick question that I’d appreciate one of you knowledgable lot kindly confirming for me if that’s OK please? I’m super interested in having a CarPlay compatible system installed in my late 2012 Audi A4 avant but unsure if it’s even possible in my car? (currently use an...
  7. Naaktgeboren

    BMW Experts? ICE query

    Hope someone can help, looking to replace the wifes car and have seen a very nice BMW that ticks all the boxes although doesn't have Sat Nav. I've attached a photo of the existing system which does have a screen so could possibly? display Sat Nav?? It's a 2011 plate, does anyone know what it's...
  8. J

    Question 90s Car Radio/Cassette to iPhone Modern Conversion Build - Advice Needed (Blaupunkt)

    MODS, PLEASE COULD YOU MOVE THIS TO THE I.C.E. PART OF THE FORUM, THANKS. Background: I have a 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E. It came to me with a modern CD/radio/bluetooth headunit, but I've bought a 1993-1996 Blaupunkt Kingston DJ radio/cassette unit to replace it with as this would have been...
  9. newbie1

    Ice Hockey

    This image tries to capture the speed and power involved in the game. PS3A6392 by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr EXIF: ƒ/2.8 200.0 mm 1/50th ISO 160
  10. MrSossidge

    Ice Skates

    My eldest will be 15 soon and he's asked for a pair of ice hockey skates. I know nothing about these and the only brand I've heard of is Bauer. I'd like to get him a decent ish pair and not a pair that will have all the other kids pointing and laughing like he's just turned up in a pair of...
  11. carlosdmpereira

    Liebherr fridge problem - Ice on tube from compressor

    Hello, Happy NEW YEAR! I have a Liebherr refrigerator 7085538 - 00 with the following problem: 1) The temperature does not drop the 4ºC (measured with and external fridge thermometer), even if the temperature is set to 1ºC. Apparently the food is quite fresh and the freezer works well. 2)...
  12. JonnyAlpha

    Recommended Amplifier For Car PC ICE

    Hi; i am in the process of fitting a Car PC ICE in my recently restored classic Mini. The Car PC is based on a Raspberry Pi with a 7 Inch Touchscreen. As an interim measure for Audio Output I am trying to hack into my Pioneer DEH-1600R (Which has no Aux In). I have followed a guide on Youtube...
  13. raigraphixs

    ICE (US)

    Antoine Fuqua (Training Day and The Magnificent Seven), is bringing his skills to the small screen to serve as director and executive producer of AT&T’s newest original series, Ice. Ice premieres Wednesday, Nov. 16.
  14. Tarebare30

    Samsung RS7567BHCBCEU American Fridge Freezer - ice from mains?

    I've just bought a Samsung RS7567BHCBCEU American Fridge Freezer from Argos and waiting for it to be delivered. It needs plumbed in, but I've just noticed on the Argos website two different answers to someone asking if the ice machine works off the mains water supply. One says yes and one says...
  15. johnaalex

    Hello ice cream

    A candid shot from Pattaya in Thailand. I think maybe the guy has been sampling the stock! :D All comments welcome, thank you. Hello ice cream by John Alexander, on Flickr
  16. Fozzie Bear

    Question Home Built ICE using Banana Pi and Tablets

    I may have to post on the Raspberry Pi forum but thought I would ask the question here as I know there are lots of enthusiasts. I want to build an in-cur AV system for rear seat passengers to be able to play back videos. The system needs to be portable to transfer easily between vehicles and...
  17. RodS14a

    Audison Thesis, worth fitting?

    Newbie to the forum here, though I've lurked for quite a while. Bit of an odd scenario but stay with me! Early last year, I received an Audison Thesis HV Venti amplifier from a friend of mine who had it removed from one of their cars in their collection. It came along with some high spec but...
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