1. Daft Ada

    Two new Monster Hunter games coming 2021

    Monster Hunter Rise March 2021 Monster Hunter Stories 2 Summer 2021
  2. Drax1

    Night Of The Hunter (Remake) TBC

    Universal Pictures currently have a remake of Night Of The Hunter in the works. The original of course, starred the late great Robert Mitchum as a religious fanatic, con man, and all round bad apple. He targets a widow who's deceased husband has hidden proceeds from a bank robbery...I'm not...
  3. Casimir Harlow

    Hunter Killer 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

    Gerard Butler's Hunter Killer delivers surprisingly entertaining sub action in 4K, with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to boot. Read the review. Write your own review for Hunter Killer
  4. Kumari Tilakawardane

    Hunter Killer Review & Comments

    Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman combine for subpar submarine escapades in a testosterone-driven under-the-sea wannabe epic. Read the review. Write your own review for Hunter Killer
  5. Casimir Harlow

    City Hunter Blu-ray Review & Comments

    Eureka continue to churn through Jackie Chan's back catalogue after their Police Story releases, turning to the manga adaptation of City Hunter, also given the 2K remaster treatment Read the review. Write your own review for City Hunter
  6. Casimir Harlow

    The Deer Hunter 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

    The Deer Hunter celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a stunning new native 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray package that does justice to this masterpiece. Read the review. Write your own review for The Deer Hunter
  7. Drax1

    Kraven the Hunter Spin Off (TBC)

    Kraven the Hunter movie officially in the works Kraven To Be The Next Spider-Man Spin-Off - Dark Horizons Hot on the heels of Venom, Sony are moving forward with a movie spin off based around Spiderman villain Kraven The Hunter. Richard Wenk (who scribed The Equaliser), has been hired to pen...
  8. raigraphixs

    Mark Millar - Sharkey the Bounty Hunter (Netflix) TBC

    Millar is doing well with his deal with Netflix, the five projects are the first slate in what sources estimate is a deal worth between $30 million and $50 million. "My wife Lucy and I are 11 months into our jobs at Netflix and it’s everything we hoped for to the power of 10," Millar said in a...
  9. RedDevil85

    The Deer Hunter: 40th Anniversary Edition 4K UHD

    Links: - HMV - Zavvi - Release date: 20/08/2018
  10. pbb76

    Monster Hunter Generations (Aug 28th)

    YES!!! Basically XX westernised. This is such good news, cant wait!
  11. DeanE

    Monster Hunter World

    Play single player or in a group of up to four in this upcoming online RPG, releases on XBox and PS4 on the 26th January 2018, the PC release date has yet to be announced. I watched a fair bit of gameplay from this yesterday and the game looks stunning, certainly one to watch out for.
  12. M

    Question The Hunter - Call of the wild - Resolution?

    Hi Does anyone no which resolution call of the wild will have on PS4? Thanks alot madtriben
  13. raigraphixs

    Capcom's Monster Hunter (Dec 4 2020) directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

    Paul W.S. Anderson, (Resident Evil) has a new video game franchise to screw up :D, MONSTER HUNTER. Monster Hunter an RPG from Capcom (same company that made the original RESIDENT EVIL games).
  14. Rasczak

    Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 3D

    Very much looking forward to getting/watching Mockingjay when it is released in March (I've held off watching part 1 until the sequel was ready) but a little confused as the releases. I can find Part 2 available for pre-order in 3D but I cannot find a 3D release of part 1? That seems a little...
  15. snooloui

    The Last Witch Hunter (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 07/03/2016 Status: Not yet available
  16. happychappy69

    Question Night of the hunter

    Anyone know where I can watch this for free, legally of course.- unless someone bus selling a cheap blu The Robert Mitchum version Thanks all
  17. raigraphixs

    The Hunt (BBC One)

    Wildlife documentary from the makers of Frozen Planet. Date TBC
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