1. raigraphixs

    The House With A Clock In Its Walls (21 September 2018) directed by Eli Roth

    Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Kyle MacLachlan, Owen Vaccaro and Colleen Camp Based on the 1973 Gothic-fantasy novel of the same name by John Bellairs Script by Eric Kripke,(Supernatural)
  2. A

    Plea for help and advice with new house install

    Hi folks, First of all: sorry for my first post being a request for help! I'm moving house in the near future and the living room is a somewhat inconvenient shape - I would welcome any thoughts and opinions on how best to set-up my surround sound given constraints. Below you'll see my best...
  3. Jaurhead

    Question Haunted House Audio - How's it done?

    Basically, what I want to replicate is an audio system like you would find at a haunted attraction, like something Universal Studios or Knotts would produce. I know they use multiple amps and longs runs of speakers (likely 70v?), but I just need some guidance as far as how it's done. Spoiler...
  4. raigraphixs

    There’s Someone Inside Your House (Netflix) TBC

    Upcoming slasher movie as Netflix has taken the rights to YA author Stephanie Perkins’ NYT bestselling coming of age novel; There’s Someone Inside Your House. with James Wan attached at the moment seems like a producer role. Novel synopsis: “More than a year after her parents sent her away...
  5. L

    New house no aerial - need freeview!

    Hi I have just moved into a new house (a new build) & it has no aerial installed. There are tv points in every room & all the cables just go up into the loft. We’ve ordered sky but that’s going to be a few weeks due to waiting for the broadband etc so my question is what should I buy now to be...
  6. waring192

    Question Spreading Cat5 or 6 around the house...

    Hello, So I have a Apple AirPort Extreme which I will be plugged straight into our BT Openreach Huawei VDSL / FTTC Fibre Modem. I also have 3 Apple Airport Express's which I would like to scatter around the house (its a old building and quite large with very thick walls). Have been using power...
  7. N

    Sky Q in new build house

    Hi, in the process of buying a new build and Im thinking about how Im going to go about distributing Sky Q around the whole house, as sky q no longer has coax. The developer gives you the option of having additional ethernet ports where ever you want them (not cheap though), but am I right in...
  8. pr1970

    Aerial connections on house refurb

    Hi All We`re having a house refurbishment, one area was the kitchen/diner where i`ve asked the builders to put a wall socket for a tv. Its not too late but they havent made any allowances for an aerial. I was wondering whether these days there are any reliable tv sender units compact enough...
  9. shango

    First house, new 5.2.2 set up, all new kit

    So finally bought my 1st home at age 38. Spent 3 months prior to moving in fully decorating it right through, all new kitchen, all new furniture everything done and bought new. (bathroom is still to be done) Also bought all new AV kit for it too except for the PS4 and Shield TV which I already...
  10. zed4

    Moving house and porting a mortgage - second mortgage for extra amount?

    Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I have just happened to come across a lovely house for sale in our dream location, and it’s just about in budget. We weren’t really looking to move house, but as it’s come up, we’re now looking into it quite seriously. We’re only ever bought one house, so not yet...
  11. Lee17

    Answered Sky Satellite Dish

    Hi, I am wondering if it is posable to add another cable from a Sky satellite dish to another room for FreeSat; I notice that the satellite dish has two cables coming out of it that goes to the living room but there is also other holes/inputs too, are these more inputs for other sets?
  12. RBZ5416

    Is There an Openreach Engineer in the House?

    I'm looking to understand the exact physical process of moving from one wholesale ISP to another. Exactly what happens to move from one ISPs network to another? Happy to receive a PM if you don't want to out yourself in public. ;)
  13. H

    Rented House. Atmos. What are my options?

    Hi all, I am very keen to try out Atmos, but since I do not own the house I don't think ceiling speakers are an option! So, are there any other feasible options? I know there's the option of up-firing speakers, but there seem to be rather divided opinions over their effectiveness. What about...
  14. MSW

    Does anybody understand companies house info and what liquidators reports mean

    I am about to contract this company for work at a cost of 69K. I.e I pay them 69K to do works for me. When I did a search on the company I came across info at companies house R FARRELL EXCAVATIONS (YORKSHIRE) LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House) Now I am pretty...
  15. rampant

    Question recording temperature in the house

    Hi all, so ive got my hive setup and working, its connected to my Amazon dot, so can control heating from there. What i would now like to do is to record the temperature in my house - i would like to get the data from my hive thermostat if possible - is there a way to do this? - i have several...
  16. R

    new house and can have a small projector room

    hi, moving house in june and the misses has aloud me to have the spare downstairs room (study) as a bit of a man cave. after a few ideas I've decided to go for a projector set-up after owning 2 about 10 or more years ago, had the sony hs60 and the optoma hd79. so really just looking for advice...
  17. P

    New house cat 6e with sky Q assistance please

    I am currently building my own house and have run 4x cat6e cable to 5 rooms/tv's in other rooms. I am fairly novice with regards technology. My question is what equipment do I need to split the HDMI signal from my under stair cupboard containing 'Q' to 5 outputs and do I need a convertor to get...
  18. r4w

    Question New house, home cinema speaker positioning

    Hello, I'm new here and but I have followed the forum many times and now it's time for me to ask for some help :) I have just reserved a new house with David Wilson homes and I'm planning to add a good home cinema to hit in the lounge. Lounge dimensions are 4.85 x 3.34m (15'10'' x 10'11'')...
  19. raigraphixs

    Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House (TBC)

    Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” is being eyed for an adaptation into a television series The book proved to be an immediate best-seller and was sold out at bookstores in several major cities the day it was released. Here’s How Much Michael Wolff Could Make From...
  20. D

    Question Whole house speaker system

    Hello - I'm new to the forum and looking for advice on a whole house speaker system. My house is in Spain and I listen to the radio through a satellite set top box. That way I can get the BBC stations, which is all I really want - mostly speech so sound quality is not important. I do have...
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