1. fujji

    Question Question about connecting a Q90T and a soundbar with a PS5

    Hello. Its been ages since I bought anything related to a console, television or Hifi, so I have decided to buy the following in the months to come: A Q90T television, a PS5, and a soundbar. Eighter the HW Q90R or the new Q950T. I have not been following the latest years on tech, but I have...
  2. W

    Question Dolby Atmos soundbar and vaulted ceiling – does it work? Need help.

    Hey guys, I am reading in this forum already for several months and I got great answers when I was looking for a TV. I bought the LG C9 65 and I am quite happy with the choice. Now I would like to complete the setup with a soundbar. Due to the vaulted ceiling I am not sure if it will work...
  3. O

    Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar

    Hello Two questions. 1) Can you link headphones to this soundbar if so how. 2) I cant see any ports for wired headphones so if you can say Bluetooth in somehow is there anyway of making wired headphones wireless I have Sennheiser HD650. Thanks
  4. G

    Question Samsung HW-Q90R vs 5.1.4 AV Receiver and separate Speakers In A Small Room Max Budget £1500

    Hi, I'm thinking of turning a small 2nd living room into dedicated cinema room. I'm favoring a 75'' Samsung Q7/Q8/Q9 over a projector at the moment due to better HDR performance. The 82'' Q7 is also under consideration. My question though, would an AV receiver and speaker 5.1.4 setup within a...
  5. M

    Question HW-Q90R HDMI Issue

    I have a recent HW-Q90R at the latest firmware. Set up is as follows: Virgin V6 Box to HDMI 1, Apple TV 4K to HDMI 2, TVArc to HDMI3 on my Q85 TV. All connected by HDMI cables (48Gbps High-Speed HDMI 2.1 Cable) from Amazon. When watching the Virgin Box, all works as one would expect. If I...
  6. Gosxicotet

    GZ950/GZ1000 & Soundbar HW-Q90R

    Hello! Does any of you have a Panasonic Oled GZ950 / G1000 and the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar? How have you solved that the soundbar covers the infrared sensor of the remote control? Regards.

    Question LG C9 DTS:X eARC pass-through Not working

    I recently bought the LG C9 OLED, the TV is excellent. I know that the C9 has HDMI 2.1 and supports eARC, which, as i believe, supports ATMOS and DTS:X pass-through. I use an Xbox One X as my main media center, including watching 4k Blurays. I am also using the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar, which...
  8. ShiroEd

    Answered Samsung HW-Q90R Connection Issues

    Hey gang, Poll above! I'm trying to gather some visibility on how widespread the connection issues are with the new Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar. The issue is that when the soundbar is turned off for some time (overnight) it will lose it's connection with it's Subwoofer and it's two Rear Surround...
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