1. M

    Cloning C: Drive to new Hybrid SSD/HDD- Delete existing Partition?

    I’m just wondering if it’s safe to delete the partition on my new hybrid drive? I have a relatively old PC running windows 10. The main 1TB C:Drive is pretty full, so I decided to install a secondary, larger internal hard drive. I decided on buying a Seagate Firecuda 2TB Hybrid SSD hard drive...
  2. shahedz

    Wanted Medium size hybrid bike

    What do you have ? Must be light , Disc brakes preferable
  3. T

    Considering a plug in hybrid

    Hi never had one before, and I know very little about cars. i don’t mind paying a premium for the car, and I’m more interested in the environmental aspects, rather than saving money. but are they very expensive to maintain etc? anything else I should be aware of? many thanks for any advice...
  4. DanielQ

    Multifocus Dish with Hybrid LNB - Possible?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so please take easy. Can I have a multi-focus dish pointing to 19.2 and 28.2 with a Quad Hybrid LNB on the 28.2? 19.2 would have dual or quad LNB to watch Spanish TV What dish would you recommend? I will be removing the terrestrial antenna and installing...
  5. D

    For Sale Pathos Logos Hybrid Tube/Valve Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    Pathos Logos MK I Audiophile Hybrid Valve Integrated Amplifier in excellent condition. It has a very small mark on the front fascia, barely visible. The amplifier comes in original packaging and with solid wood remote. Read the reviews online, it’s the very best amplifier i ever heard, you...
  6. paulyoung666

    Sky dish with Hybrid LNB to feed Samsung Q7FAM ?

    There are 2 inputs on the connect box so I can use the soon to be redundant sky feed to connect to the tv , but what about the LNB end , do I leave as is , or do I need to swap the cables to the non sky q connections ? Also , with the dish pointing where it is ( I hope I don't nudge it if I...
  7. G

    Sky Q hybrid self install

    Hi I have received a sky q box with a hybrid LNB (6 F type connectors) that I suppose are auto sensing. I put the LNB on my 80 cm dish and all connectors work on a HD+ box with perfect signal and quality, but when I connect two cables to sky q I dont get a signal. tried different settings on the...
  8. cecemf

    Bargain MDA Designs TUCANA 1200 HYBRID WHITE COMPLETE - £199

    Hello, Due to me moving to a new flat and needing a new TV Stand, I'm selling my MDA Designs TUCANA 1200 HYBRID WHITE COMPLETE. It's like new, very good conditions, worth £245 on Amazon. See pictures, it's my LG C9 55" on it. See list of equipment in my signature to give you an idea of what...
  9. nheather

    Ban on new Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid sales brought forward

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-51366123 Cheers, Nigel
  10. J

    Is my setup compromised?

    Due to the thickness of the HDMI plug on the end of the cable I was unable to fish it down the dot and dab wall that my TV is mounted on. The only way I was able to get a cable down was by using an HDMI (into the TV) to MiniHDMI cable and then putting an HDMI adapter on the end to go into the...
  11. JabbaNut

    X96 Link a hybrid TV-Box with a router in the same box

    " Today we find a curious Box called X96 Link in Chinese stores that combines the classic functionalities of a Smart Box with Android and adds in the same box a Router with all kinds of functionalities. The X96 Link combines an Amlogic S905W SoC for the Android part and a SIFLOWER SF16A18 Chip...
  12. snaithg

    Lexus CT200h Hybrid - Service Battery Problems

    I own a Lexus CT200h Hybrid which rarely gets used now and frequently goes a few weeks between runs. Due to the fact that the 12volt service battery continues to power various electrical systems within the car, the 12volt battery is prone to lose its charge over time, eventually resulting in the...
  13. T

    15M RuiPro Hybrid Fibre Optic HDMI cable; 5V?

    I am looking to replace the QED Cable (QED QE6024 15m Performance Active High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cable) I currently have. Its 15m in length which goes to a projector. I understand the QED Active HDMI I have requires a 5v supply from the HDMI in order for it to do its magic. Currently...
  14. R1S8K

    Question Need quick decision for hybrid CAMRY purchase

    Hello, I just paid $27k, for our Toyota agency in Saudi Arabia for Hybrid CAMRY 2019. I was quite confident about this purchase, but I saw a YouTube video for a Saudi man talking about his experience with the Hybrid CAMRY 2018 after 20000 km, and was saying that the car isn't like when he...
  15. The Dreamer

    Hybrid for (nearly) 17 year old...

    ...is on it's way to us this afternoon. Update to follow!;):D
  16. spinaltap

    Hybrid Heat Pump

    It's been about 7 years since I had a formal quote for installing an AirSource Heat Pump. Since then, the technology has improved, and prices have dropped. Also, there's the Renewable Heat Incentive to consider - and the emergence of so-called Hybrid Heat Pumps, whereby Gas Boiler and AirSource...
  17. totteridgewhetstone

    Question Looking for advice re: hybrid smartwatch

    Hi folks! I'm wondering if someone could help me - Basically, I have been wearing my beloved Huawei Watch 1 for about 2 years now but I feel as though I need something a little more 'grown up' and have been looking at the ranges of hybrid smartwatches. What I'd ideally like is a watch that...
  18. Jimx26

    Question Any BMW 225XE or Countryman Cooper S E Owners

    HI All, It's time to change my Wife's car and as we have been impressed with my Leaf we are looking at getting a hybrid for her. She does a lot of long journeys so an EV is currently of the agenda. Current car is a 4 series Gran Coupe which has been great but with another rug rat on the way we...
  19. JohnProton

    Samsung S9 + hybrid 256GB Insurance problems

    I am looking into buying a Samsung S9 Plus but every insurer I have seen has only a 64gb and a 128gb for insuring and all the insurers I think are just single sims and not Hybrid Sims. Does anyone know of any that will insure a 256gb hybrid sim version. I have heard you can only buy these as...
  20. g8ina

    Been making my own hybrid turntables !!

    Been making my own hybrid turntables !! Done six so far, sold two, keeping one. The latest is based on a rega Planar three main bearing, sub and main platter, pulley & belt. Fitted with a Grade 5 Ceramic Ball Bearing. Hand die cut leather mat. The glass platter sadly got damaged in transit...
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