1. F

    For Sale ANKER Eufy Robovac X8 hybrid mop with ipath laser navigation.

    Received as a gift but just purchased a dyson so it’s excessive for my needs and would be wasted. It is brand new unused.
  2. B

    Help needed: 'Hybrid' fibre HDMI definition and buying advice

    I am going to be running an HDMI cable from my AVR to a 4k projector at a distance of ~7-8m and my current cheap-ass eBay cables don't seem to allow me to enable HDR (It works when I connect everything with 1m cables). Everybody online (especially on this forum) seems to recommend a Ruipro...
  3. P

    Low resolution on 1080p cameras I added to H.264 hybrid DVR

    I've added some extra 1080p cameras to a 16ch Home DVR and they're showing lower resolution than the old 720p Cameras that I already have on it. The DVR specs show it can take the highest res of 1080p, Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? (I've added a photo from the system setup I see on an older...
  4. shodan

    Is it worth getting a EV Charger at the house for a Hybrid?

    My conundrum, is it worth getting a EV charger at the house for a hybrid with a range of about 26 miles? (Golf GTE). I'm thinking yes, because my next car will most likely be full EV.. what do you guys think?
  5. nvingo

    Wouldn't this hybrid make more sense?

    With a battery-electric EV having the issue of recharge time, and a plug-in hybrid having the issue that the 'range extender' is usually a small petrol engine, with all the fuel tank, exhaust and weight disadvantages; How about a hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid? The EV is already electric control...
  6. nheather

    Plug In Hybrid Recommendations

    Still looking for a new car and have been looking at small sized petrol SUVs but nothing really taking my fancy. So thinking about plug-in cars, does have to be a small SUV. I want to stay below £40k for tax reasons. I’m not convinced by mild hybrids. I’ve not looked at plug-ins before so...
  7. D

    Andersen A2 charges EV but not Hybrid

    Hi, I recently had an Andersen A2 charger installed for a Jaguar iPace I was using. Charged faultlessly for a week. I then borrowed a 4 year old BMW 530e PHEV which the A2 would not charge. Andersen swapped the A2 for a new one but there was no difference. One of their expert technicians...
  8. AudioNewbie

    Denon x2600H dolby atmos 5.2 using hybrid wired LR Front, sub + wireless LR Surround back HS1 via Heos?

    Hi There, I am planning to build my home theater for music, Dolby atmos movies and karaoke. I am also new to audio, and have done some research here and there and finally got a good bargain Castle Knight 4 as my front tower speakers for 300 USD. Problem is i dont have any avr for now :D I am...
  9. A

    BT Hybrid Connect Hub

    This is a really simple question, does the hybrid connect hub also act as a Wi-fi access point? I’m asking because it’ll impact where I decide to place it. Thanks.
  10. nheather

    Plug-In Hybrid - Performance Questions

    I think I can guess the answers but I'm not 100% sure. So you have a car that is available in Petrol and Petrol Plug-In Hybrid versions. The specification for the straight petrol is Power - 150 PS 0-60 Acceleration - 9.5 seconds and the specification for the plug-in hybrid is Power - 205 PS...
  11. spinaltap

    Hybrid Heat Pump Trial

    If you reside in the West Midlands, British Gas are looking for suitable customers to trial a Vaillant Hybrid Heat Pump in their home. It will be monitored over 2 years. They will cover 70% of the installation cost - and you will be entitled to RHI payments too...
  12. M

    Hot/cold and hybrid roof driving me nuts

    I have a flat garage roof with a rubber surface, I’m going to convert my garage and looking at the different ways of insulating. If you look through the garage the beams run left to right with the house on one side attached and on the other it’s attached to the neighbours garage. Looking at all...
  13. boxer29

    dell studio hybrid 140g no internet connection

    hi, just took this old dell system to check and wanted to upgrade, was working with the wifi usb dongle, but now with the dongle and the ethernet cable it says connected to internet , but no connection as there is a yellow triangle over the wifi bars on the bottom right next to the clock. How...
  14. shodan

    £20,000 Hybrid

    Hi folks, So long story short, I have been given the opportunity to have up to £20,000 to spend on a car and it has been strongly suggested I consider a hybrid. Don't worry about the whys and wherefores, I think it's a good idea. I need to cover ULEZ and a daily round trip commute of about 75...
  15. Gingerbeard

    Hybrid Cars, What’s the Point?

    Latest reports by Which claims Hybrid cars are the worst polluters and far worse than originally thought. If this is the case, what is the point of them and why aren’t these things ironed out in the development stage and before they come to market? I’m sure a lot of customers would have...
  16. D

    mecool k5 hybrid full android tv box - multi-tv tuner - dvb t2/s2/c - s905x3 - any good?

  17. D

    Review : Humax Aura UHD 4K Freeview Recorder with Android TV OS - 1TB - HYBRID TV BOX

    Thought I would share this
  18. dashfield

    Question Is RuiPro Hybrid Fibre HDMI the only 4k option for 6m?

    Hi everyone I'm just trying to work out cables in my garage conversion to home cinema/office. I plan on getting a BenQ W2700 projector and using it with a Sony DN1080 and Apple TV 4k. Running the wire around the walls it's around 6m from the projector to the rest of the equipment so I'm...
  19. Ed Selley

    MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic Speaker Review & Comments

    You’ve got £3,500 burning a hole in your pocket for a new pair of speakers and a world of dynamic drivers is available. But wait… does MartinLogan have a better way? Read the review. Write your own review for MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL
  20. ajburnet

    Hybrid Fibre HDMI or Extender for 4k...

    Hi folks! Would appreciate some opinions. Ive had some trouble with my multi display projector and TV) setup in relation to good 'ol long HDMI runs over the last two years (so am keen to sort once and for all!). I've tried a few HDMI cables for the long run to the TV, an active copper (Redmere...
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