1. J

    Connecting hisense tv to my phone hotspot

    I have 2 hisense tv’s and want to connect my tv in our mobile home to my phones personal hotspot. I have been on google and none of the suggestions work, any ideas.
  2. Wattsy 75

    Using a hotspot with Switch Lite

    Have made my Lite the secondary console (after kids nagging about access to certain games) meaning that each rime you play it on the bus the switch wants to authenticate access to digital titles Having real issues with the switch not connecting to the hotspot on my iphone xr even when sat next...
  3. O

    Question Talkmobile - Creating a Hotspot

    I have tried to create a hotspot on my Moto G5. I manage to connect to the Moto G5 from my laptop but cannot get any internet. I have checked my APN (Access Point Name) against what is suggested online and have spoken to Talkmobile to no avail. Anyone had experience doing this?
  4. R

    Wifi hotspot (Mifi)?

    I want to buy a Mifi for use on my boat in Europe. The 4G devices are more expensive, but offer higher speeds, but will they also work on 3G if 4G is not available in the country? Is 4G data more expensive on a PAYG SIM? Devices I have looked at range from ZTE MF65, Huawei E5330 and TP-Link...
  5. _s79

    Question Wi-fi / Mi-Fi Mobile Hotspot & Data plans?

    I’m going on a Mediterranean cruise covering 7 different countries so need something to make connecting to the internet a bit easier whilst abroad. The small amount of research I’ve done lead me to the TP-Link M7350. Does anyone have any experience with this device or equivalent Wi-fi / Mi-Fi...
  6. S

    Using Mobile Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Hope someone can help me here; My mobile phone service provider is Vodaphone. In addition to unlimited calls and texts I have an allowance of 32GB of internet data. So far OK whilst using the phone. The thing is that I have now managed to get my laptop computer to connect to the internet using...
  7. Z

    Paint the wall or Paint the screen - Hotspot issues

    Hi all, I have read alot of threads about painting a wall and using different paints etc, but nothing like what im thinking. I made a frame and put an old projector screen material over it and stapled it all up like a huge blank picture canvas. I then put up a floating shelf and put my optima...
  8. 20footduck

    Question Using hotspot to stream music from android to ios device

    Hi Reasonably complex setup here but... I don't have broadband- just 4G. I've got an old ipod touch hooked up to a speaker and projector. I use vlcStreamer (on the ipod) to stream local video from my mac via my android phone's hotspot to the projector. Mostly works really well! What I would...
  9. kah22

    Question Can you advise me how to log into BT wifi hotspots

    My landline is BT and has been for decades. BT became my ISP about six months back. So far I've had no call or interest in using the BT wifi network but I'll be out and about over the next few months and think it might be of use. The problem is I don't know how to use the dam thing. My...
  10. D

    Question Connecting to wifi roomstat without wifi network present?

    Hello, I have an ATAG boiler installed in an empty property, the boiler is controlled by a programmable roomstat called a "One Controller", which is hard wired to the boiler. The One Controller is designed to connect to a wifi network and can then be accessed and managed by an app on a...
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