1. Chester

    LIFX Colour 1000: Replace for HomeKit integration

    This is an interesting one. I have 2 of these bulbs and they are not supported with HomeKit. I asked their support if they would contribute towards replacement bulbs, but they will not. I've had these since 2016, and only have 1 other A19 in another room. And so the question, do I simply...
  2. Inked

    Question Under counter lighting - adding HomeKit controllability. What do I need?

    Currently have three under counter kitchen lights (small halogen, can't remember exactly which bulbs, but will update once I've checked) and would like to add the ability to control them via HomeKit but unsure of what I'd need. They are wired in with one of these transformers to each fitting...
  3. kah22

    Question IFTTT and Apple HomeKit

    At the moment I‘m doing some renovations and aim to include smart plugs and smart switches as an alternative to the standard switches and plugs. To be honest though I’m only dipping my toe into this Smart Home thing at the moment and have more questions than answers ! I’ve been reading about...
  4. BlueDragon

    PSA - full HomeKit support for Panasonic Viera TVs (via homebridge)

    Hi all, FWIW, in the hope that some of you will find it handy, as it it fills IMHO a key gap, i've been maintaining homebridge-vieramatic, an open-source homebridge plugin for Panasonic TVs which supports all models released in the last few years. It's available via NPN, and feedback/bug...
  5. TheRealJetbootjack

    Hue Sensors and Homekit Automations

    Hi, Bit of a left field question, and something I've asked on another forum with no luck. I was wondering if anyone here uses Hue sensors with Homekit and can answer a question about their use in automations. I've read a few blog posts around the internet extolling the virtues of the Hue...
  6. bigfecker

    Question HomeKit enabled AV Receiver Recommendations

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade a Yamaha RX-V767 and looking for something that is Homekit Enabled and Airplay 2, I've seen few but feedback on here on models is much appreciated Via the iOS Home app I'd like to be able to turn on/off, switch inputs and control the volume, basic stuff. Budget is...
  7. Inked

    Logitech Circle now works with HomeKit secure video (beta)

    https://blog.logitech.com/2019/11/14/circle-2-now-works-with-apple-homekit-secure-video/ https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023265434#secure Once converted to HomeKit secure video the circle cam no longer works within the Logitech app and you do lose the ability to lock in the zoom...
  8. kosymodo

    Question Linking devices into Tado using Apple HomeKit?

    I've had my Tado system up and running for a while now, and it's proving to be very useful and efficient. Now though is time to think about integrating more devices. I'm wondering what the best way is to do this. I'm aware of Nest and the way in which there are numerous devices which can be...
  9. aVdub

    Ikea Smart Blinds

    Seems Ikea are entering the word of Smart Blinds with a guessed rough price of €99 - €155 so will probably be £100 and £160 in the UK. Looks as though it is possible to link up to Alexa, Google and Homekit. IKEA is launching low-cost smart window blinds On sale -...
  10. Melon

    Question HomeKit compatible light switches

    I am finally looking into some smart home lighting as I’ve convinced my missus it’s a good idea. At the moment all I want is one bulb to be controlled by our HomePod. So we can just say turn on/off the light. Do I need to buy a hub or is there just a bulb or light fitting I can get which...
  11. kosymodo

    Question How to control a mixture of Hue bulbs and 'dumb' bulbs through Hue bridge/Homekit?

    I'm very quickly familiarising myself with the ins and outs of lighting automation, but in my haste to learn more I am actually getting somewhat confused! I have a couple of questions, which I'm sure I've seen the answers to somewhere, but can't find now. I'm not re-inventing the wheel, so...
  12. Marko Zorec

    HomeKit as a security system

    Hello... I am looking for simple house Security system, like some motion sensors near doors and windows, one camera, one fire and flood detector, and maybe one siren. I was looking for Samsung SmartThings, but the problem is, I find Apple enviroment better.. Are there possibilities to use...
  13. T

    HomeKit or Hue compatible smart switch for dumb bulbs

    Hi all - I am just finishing off my build with all my lighting circuits terminating back at a MK Grid box under the stairs, this way they can all be turned on and Hue can control them with Hue switches throughout the house. The one problem that I have got to is the outside lights - I can't fit...
  14. Marvelous Mr T

    Question Smart socket Compatible with IFTTT and Homekit

    I'm looking for either a plug in socket or socket faceplate that I can use for my garden lighting. I'm after something that can be controlled by both IFTTT and Apple Homekit. The socket is for inside the shed so indoor use is fine. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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