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  1. Backfire

    Can i make a speaker link like this using plugs ( noobie question )

    Using plugs on both as i dont have the little hook type things to hand. Thanks :)
  2. nheather

    How do I buy a Steam game as a gift?

    I half suspecting the answer to what I want to do to be "not possible". I want to buy a steam game for someone as a Christmas Gift. Ideally, what I would like to do is to buy the game, get the code, print it out and stick it in a gift card for them to open on Christmas day. But I'm not...
  3. M

    how do I stream to hearing aids and hear sound through speakers

    I have bluetooth hearing aids and I am trying to stream to them and have the sound through speakers at the same time. I have a Smart tv (Samsung) and a Marantz NR1607 AVR. I subscribe to Comcast (Xfinity) Cable for content. How can I plug the streaming device in and not cut out the sound to...
  4. G

    How do I scan at max optical resolution with my Canoscan LiDE 110?

    The specifications for the Canoscan LiDE 110 say it has an optical resolution of 2400 x 4800 (more with interpolation). But the scanner software it came with offers only a max of 1200 x 1200. How do I scan at 2400 x 4800? Or at least 2400 x 2400?
  5. M

    How do I know my turntable is set up as well as possible?

    Evening all. I bought my wife a Debut Project Carbon Evo turntable for her 50th birthday and an iFi audio zen preamp. At the moment it’s connected to a Marantz NR1607 and some BW 601s3 speakers. It’s the first turntable we’ve owned - I’ve followed the instructions as best as I can, but is...
  6. Thug

    How do i set up my crossovers?

    I have had some Canton Movie 75 speakers for a while now, but never really knew what crossovers meant and just ran Audyssey and left it as it was. I have decided to mess around and try and get more out of them (coupled up to my Denon x2300 amp), and have a question about crossovers and settings...
  7. LegionOfHell

    How do I use my Recon3D USB as a DAC ?

    I have a Recon3D USB and I want to use it as a DAC.. The unit does not have a line out, it only has a headphone out... How do I use it as a DAC ? What volume should I set the unit to ? I want to pair it with a separate headphone amplifier...
  8. W

    LG OLED55C14LB Need a little help with HDMI 2 label

    On Saturday I setup my OLED55C14LB and overall I'm happy with the results. I do have an issue with the input labelling though, which I seem to be unable to resolve. I have a Yamaha RX-V679 AV Receiver connected via HDMI OUT ARC to HDMI 2 ARC/eARC on the C1. During initial setup I had the...
  9. VastGirth

    How do i change the bulb in this shower extractor fan?

    Seems to be one solid unit. The bulb moves a bit when i push it but obviously wont come out because of the silver plastic casing. I'm guessing the hole sliver unit has to come away from the ceiling but it seems well stuck. You can see the white plastic of the extractor inside. Do i...
  10. tvdavid

    Been given an old philips lc320w01-sl06 how do I put to hdmi please

    There is 0 info on this TV on google search Its stuck on Freeview also I want to change to HDMI the sky remote pressing help don't change inputs so confused LOL
  11. E

    How do I remove this brush plate

    Hi There, Had a TV wall mounted and cables recessed behind walls. Very pleased with the installation. Unfortunately the TV has developed a fault and am arranging a replacement but have to take down the old TV. My question is, how do I take off the brush plate (pic attached)
  12. R

    How do I connect KRK Rokit speakers to Denon RCD-M41 amp?

    Hi - new to this forum and after some advice. I've currently got a Denon amp as in title cabled up to some floorstanding speakers. One of the optical in ports is used for the TV. I have just bought some KRK Rokit 5s.... and am in need of advice what cabling I need to connect the new...
  13. Darrenj69

    How do I play music or sounds through mic in discord

    Hi I wear a headset with mic (hyper x if it makes any diff) to play games and we communicate on discord. How do I play sounds/music through my mic so that people can hear as if I was speaking? Hope the ask makes sense. I kinda wanna play sound effects etc thanks in advance
  14. H

    nVidia Shield - How do I get Dolby Atmos on Netflix? Only see DD+ now

    Hello, New owner of a Shield here. From the Netflix help pages I see that the nVidia Shield should be able to stream Dolby Atmos. How to use Netflix on your Nvidia Shield TV Android streaming media player The following Nvidia Shield TV Android streaming media players support Dolby Atmos...
  15. A

    How do I clean a CRT screen with anti-reflective coating?

    Hi, I just bought an old Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 1 from ~2001 and the screen has an anti-reflective coating (that's not in such great condition). What's the best way to clean the grime and fingerprints off it without further deteriorating the AR coating? Can I use a mild washing liquid and...
  16. B

    How do I stick a screen to the wall

    Hi i've got an old projector screen that's been sitting in garage for a fair few years just gathering dust. Thinking of finally putting it to use rather than throwing it away, but completely baffled on how to attach it to the wall. Any recommendations would be most helpful. is there something I...
  17. B

    How do I mount a tv on this

    how to mount tv
  18. Ash90

    How do i Fix My Klipsch front panel

    Hello guys , How do i fix My satelite speakers Front Panel , the corner holdings(plastic) are broken and they keep falling when watching movies .. plz let me know how to fix them .. also it would be glad if it can be opened again and to close them as it was before . (Pic attached of a broken...
  19. THX1138UK

    Amazon Pre-Orders - How do I get a list?

    Like many people, I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. We have an Amazon delivery most days. Occasionally, I pre-order books which often won't be published for many months - sometimes even longer. We moved house in September 2020, and today Amazon tried to deliver an item to my old address...
  20. X

    X89J - How do I disable ambient mode?

    Finally got my long waited Sony KD-43X89J I have gazillion pictures on my NAS which are shared via NFS. I Installed KODI to access my pictures and yes, no issues with accessing the images. The problem though is the "Ambient mode". I start a slideshow with KODI and exactly at 10 minutes, the...
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