Humax (휴맥스) is a consumer electronics company. Founded in South Korea in 1989, it manufactures set-top boxes, digital video recorders and other consumer electronics. It is publicly traded on KOSDAQ.
Listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ), Humax Co. Ltd of Korea is one of the world's leading digital set-top box manufacturers, exporting its products to more than 90 countries across the globe. The company's international headquarters and R&D facility is based in Korea, with offices in UK, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Dubai, India, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, US, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, North Ireland, China and Spain. The global network now includes countries in Europe, North Africa, Russia, East Asia and Australia.
In 1997, the company opened a manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland which won a Queen's Award for Enterprise – International Trade 2002, but which has since closed. Additional production facilities are located in Korea, Poland (2004), India and China. Humax recorded revenues $1 billion in 2010.
Humax is a member of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) consortium of broadcasting and Internet industry companies (also including SES, Philips, OpenTV and ANT Software) that is promoting and establishing an open European standard (called HbbTV) for hybrid set-top boxes for the reception of broadcast TV and broadband multimedia applications with a single user interface.
Humax was involved in the UK digital switchover trials in 2006 and the UK's Freesat digital TV service and Freeview HD services.

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  1. H

    Question Humax HDR2000T-1TB. Lost all recordings!

    I seem to have lost all my recording on my HDR-2000T-1TB. When I presss the "MEDIA" button on the remote nothing appears on screen. Also, when I go to MENU > SYSTEM > DATA STORAGE the words DATA STORAGE are greyed out. I've done the usual hard restart, I've tried to record via the EPG and by...
  2. J

    Question Humax Aura FVP-4KGTR - 2TB - ITV

    I have a year old Humax Aura FVP-4KGTR - 2TB and only since Tuesday the 6th of February has it developed an odd fault with only ITV 1 & ITV 2. Every 120 seconds the screen goes blank/black and the sound is cut - just for 1 second and then it returns. This also happens if you are chase playing...
  3. A

    Question Using LG UJ630V 43" with Humax 2000T PVR

    I have an LG UJ630V 43" which I use in conjunction with a Humax PVR. I've seen many comments about the picture quality of this TV. Watching broadcast TV on the SD channels it is difficult to get a good picture, it often lacks brightness and colours are 'milky'. However, the picture does improve...
  4. C

    Humax FVP - 5000T repaired

    We've had a Humax home video recorder (FVP-5000T) for several years but last week it failed to power up - everything dead (but the wall-wart was still putting out 12V). I found a company called who claim to fix these for a fixed fee of £80. That's not cheap but given the...
  5. D

    Question Humax Foxsat HDR Problems

    Hello I have had the foxsat hdr since new years ago. Been a good box. Recently it has developed a fault and does not record the full program and has become erratic. Has anyone any repair advice for this box.
  6. B

    Humax fvp5000t pass through

    Hello all, Having many problems with pass through setting so I can view freeview I go into settings, power management, scroll down to system settings. I then select power management, this is where my problem is, I select power saving mode but cannot turn it off, the option is there but if I...
  7. M

    Question Freesat problem. Manhattan box will only work when Humax FDR in other room is tuned to same TV channel

    Freesat problem. Manhattan box will only work when Humax FDR in other room is tuned to same TV channel? Our Freesat system uses 4 cable dish with 1 connected to Manhattan on 1st floor and 2 cables to Humax FDR on 2nd floor - 4th cable is not plugged to any receiver. The 'button' on dish...
  8. R

    Humax 4K Box lacking?

    Hello all. I have brought a new Humax Aura box today, and after setting it up, the picture is defiantly not HD. My picture before was A1 on a smart Samsung tv, even better through the Ariel on the roof. I've tried various refresh rates the box offers, but nothing gets me a better picture...
  9. H

    Question Humax Aura and Netflix

    I've just acquired a Humax Aura and I'm considering subscribing to Netflix. I do NOT have a smart TV and have previously cast other streaming services to a Chrome Cast dongle on my TV via my smart phone's apps. I realise that the Humax Auro will not make Netflix available so before paying to...
  10. D

    Question Humax Aura control issue

    Hi I havev recently purchased a Samsung qn90c tv and the universal remote feature works well with all of my items soundbar, shield, and my humax aura but I recently changed my TV unit and my devices are now behind wooden doors, no problem I thought it is all controlled via Bluetooth. Well my...
  11. 6

    Question Humax PVR9300T

    I have two 9300T on different TVs and each feed from a separate aerial, they are both now going into 'Loader Application' on a regular basis and in fact one did it 3 times within an hour. In the past I contacted Humax who told me to erase the HDD which of course meant that I lost all my...
  12. M

    Question Help with Humax Foxsat HDD Replacement

    Looking for some advice please in relation to an inability to format a Seagate Pipeline 1Tb SATA HDD in my Humax Foxsat box. I am not running custom SW. Have read many old posts so I am seeking to confirm my suspicion as to what I think is preventing my HDD being formatted in my Foxsat Box...
  13. Tafflad

    Replacement for HUMAX Fox T2 recorder

    I have a Fox T2 running customized f/w I had HDD fail, replaced with a 2TB HDD, and lately, T2 often freezes .. and have to power cycle to clear. This is becoming more frequent so maybe it is time to start thinking about 'what box next' before total failure. I now have a Samsung 4k TV which...
  14. Clem_Dye

    Humax Aura -- back in stock

    For those looking for a new Humax Aura PVR, good news! I had a missive from Humax about an hour ago, advising me that the Aura was back in stock. Sounds like that they've had a delivery from Korea/China/wherever the boxes are made. Welcome news if you're in the market for a PVR, especially as...
  15. P

    Humax HDR-1100s playback - single step? Frame by frame?

    Hi all I bought one of these boxes from another user on the forum and am very pleased with it. It pretty much does all I expect and more. The software is sooo good. Anyway, one thing I haven't found yet, is the ability to single-step frames while playing back recordings which is helpful to...

    Question Connecting Humax Aura to 90L

    I will be getting a 90L in the new year and was wondering how to connect the Aura so that the Sony does the upscaling?
  17. S

    Question Humax FVP 4KGTR Issues

    We have had the unit for 5 months and it has started to misbehave. When switched on from stand by, it comes on, switches off and then back on again. Usually works after that but can sometimes just lock up or just display a blank screen. Restarting it usually fixes it but that is becoming a real...
  18. Member 749941

    Anyone got Philips 4K and Humax Aura??

    Anyone got Philips 4K and Humax Aura?? For month my Aura kept starting up to a scrambled screen I thought it was a fault with the Aura It transpires that Philips TV has a poor HDMI handshake in 4 K mode I switch the HDMI socket back to normal HD (4K Off) and now works fine, albeit I cant use...
  19. Topbloke74

    Question Humax HDR1100S No Clear Line Of Site

    Hi I have a technical question and I am waiting for the Humax Tech Team to answer but this may help someone else with a similar set up? I have the this product and love it Freesat Box HDR-1100S. I want to install the device behind my TV. I want to control my device using the remote but it will...
  20. J

    Question Humax Aura FVP-4KGTR - 2TB

    I have a Humax Aura FVP-4KGTR - 2TB, and first off I must say what a huge disappointment this has been compared to the Humax Fox HDR T2, which I still have and runs along side the Aura and is still connected to my TV on a separate HDMI connection. I have had lots of issues with the Aura and I...
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