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The BT Home Hub is a family of wireless residential gateway router modems distributed by BT for use with their own products and services as well as wholesale resellers i.e. LLUs. The latest versions of the Home Hub are based on the Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard, and are also backward compatible with the 802.11b/g/n standards. All models of the Home Hub prior to the Home Hub 3 support VoIP Internet telephony via BT’s Broadband Talk service and are compatible with existing DECT handsets.
The BT Home Hub works with the now defunct BT Fusion service and works with the BT Vision video on demand service. The BT Home Hub 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 devices connect to the Internet using a standard ADSL connection. The BT Home Hub 3 and 4 models support PPPoA for ADSL and PPPoE for VDSL2, in conjunction with an Openreach-provided VDSL2 modem to support BT’s FTTC network (BT Infinity). Since hardware version 5 of the Home Hub was released in August 2013 it includes its own VDSL2 modem for Fibre-optic connections. Firmware is pushed out to the device by BT automatically.

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