1. Jamie

    Old Huawei HG612 modem or use Plusnet Hub 2 in direct mode

    Previously I was on BT FTTC, I got sick of the Home Hub supplied by BT so bought a cheap BT Openreach branded Huawei modem and used an Asus RT-AC86U (and an older Asus router for AIMesh and to expand my network) The BT router didn't have a direct or modem mode hence the Huawei. This morning I...
  2. A

    Plex Media Server on Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) on BT Smart Hub

    Hi, I'm trying to set up Plex Media Server on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019). I have the latest BT Smart Hub (6). When I try to manage the folders on my desktop PC, it come up with the attached picture. Does anyone know how I can rectify? Thanks
  3. W

    Alex and Harmony Hub - Joint Commands?

    I've set up Alexa so I can say Alexa switch on Kitchen or Lounge or All and switches whichever area on with the right input I'm also using WiiM Mini Streamer's and have named the with the Area name prefixed with A so the one in the Kitchen is A Kitchen If the Kitchen ara is on as per above I...
  4. thedude

    virgin hub 4 issue

    my trusty old router has gone bang! So i am using this for now, however, in the connections, everything is stuck at 100mbps even my wireless seems slow
  5. V

    Using a Webcam Through a USB HUB

    When I connect a webcam to the system unit directly through a USB socket, the camera works. But when I connect the webcam through the following USB hub, the webcam does not work, even though the webcam is the only device which is connected through the hub. Does anyone know why the webcam does...
  6. P

    How do I delete a corrupt DHCP registry on a Virgin media Hub 3 version 9.1.1912.304

    I have a headless print server that can only be accessed if it is issued a valid IP address from a DHCP server. Normally if there is a problem you press a hardware reset button on the side which wipes its network settings so that they can be re-issued by the local network's DHCP. For reasons...
  7. Goooner

    Elnur Gabarron G Hub (wifi control for storage heater)

    Long shot, but anyone have any experience with the above? Our 30 year old storage heater packed up last October, just as it turned really cold, so had to get a replacement pretty quickly. Bought an Elnur Gabarron smart storage heater, a step up on what we had before as it only charges up based...
  8. Kotatsu Neko

    Why is the "real speed" at the Hub so much quicker?

    When I check my internet speed using RealSpeed - SamKnows I often get some pretty baffling results. The speed to the Hub 4 is pretty much always in the 1100mbit range, but the speed I see on my devices is all over the place. For example, on my PC now (wired ethernet) I'm getting 160mbit. On my...
  9. S

    USB Hub Queries

    I currently have several USB external drives. Each drive is a Western Digital MyBook, powered USB 3.0 drive. They're all large size hard drives. At the moment, I have x2 4-port USB hubs they connect to, into my Windows PC. I'm looking at getting a larger USB hub, such as a 10-port hub. My...
  10. aerodynamic18

    Usb c hub needed

    I know this isn’t the right section but I need an answer quickly. There are load of hubs online (Amazon) but I would like personal recommendations. I’m about to work from home more as I am about to change jobs so need a hub the can plug into the usb c port and ideally let me plug in 2 monitors a...
  11. H

    Making a 3440x1440 144Hz monitor USB C with a dock or hub

    Hi there I currently have a monitor which is 3440x1440 resolution and runs at 144Hz. I use a displayport to usb c cable to my laptop to run it at the moment. I believe that's display port alt mode. The cable also has an in-line usb c socket so I can inject power. I just need a few USBs and...
  12. natterjak

    IKEA trådfri driver with Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub

    I have the Xiaomi smart home hub 2, part number ZNDMWG02LM and I’m interested in integrating it with an IKEA LED driver called Trådfri driver (10W), IKEA part number 503.561.87, link here: TRÅDFRI grey, Driver for wireless control, 10 W - IKEA Does anyone know if this will work, before I buy...
  13. D

    Recommendation to replace Virgin Hub 3

    Looking for a recommendations to use with the hub3 in Modem mode to improve WiFi performance. It's a 4 bed modern detached house.
  14. VT41

    Drayton Wiser Thermostat not connecting to hub

    Recently installed the hub which switched the heating on manually however the thermostat provided doesn’t seem to connect to the hub. I thought I needed to set it up via the app which seems to be requiring a firmware upgrade which is taking ages. Any advice?
  15. A

    Making BT Home Hub 6 into a modem?

    My HH6 is playing up on the 2.4Ghz channel, now only giving 'dial up speeds' to any device connecting to it and a recent reboot hasnt helped matters. The HH6 is so limited on 2.4G range that it only has 3 channels and changing to one of the other 2 hasnt helped either. I dont reboot the HH...
  16. A

    Which BT Smart Hub 2 FTTC or FTTP variant should I choose?

    Ok, I changed my package and BT sent me a new Smart hub 2 to replace the older smart hub 1 I had, when I looked it only had three ethernet ports and one WAN [FTTP?], on my original smart hub I used all for ethernet ports, my area does not have FTTP, question is: - Should I keep the Smart Hub 2...
  17. D

    Switchbot curtain bot & hub. interested in comparing notes with other users

    Hi all, I have wanted to buy one of these ever since seeing them reviewed on Techmoan's YT channel but had to wait until their recent black Friday sale before they became cheap enough to take a risk on. It's fair to say that I have had a pretty rocky start and actually got to the point of...
  18. M

    FF issue with Apple TV and the ITV Hub App

    I have 2 of the new 2021 versions of the Apple TV, and up until recently everything worked with them as would be expected. However, recently when using the ITV Hub+ app I can't fast forward like I used to. This facility works perfectly well with my BritBox and iPlayer apps so I'm at a loss to...
  19. D

    Set up BT Smart Hub 2 to TV

    The Smart Hub 2 feeds a Wifi Pc with an Ethernet from Hub to TV LAN port. PC is OK but TV is not. The TV screen shows shows all boxes checked (I.P. Gateway, .etc,...). What's the Source setting for a LAN feed? PC...WIRELESS ADAPTER, ADVANCED SHARING,STREAMING OPTIONS?, what should be checked...
  20. Welsh Whirlwind

    Anyone using a BT TV Box Pro with a Harmony Hub?

    Hi all, As per title, I've just ordered a new Pro Box from BT and I wanted to get ahead of the curve and add it into my Harmony Devices but it does not show up - the manufacturer of the Pro box is seemingly Sagemcom and the model is RTIW387 - but the closest I get is the Sagemcom dtiw387v...
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