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  1. C

    Samsung TV Horizontal Lines

    I am trying to fix this TV with Horizontal lines. I am trying to figure out if it is a problem with the display or the TCON board. Please also see attached photos. Here is a youtube video showing the problem. The model # is UN60H6203AFXZA Version # HH01
  2. bm7412

    Horizontal Lines Fault on Samsung LE40A559P4F LCD TV - Fixed by tapping!?

    Hi there. I have an old Samsung LCD TV (LE40A559P4F) that has an issue with it. A block of flickering horizontal lines appear on the right hand side of the screen. This often appears shortly after switching it on first time of the day and is currently temporarily fixed by tapping on the bezel. I...
  3. B

    Philips OLED 935/12 65' horizontal lines

    Hi! A week ago a bought this tv - after two days I noticed horizontal lines all over the screen (from the top to the botton). Before the picture was perfect. Lines were more visible in grey / blue colors. At first lines were expanding (you can see that in the attachment). At the top lines were...
  4. G

    Horizontal lines on tv

    (my 1st post) :) Facing some issues on my Xiaomi MiTv4 75” (2018). Couple of horizontal lines and intermittent flickering. I kinda did some checks on my own. Reference to my own tests … (see below). I kinda assume that bottom right board (highlighted) is the one causing the problem. Not sure...
  5. D

    Horizontal lines on 50" TV

    I have a two-year old Samsung UE50RU7400 It's started to intermittently flicker with horizontal lines on broadcast TV and on the smart apps. Is there anything obvious I should be trying to fix it?
  6. K

    Sony X90J Screen Issue - Horizontal Lines From Boxes

    Hey, so was wondering if anyone has any idea on this weird issue that has cropped up on my new Sony XR-55X90J. Essentially, if there is a lighter line, or box, on top of a darker colour I have this lighter horizontal line that crosses the entire screen. I've attached a picture of the PS5...
  7. M

    my jvc 40" screen has 2 light grey horizontal lines across screen 1/2 an hour after turning on?

    hi,people i'm new to site. my jvc 40" tv screen keeps getting 2 light grey horizontal lines 3" in width appearing on the screen,the only way they will go is when i turn off the tv with the remote and turn back on again ,and the screen is then clear?but an hour or so later these 2 light grey...
  8. J

    LG tv horizontal lines all over screen

    My Tv has recently displayed faint horizontal lines all over my screen, more apparent on the top half. i have looked everywhere but can’t find a fix. I have tried restarting the Tv and unplugging it from the socket and back on, i’ve been through all setting and tried absolutely everything...
  9. J

    LG 49NANO866NA Horizontal lines

    My Tv has recently displayed faint horizontal lines all over my screen, more apparent on the top half. i have looked everywhere but can’t find a fix. I have tried restarting the Tv and unplugging it from the socket and back on, i’ve been through all setting and tried absolutely everything...
  10. D

    Horizontal Lines on LG OLED B8

    In the last couple of weeks I my LG OLED65B8PLA which is only 2 years old has developed three horizontal lines across the screen. I do not watch anything which is static to cause the issue and it mainly shows up during football when the screen is green. Is there anyway to fix this or is it...
  11. A

    XH90 + PS5 in HDMI port 4 - horizontal wavy lines - rare

    HI All - anyone ever seen anything like this? Has only happened once so far. A reboot of TV and PS5 sorted it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pyodujxeyyirnwj/VID20201225122209.mp4?dl=0 Also, more often, I think when coming out of PS5 standby, the image has really muted / dull, almost greyscale...
  12. S

    LG CX 55 - Is this normal?

    Hello 😊 Bought a LG CX about a month ago, and have a 1 month return window left. I have these faint horizontal lines running across the entire screen (see pic). They are especially prominent in bright HDR content, when panning up/down in games like Ghost of Tsushima or RDR2. It is like a DSE...
  13. SaitanMar

    Thin horizontal lines across TV screen - Sony KDL42W706B.

    Hi folks, I need your help. This weekend my Sony KDL42W706B television developed a fault which is driving me insane. Basically it was working perfectly fine and then suddenly thin black horizontal lines appeared from the bottom of the screen to mid way up. The lines are perfectly spaced and I...
  14. adambirds

    Horizontal lines & Flickering

    I have the Sony KDL-32WD752. It started flickering and giving me horizontal lines last night. I have got the back off and after some research thought it might be the tcon board. Upon opening looked at it and the ribbons connecting to the tcon board have these lines on? Is this normal? I build...
  15. P

    LG CX horizontal lines

    Anyone eknow if there is a fix for this please? Thanks
  16. BuzZ3953

    What the hell is this and is it fixable xbr 55 X850D

    Dark evenly spaced horizontal lines that are bad on right bezel but fade away towards left bezel???? Am hoping is a loose connection or something....
  17. M

    Horizontal lines on new tv

    I've had a hisense h50u7buk for a few days. Today I've noticed these horizontal lines across the screen. It's more obvious when the screen is black but you can also see it on normal tv scenes. I have emailed hicense to wait and see what they say However when messing I've realised the lines come...
  18. BlackieRatt

    Question Horizontal lines on 50PUS6504

    Hi all, I recently bought this TV and I noticed 2 horizontal lines on the top of the screen, in specific scenes where there's really quick picture change with (e.g. siren flashing), and only in "low" resolution videos (non 2K or 4K for sure). These vertical lines are disappearing almost...
  19. Nemesislee

    Horizontal lines problem

    I recently decided to sort out the purple picture I kept getting when using my 2 year old lg 43uj634v. Upon reconnecting the lcd panel I got these lines appearing. Now if I press on a certain part of the connector the lines disappear. Any ideas? Board cable or lcd? Not spending anymore than I...
  20. K

    Question Horizontal lines on LG NANOCELL 2020

    Hi everyone, I bought a new LG 4K LED TV (75NANO91), but there are visible lines on the screen, alternating between dark and light colors, whatever the source. Did anyone expenrience this? I am attaching a photo from the picture test.
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