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  1. V

    How do I add more apps on my Panasonic smart tv, I’m currently have Verizon but I want to know how to go to market or App Store thru tv & get new apps

    How do I add more apps on my Panasonic smart tv, I’m currently have Verizon but I want to know how to go to market or App Store thru tv & get new apps
  2. S

    Question How do I get AirPlay to work with my Yamaha RX-V6A / TSR-700?

    I just can't figure this out. Every other feature I've tested works. I've tried to set it up in Home app, and just trying to send something through AirPlay to the receiver, but the receiver never pops up for anything. I don't see a lighted AirPlay symbol on the receiver display, but not sure if...
  3. B

    How do I upload edited videos to Instagram.

    How do you guys get your videos up onto Instagram? Seen as you can't upload direct from your PC or mac and the file is on there not your mobile phone? I'm on about edited videos not save to phone from DJI app. Thanks
  4. B

    How do i set this up? ELAC Debut B5.2 speaker with Sony STR-DH590 AV Receiver and a projector

    So i have the BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector and i want to set it up with the ELAC Debut B5.2 speaker and add a Sony STR-DH590 AV Receiver for better sound. What cables do i need from the projector to the receiver and from the speaker to the receiver?. This will give me alot better...
  5. T3CHN0DJ3XP0

    Question How do I set up a Japanese PS1in UK?

    I just ordered a PS1 NTSC-J console without bundle and I don't know how to set up one. The seller mentioned about a step down converter would adapter not work the same?
  6. L

    How do I rename HDMI inputs on a 55LM7600

    I’m not looking to pick from the stock list, I want to create my own name. I know that it can be done, I have an existing custom name entered but can’t figure out how I did it. I want to be able to either rename the HDMI input, or add a title under the HDMI name. For instance, I currently have...
  7. R

    How do I save my photos from a deactivated Iphone without losing data?

    Hello. I have an iphone 6. This phone has locked me out. On the screen theres a text stating: "iphone disabled connect to itunes". It must have locked itself in my pocket or something. I have searched the web to try and find a solution to this. The catch is... I haven´t backed up all my photos...
  8. G

    Question How do I turn on tv using Alexa?

    Hello so, I plan on buying Amazon’s echo flex so I can control my smart plugs and LG TVs. I am currently using my iPhone alexa app, where I can control my tv and plugs however I can’t seem to turn on the tvs. I have 65uk6300pla and 43um7000pla i have found an app on my phone that allows it to...
  9. Sharpe98

    How do I set up my aerial?

    Hi, So I recently moved in to a new build house and it has a TV and DAB/FM wall socket which is completely new to me. I set up an aerial in the attic but noticed there's two cables up there and they both look the same. I've tried connecting both to the aerial and scanning for channels but...
  10. yarnstormer

    Hand me down TV and Bracket how do I adjust?

    My Hitachi plasma TV “came with the house” and is installed on a brick wall over the fireplace. I want to add a soundbar but can’t get to the back for the digital audio outlet. Can someone take a look and let me know if this type of bracket allows the tv to move so I can reach the back? It is...
  11. Atomicus

    How do I run Denon setup via my laptop screen?

    Does anyone know how I can run the setup for my Denon 3500 through my laptop screen? I have an HDMI cable which I have tried connecting to every HDMI port on the AVR, and it seems to be recognised, but the best I get is the screen going black for a second, then I just see my desktop. Audio...
  12. L

    Question Panasonic DMR-EX86 . error when finalising discs then becomes protected how do I finalise?

    Hi folks, I've had this HDD/DVD machine for a long time and have thought that it has packed in many a time. The moving parts in the DVD Player/copier/recorder seem to be the issue, never had issues with the HDD drive. Having thought it needed cleaned for years I opened up the DVD drive (not...
  13. F

    How do I make the best of this setup

    Hi All, Hope you are doing well Would really appreciate your expert advice on my setup. I love listening to music and have over the years gathered a decent setup as per my understanding. Its setup like this: Setup 1. Old laptop with FLAC files,Spotify and optical out --> Peachtree Nova 300...
  14. F

    what is this issue and how do I fix it

    samsung is saying nothing is wrong but i call BS. Happens on native apps, tv, ps4, xbox, everything. if screen fit is off it goes away but then images are stretched. Samsung UN65NU6900 lines around the border. and... red line at bottom
  15. butcherpete

    Question How do I, and what gear is needed to....

    Am just looking to see what I need to "Rip" the SACD's I have, I have Dbpoweramp and replay the files in Audirvana. Thanks people
  16. K

    How do i tell netflix is hdr on sky q?

    Sky q updates to new version but how can I tell if netflix running in hdr mode?
  17. Btwin00

    How do I restore cloned hdd without syncing old cloud data on onedrive?

    HI I created a clone image of my SSD into a hdd after doing a clean install and setting up all my apps including OneDrive, Onenote and Google drive and syncing browser data. My question is when I restore the clone in 6 months with the old account data as it was , will this sync onto the...
  18. D

    How do I remove 'Read Only' from Excel spreadsheet?

    PC is running Windows 10 OS - up to date. Weird things are going on with an old Excel spreadsheet I created and have occasionally updated over the years. The software is old, Excel 2000, but up until recently it's worked perfectly. Now, however, I can't remove Read Only protection from one...
  19. Rookies

    How do I stop this

  20. D

    How do I edit my STB recordings?

    Hi all, have been a member some years but here is my first post!... My STB records TV content in individual folders containing the files below. I want to edit/shorten quite a lot of the content in a lot of the folders/recordings. I can edit the .TS file OK but how do I edit the two .DVR files so...
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