1. Y

    Help pls. Nest Hub & External Speaker?

    In my kitchen I was thinking I would get a Nest Hub and pair it with a one (or two?) Bluetooth speakers. Any reason why I wouldn't do it this way? I use the youtube music app so it would be handy to have the screen show what's playing/up next. I currently use my phone but that's a pain, want...
  2. brookheather

    For Sale Asus DSL-N55U ADSL wireless N600 router

    I have an Asus DSL-N55U_C1 ADSL modem/router with dual-WAN port so can be used purely as a router if required with cable/FTTP. Dual band wireless N600 300+300Mbps. 4 Gigabit LAN ports, 1 Gigabit WAN port. Sold in good working order - one aerial is slightly cracked at the base but still works...
  3. peppadapig69

    For Sale Google Nest Hub (Charcoal) - Brand New

    Google Nest Hub (Charcoal) for sale. Brand new and unopened. I did buy it for the mother-in-law but no longer requires it. £55 including delivery.
  4. S

    Wanted BT Smart Hub (Already discussed , Ad for rules)

    FAO Mods Asked @JamesS if router advertised here - was still available by PM It is , have agreed to purchase it so ad placed for rules Once confirmed by JamesS will take to PM to finalise. Thanks
  5. Moffey

    Replace Sky Broadband Hub SR203

    Hi all. As per the title, I’d like to hear from anyone who has replaced the latest Sky broadband hub SR203 with something a bit more capable of online streaming / gaming. My specific requirement is as such: I need to stream Shadow PC via my Nvidia Shield 2017 (with Shadow app installed) direct...
  6. Rezillo

    Harmony Hub and Elite psu issues

    Has anyone had a problem with their Harmony Hub and Elite charger PSUs falling apart? My remote started playing up and when I investigated, on trying to pull out the Hub PSU from its gang socket, it came cleanly apart, leaving the prongs in the gang socket with completely exposed live and...
  7. K

    Sky Q Hub and Magic Eyes

    Hi. My query slightly different to recent ones. With my Sky subscription renewal they have sent me a Sky Q Hub router to replace my Sky router, approx from 2006, which works fine with my Sky+ HD box. With this box there's no HD on Sky channels tho, but am not bothered. I get Netflix thro...
  8. stepneg

    For Sale Brand New Hue Hub

    Brand new Hue Hub taken from a GU10 starter kit £25 delivered in the box or can do £22 delivered in a padded envelope.
  9. jmueller0823

    Alexa has wrong Harmony Hub fav channel numbers

    Hey Everyone. Just successfully setup the non-Alexa functionality (activities, favorite tv channels, etc) -- now, I'm working on Alexa. 1) This works > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to channel 200" 2) This does not work > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to CNN" On the #2 action, Alexa does...
  10. oaklandraiders

    Question Harmony companion hub iphone control

    Hi Can't find an answer anywhere.. Thinking of buying and want to know about using iPhone/iPad as the controller. Can i download to iPhone the similar layout to normal remote. So can I Have Sky remote on Iphone, layout the same ? Same with others, Roku and AV amp. Can I mimic the layout on...
  11. G

    For Sale *Reduced Price* Harmony Companion Remote and Hub

    Logitech Harmony Companion remote, with Hub, complete with Power Supply, IR Blaster, USB Cable, Set Up Manual and box Photos to follow Immaculate condition £60.00
  12. J

    Hub 3.0 and BT Mini Home Wifi

    Hi all, I am looking for some help connecting the BT Mini Home WiFi to the VM Hub 3 with an ethernet backhaul. Currently, the first disc is plugged in to the Hub (router mode, wifi disabled). The second and third discs connect to the first disc via wireless backhaul. I would like to also plug...
  13. finnfather

    Question Two Harmonys, one Hub

    Hey all, In this house, we have two Harmony remotes. An old 650(?) and a newer Touch. I can use the Touch with a Harmony Hub to control all the AV equipment in the house, whereas my wife's 650 is used for the TV, the Foxsat and the amp. It doesn't control our Roku, Blu-Ray player, or French TV...
  14. jont

    Question 4g Mifi/wifi hub with ethernet port - any availability and experiences ?

    Am looking for a portable 4g Mifi-type unit for a possible streaming job - need to have an ethernet socket to take data input from Mac or streaming switcher ... I could go completely wifi but wonder if a bit of cable between the two main bits of kit is more stable ? Only to be used if I can't...
  15. P

    USB C hub for thunderbolt 3 monitor

    Hi, I have a C34J791 Samsung thunderbolt 3 monitor and a macbook pro 2017. The monitor provides power to the mac with a single cable connection. I also need to use an ethernet connection. Ideally I’d like to have a single hub that I can connect to my mac and connect both ethernet and the...
  16. P

    Extending a Corsair rgb hub

    I have a Corsair rgb hub and I want to put some extra addressable rgb strips on it. Do they need to be the same lengths as the originals or can they be longer/shorter?
  17. Chiquito

    BT Home Hub 6

    I have been given a Plusnet Home Hub One router and would like to use Open DNS with it but it looks like it cannot be done. Does anyone know if this can be done with a BT Home Hub 6 or a BT Business router. Have heard mixed reviews, has anyone done this on the current firmware. Any advice...
  18. -Spike-

    Question Harmony Elite and Hub opinions

    Hi all, So I was all set to get a Harmony Elite until I saw the Amazon reviews, let’s just say a lot aren’t good with many complaining of the tricky setup and clunky software. Id like to hear from owners please with your views, good or bad. I have an LG E6 TV, Sky Q, Denon AVR 2500, Panasonic...
  19. atvmxr11

    Samsung smart hub updated - after 5 years!?

    Anyone else out there still rocking the samsung PN64F8500? Ours is still chugging along as our main TV. Anyway, I want to say around 2015 Samsung abandoned the model and stop offering updates. Yesterday when I went to open my smart hub to watch hulu, the format was completely different and...
  20. D

    Hub 3.0 Firmware Update

    Hi there, I hope everyone is safe, well and not losing the will to live given all this Covid-19 stuff. Anyway, my reason for posting was I wanted to know was there a known way, to force the Super Hub to complete a firmware update. I’ve had mine for years now and it is still running the software...
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