1. wayden

    Returning to Home Cinema

    About 2 years ago I sold all my home cinema gear and moved to 2 channel stereo setup. More here Why I no longer do Surround Sound and only Stereo. Things have changed since then the biggest of which being building a home. As such I now had the space the have 2 dedicated systems /1 for Music and...
  2. I

    Advice getting the best possible S/N ratio from home audio system

    Hello it's my first time posting here and I'm far from an audio/tech wizard. So, I have a small, rather inexpensive home audio system comprising of two main speakers, a subwoofer, two power amps and a preamp. I believe I have it set up the correct way - Source connected to the preamp input...
  3. P

    Question home cinema setup question

    Hello, So right now i am running an very old system and thinking about a change. I have a denon avr 2113 av reciver, a pair of mordaunt short 906i in front 905 center, and the 2 bookshelf ones as rear + 1 onkyo sub. I was thinking about an upgrade. And i am a bit confused about it. I was...
  4. Mark1979

    Question Will home cinema and streaming kill off the traditional cinema ?

    Will the public eventually get tired of going to the cinema multiplexes and turn to home AV in the future?
  5. M

    For Sale google home hubs and speaker

    google home hub new unopened £55 google home hub opened as new £50 google home speaker boxed £40 pick up BL5 3EJ
  6. M

    What setup do I need for muti-room - home theater combo

    So just moved into a house where they have 4 different rooms on first floor all with 2 speakers each and 6 speakers in the den and 2 speakers outside. all are wired to the den. the 5 rooms with 2 speakers each all have a volume control on the wall, but the den does not as i guess those 6...
  7. GeorgeStorm

    4G home broadband

    Hi all, Since realising I've been overpaying for a while since my contract ran out with plusnet, I saw something about 4G home broadband and it caught my interest. We currently can only get ADSL, and whilst we're overpaying atm, we've been offered £17.99 a month from plusnet to create a new...
  8. P

    BT Home Hub replacement

    Hi all, I'm desperate to replace my BT Home Hub that came with the Infinity package and hoped you could suggest a decent, budget alternative. Am sick of the 2.4ghz band dumping every device off the wifi as and when it fancies it and now the 5ghz band has started requesting password...
  9. B

    5:1:2 To 7:2:4 Home Cinema Upgrade

    After many years of running an enjoyable mid range 5:1:2 system, I've just upgraded to a 7:2:4 set up based around a Denon AVC-X6500H amp...Very nice!! My enquiry is in relation to the extra floor level channels I now have for the first time, the left & right surrounds which are positioned...
  10. P

    Question Securing Home - Car Theft

    Hello all, Basically looking for some ideas on securing the home after a car theft. Patio door locks snapped and car keys taken. Upgraded the locks to Ultion at the time, looking for other ideas. Ideally would want the car taken from the drive if this happened again, so would like to secure the...
  11. ZE50 John

    Question Smart Home Charger - Wallbox?

    New to the EV world & anticipating a Zoe ZE50 within 6-8 weeks. I'm looking at home chargers and have narrowed down my shortlist to the Ohme, Wallbox Pulsar Plus or Pod Point. I've read a fair bit about Ohme & Pod Point, but not much about the Wallbox. Anyone on here got one installed, or know...
  12. C

    Question New Home Audio System

    I have recently moved into a new house and it has 2 audio speakers pre installed in the ceiling. There are wires coming out of the wall that I assume are for the speakers, how do I connect these to my TV. See pictures for what I am talking about.
  13. J

    iPhone 6s home button not working after screen replacement

    Hi all, I got a very strange problem on my iPhone 6s. My original screen broke so I replaced the screen. After the replacement the home button is not working, neither the clicking or touch id. I put back the original screen and the home button was working on the broken screen. I tried 3...
  14. C

    My New Living Room Home Theater

    Hey, everyone! I have been lurking around here for a while but decided to register and become a new member so I could post some pics of a basic living room home theater I just set up. My wife has been wanting to refresh our living room and I had been thinking about a home theater so I convinced...
  15. E

    Denon X3500 vs s950 home theater and music

    I have 6 ceiling speakers (sonnance) Projector and screen I would like to do a 7.2 or 5.2 theater Max budget for receiver is $600 I loved the sound of Denon 3600 Cane afford it though I also have a few kitchen and dining room speakers that I would like to out in a. Totally different One just...
  16. Simsingh

    Home video distribution

    Hey guys. Looking into a whole video distribution system and trying to build from scratch myself. Decided on a 8x8hdmi matrix and control 4 processor. Does anyone have experience with setting these up from scratch. First step is writing the whole house with cat 6 cable. Any recommendations...
  17. M

    New Home theatre, need advice.

    I'm working on setting up a 5.1.2 system in my basement. This is what I'm thinking so far but I have a couple questions... all my speakers are in wall/ceiling. RC85I for front and rear speakers, RC80I for Dolby ceiling speakers and VS255CRT for center. I am wondering first of all what height...
  18. K

    Comparative integrated amplifier vs Yamaha RX-A670 home cinema receiver

    I use the aforementioned home cinema amp for all my audio needs including vinyl. My turntable's a Rega RP40, Ortofon Blue cart with a Pro Ject MM Box into Cambridge Audio Minx bookshelfs. OK: so what's bugging me is the thought that, as vinyl is my fave medium, I'm missing out on something on...
  19. W

    First Floor home cinema - got there at last!

    We started our new build project way back in 2014 and finally started the build in June 2018. So the better half had all the design requirements of the house but i got to do the 2 fun bits, a 3 metre marine tank(obviously not for this forum) and a home cinema room. Having read posts on this...
  20. C

    Question Need to Activate Home Ceiling Speaker System

    Bought a new house and builder installed speakers in the ceiling in the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and outdoors. All wires run through the basement and all labeled. He said I just need an A/V receiver. The wires are cut, not booted. I'm assuming I need to use a wire stripper and...
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