1. oxonjeff

    Humax Freeview/Freesat menus with HDMI switcher - strangeness

    I have discovered some odd behaviour with my Humax Fox T2 HD-R and Foxsat HD-R They are both connected to an HDMI switcher ( i ran out of HDMI inputs on Samsung UA8000 ). When both Humaxes are powered on, and say i'm currently viewing Fox T2 , if i press the MENU button on the Fox T2, the...
  2. P

    Humax Aura Android Security Patch

    Picked this up again as my wife wanted Discovery+ and Chromecast with Freeview. So can anyone let me know what's the latest Security Patch for the Android system? My box has the latest Firmware installed and using Ethernet but is on the Android April 2021 Security Patch and won't update from...
  3. P

    Resetting to factory spec - Humax DTRT2100 Freeview/BT You View box - Query

    Can anyone help me with this question? I have a Humax DTRT2100 combined FreeView and BTYouView box. I've used it in plain Freeview mode with no internet connection for several years. Recently with improved internet at home I decided to connect it up to see what BT You View had to offer...
  4. C

    Plex vs Freeview Play, Nvidia Shield, Humax or Manhattan!

    In UK, Have HDHOMERUN and Plex on NAS with Roku Streaming Stick and a second old FireTV. Getting a bit of stutter + slow. Thinking of getting Nvidia Shield- but wondering if Humax Aura or Manhattan T3 would be better. Mainly record free channels, Freeview Play sounds nice. Have Prime...
  5. Evansjd2112

    Humax Aura IR sensor location

    Recently replaced a You view box with a Humax Aura in our motorhome. Box is in a cupboard with an IR extender. Control is sometimes a bit hit and miss so want to make sure the IR transmitter is over the IR sensor. Where on the front is the sensor? TIA
  6. oxonjeff


    I used to get the EPG guide as posted in 1st photo with one press of the Guide button, but now when pressing EPG guide, i get the 2nd photo and have to keep pressing All Channels everytime i now check the EPG This was after a factory reset / HDD format. I guess there's a setting i cant find...
  7. W

    New Arris Freesat Recorder or Reconditioned Humax HDR1100S?

    Hi all, I'm ditching Sky and ordered a Freesat Recorder before seeing the thread about all the issues. So I might well cancel the order and get a reconditioned Humax HDR1100S if the picture quality is as good. I don't have 4k, just 1080. Are there any disadvantages compared to the newer Arris...
  8. AlanX

    Humax to FreeSat branded recorder/receiver: worthwhile upgrade?

    Tempted by the newest FreeSat brand 2TB STB offer, I have a perfectly working Humax HDR-1000S, but wonder what important features I might be missing. I don't think the Humax handles 4K, and of course it is just 1TB. I guess recording 4 channels on the FreeSat brand STB requires a wideband LNB...
  9. B

    Humax fvp 500t remote and Phillips ambilight tv

    Hello, just bought a new Phillips ambilight tv have setup with fvp 5000t , no problems, previously used with Toshiba tv, which had dead screen couldn’t be repaired I paired remote with tv, no problems, but I have found, no matter what I do, I cannot switch tv on with Humax remote, I switch on...
  10. Preacher

    Old Humax

    Many moons ago I had Sky TV which I cancelled when I bought a Humax Freesat 1000S, the HDD failed on my Humax so I was unable to record anything, so I got Sky again, (18 months ago) new dish, and new satellite coax cables . I have cancelled Sky again and swapped out the HDD in my Humax to see if...
  11. TVEye

    Humax HDR 2000T remote control RM-109U

    Humax recorders work fine, but their remote controls, although well laid out, are notoriously abysmal when it comes to reliability. The one supplied lasted only three months and the I persuaded Humax to replace it with fared little better. I now have to juggle the two remotes, trying to find...
  12. B

    Upgrade from Humax DTR2000

    Hi, we have had a Humax DTR2000 for around 5 years now. We have no problems with it, but have recently bought a new 4K TV. The picture quality from the Humax box is OK, but not great. Would buying a new Freeview box, such as the Manhattan T3-R, be a noticeable improvement in picture quality...
  13. N

    Humax fvp-5000t recording notification

    Just bought this recorder and like it. Have now noticed after watching a film with a few friends, that a banner appears on screen telling you a recording has started. The box was correct, but this happened three times towards the end of the film and was very off putting. Anyway to turn this...
  14. ShaunIOW

    Remote clash between Humax Aura Freeview box and Arris Freesat box

    As per title, I've just got an Arrris Freesat box (for the channels I can't get on Freeview), but the remote operates both boxes at the same time and as the Freeview one is connected to the soundbar and uses ARC CEC, when ever I turn the freesat box on it switches to the wrong input (soundbar...
  15. ShaunIOW

    Humax HDR-1000S Freesat box won't start.

    I've got a Humax HDR-1000S 1Gb Freesat box, I've had it a few years and haven't used it for about 5 years, but I tried it out on my HiSense TV in the lounge and it worked fine and updated, but now I've connected it to my LG TV in the bedroom, it goes into a starting loop - it says starting, the...
  16. TheReloaded

    Was it a mistake getting Arris V6 instead of Humax TV 360?

    I have received a V6 arris box with the TiVo software less about a week ago after having a TiVo box since 2019. If you’re wondering why I received the v6 and not the TV 360, it’s because I would be charged £25 to get the tv 360 and I don’t use the virgin box much anyway, I have sky tv as well...
  17. TVEye

    Humax FTP server

    Is anybody else able to connect to the server to make backups onto a PC? I've tried disonnecting both the firewall and Windows Defender, yet it continues to say connection refused by server.
  18. T

    Strange Humax fault.

    Box is a Humax HDR 1100S 500gb. Disc is 35% full. I had several recordings scheduled last evening, but noticed all of them had failed. Tried again today, but anything I set up on the planner failed. Instant red button recordings recorded ok Manual recordings recorded ok. Have tried, factory...
  19. M

    Humax Aura fast forward and 4K out ?

    Hi Can you set fast forward to 240 seconds like the older humax recorders ? Also I don't see 4K for output in settings, why not if its 4K ? Thanks
  20. L

    Humax FVP-5000

    A red line appears above any programme highlighted in the EPG. What does this mean
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