1. dUnKle

    Connecting an iPad to a hub /external monitor

    I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I am wanting to be able to connect a couple of iPads up to external monitors. one of the iPads is usb c, the other has the lightning connection I’d then like to be able to connect wired keyboard / mouse and also hopefully “power” the iPads so they don’t run...
  2. A

    Wanted Harmony Smart Remote or Companion Remote no hub.

    I'm looking for the Logitech Harmony Smart Remote and or Companion Remote, just the remote I don't want any hubs, blasters anything else. Maybe you upgraded to a 950 or an Elite and don't need the original one any more? Good condition with all buttons working ideally but will consider broken...
  3. RicksonGracie1972

    New Vodafone Hub

    I recently renewed my contract with Vodafone and for some reason they sent me a new hub. Its different to the existing one I have which I've owned for about 3 years, so I assume this one is better? Do I have to use this new Hub or can I keep using my older one? I ask as the old one works fine...
  4. larrymarr

    For Sale Hyper 212 EVO Cooler / Fractal Define R4 Case (N.I Only) / Smartthings Hub V2 / WD AV-25 1TB PVR HDD

    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler (V1) - £20 - Boxed with all accessories (and unused thermal paste) and in 'good condition' which means it has a few scratches on the fins from where my screwdriver slipped during installation (and subsequent removal!) but it doesn't affect the performance at...
  5. rikstar

    Virgin Media Hub 3.0 Status Light

    Can anybody help me with my problem? I should start off by saying i am not at all tech savvy but i have been having an issue for the past couple of days with my Virgin Media hub 3.0 and the light at the bottom of it. The problem with it is that out of nowhere instead of having a white light...
  6. M

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Elite with hub, Charging dock, unmarked condition

    As per title - Logitech Harmony Elite with hub, Charging dock, unmarked condition As I've consolidated my AV gear, I've really no requirement for this - I barely used it anyway. It is in unmarked condition, complete with the hub, IR blaster, and charging dock I don't have the original box...
  7. B

    Virgin super hub 4

    Can Virgin's latest routers be switched to modem only mode without issue still?
  8. I

    Hub replacement and BGA soldering

    Hello everyone, Came into a small issue of the hub being faulty and as it appears NO ONE around is offering services of resoldering the chip. Therefore, can anyone around South Yorkshire do that or having the equipment to resolder SR40E hub on a laptop motherboard? Can't believe that there...
  9. PsbakerEight2

    Essentials for a network hub

    Hiya, I’m in the process of renovating my house and installing a home network. I’m a complete noob to networking so I’m after some advice as to what is needed in the hub where all the cables go. I assume I need patch plates for the incoming cables and then a switch for them to be connected to...
  10. J

    Using a 5M active USB extender cable between my machine and a USB docking hub (with lots of stuff plugged into it).

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can advise on the safety of below - Issue - my macbook has a loud and noisy fan that goes off like a car engine at any opportunity. I use an external condensor mic for recording and conference calls and this compromises quality and creates a lot of noise. Solution...
  11. jont

    Multiple IR extender leads for Harmony Hub

    I would like to control all my devices in the tack by IR from my Harmony Hub ... anyone got/used any 1>6 sized leads that would plug in rather than the 1>2 supplied ? ... shame there's only one socket ... I know it's a blaster built in but I can't position it in a way to easily control...
  12. Evokazz

    Sky Hub SR203 Connector??

    Hiya guys, been trying to get a longer plug for the SR203 and was sent to the MyVolts website for their Premium Power Supply with 3m Extension for the SR203, this is 1.7mm x 4mm so doesn't fit as the Sky Hub requires a 1.7mm x 4.8mm. But they insist all their customers have had no issues, no...
  13. Boostrail

    ITV Hub PQ tonights international footy

    OK watching England v Poland on ITV hub via Firestick to 1080 LG TV/monitor in my study/mancave.. Fairly sure I have done this before particularly on 6 nations Rugby. No problem. However PQ tonight is atrocious not even up to expected SD standard. On fast passes and goal kicks ball turns into...
  14. b7evan

    IR Hub advise request

    I have a low-cost tv wall setup consisting of 9 x 47" LG Panel TVs connected via HDMI Hub/splitter and controlled via an adjacent touch screen/PC. The problem is, I have 9 IR modules (1 for each tv) which is a pain when I want to change settings on one tv or duplicate settings on all TV's. I am...
  15. bubblegum57

    Virgin Media Hub 4

    Hi, just a heads up, the other day I was sent an email offering me a Hub 4 to replace the Hub 3. Phoned & delivery booked for the week after next. Hopefully, wifi will be improved.
  16. B

    Wi-Fi - Second Hub

    Hi all. Forgive me if I’m posting this thread in the wrong place. Im still getting to grips with how this site works. I’m far from being gifted with technical knowledge, so this may be a very simple issue to some. A relative has bought a house not long back and are considering converting the...
  17. B

    Adding hub to Harmony Remote

    So, had a Harmony One+ for many years and then it got stood on and the LCD broke to replaced it with a Harmony Ultimate One which worked well until we replaced our Onkyo AVR with a Arcam that seemed to have a much less sensitive IR receiver and so often the SWMBO didn't hold the remote pointing...
  18. S

    Media Bed Controller

    Hi all. Hope you can help. This has gone faulty and I can’t find a replacement anywhere. Can anyone advise? Thank you. It’s a benson for beds media bed.
  19. V

    Blue Yeti X Mic & Logitech G Hub / Logitech Capture

    Hi all, I've just got a Blue Yeti X microphone and downloaded the Logitech G Hub software so that I can adjust some of the voice tones I'm getting through the mic. When I'm doing the voice tests on G Hub, it's working fine and I've managed to get the right voice tone that I want to use. (It...
  20. C

    Will LG 2020 Models get ITV Hub App?

    Bought a LG TV and I love it. Only thing letting it down for me is the lack of ITV Hub app. Is there any indication that we might get this app or do we think its not going to happen?
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