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  1. N

    For Sale Complete Home Theatre Furniture in Oak

    Due to house move, my beloved custom built A/V furniture is up for sale. It is modular, hand built by P J Livesey, Manchester. It has been designed to fit on a 9' 4" wall and is almost ceiling height. With speaker housings and speaker fabric and equipment racks plus storage cupboards for DVD's...
  2. newbuild2020

    Control for home theatre receiver in a different room

    Hi I plan to put my AV receiver in a comms room away from my tv. How can I control my AV receiver in this case? Ie switch between satallite, blu ray player, streaming, playstation without walking to the comms room! I think I’ve heard that control can be achieved through a cat 6 cable running...
  3. E

    Dolby Headphone with Home Theatre

    Some years ago JVC and separately, Creative, brought out Dolby Headphone amps. I bought both. I recently bought a 58” Panasonic TV to use for a very modest home theatre set-up. I have Kefs front and two Jamos for rear surrounds with a Yamaha Sub in a 5.1 set-up. My TV has Dolby Atmos along...
  4. S

    For Sale BDI Revo 9980 Home Theatre Cabinet

    BDI Revo 9980 Home Theater TV Cabinet. Excellent condition. Although usable for TV it has a safe size of about 32 inches. I have used it for about 8 years as a hifi unit only. Need to sell as wife has bought another cabinet to match decor. Price £200 or near offer. Purchaser will need to pick up.
  5. M

    Question Sapphire tensioned or standard non tensioned

    I am in the market for a brand-new projector screen so I have whittled it down to the Sapphire brand. I don’t see any reason that their projector screens are not any better that the more expensive Vutec after the projector screen just hangs on the wall and apart for the motor winding the screen...
  6. S

    Help with Samsung Home Theatre cables.

    Hi everyone. I desperately need help with purchasing speaker wires. I had bought a second hand Samsung HT-C555 Home theatre system, but unfortunately it came with only one of the 6 speaker wires needed. For love nor money can I find the wires with the correct connector at a respectable price. E...
  7. Tuz

    Home Theatre speakers

    Morning, I'm thinking of upgrading my old B&W 6 series (small) used via my RX-A1080 which will mainly be used for gaming and movies although have started to listen to more 2 channel music during lockdown. I would also like the option of atmos speakers, possibly as an add on (KEF Q50a) My...
  8. CIE

    Epson EB-G6250w for Home Theatre

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has used the Epson EB-G6250w Business Projector as a Home Theatre Projector? If so, what was your experience with it? I have the opportunity to buy one at a great price. My space is 6m x 6m Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! Regards, Cie!
  9. D

    Question Play media bigger than 4GB on home theatre using blurry player?

    Hello does anybody know the best way to play a 4k movie I made? I saw that fat32 is limited to 4GB. So what is the best way to do this? I have the Pioneer SC-LX 59 AVR and Pioneer BDP-LX 58. Is there a cheaper way than ripping blu rays?
  10. kenlong69

    Ken's dedicated home theatre - finally :-)

    Well, it finally happened... My family and I moved into an old 1940 character home about 5 years ago. I had reservations about a house that was so old, but I have become a convert; they have such good bones and solid workmanship! The downside is that they need a tonne of work. So, after 4...
  11. J

    Speakers for Home Theatre

    Hi all I am in the midst of re doing the lounge to include a home cinema. I have attached a rough drawing below of the layout and proposed speaker positions etc I currently have a monitor audio bronze 5.1 set, with the Fx as the surrounds, fronts are 5's, centre, W10 sub. The ceiling speakers...
  12. 28061

    Question Monitor Audio R90HT1 or Sonos Home Theatre

    Evening all, I currently have a Samsung UE60KS7000, a Denon AVRX2300W, and a Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1 surround sound system. However, the AVR and speakers have been in my loft for more than a year since we moved into our new house. I now only use the living room for watching normal TV...
  13. M

    New Home theatre, need advice.

    I'm working on setting up a 5.1.2 system in my basement. This is what I'm thinking so far but I have a couple questions... all my speakers are in wall/ceiling. RC85I for front and rear speakers, RC80I for Dolby ceiling speakers and VS255CRT for center. I am wondering first of all what height...
  14. TheHarris

    Question Home theatre atmos help

    Hi guys, I'm new here, been reading lots of threads in the past and know there's a lot of great guys here and was hoping for some help. I've recently set up a home theatre project, the room is a slightly strange shape. It doubles as a work from home office/VR room as well, so the seating is a...
  15. B

    Advice needed to optimise home theatre sound!

    Hi, Attached picture for visualisation. Speakers are all shown with the direction in which they are pointing. I have added in the sofa and the smiley face being the most used seating position. I have some general understanding of speaker positioning and a good knowledge of speaker connections...
  16. C

    My first home theatre setup!

    Hey all, Been waiting for years to get a sweet home theatre setup and have finally got there! Thought I'd share it here on AvForums :) Shoutout to Richer Sounds Belfast & John McDonald for the great service and deal! Gear list: LG B8 65" OLED Q Acoustics 3050i towers Q Acoustics 3090ci...
  17. D

    Question home theater with Luxman Stereo Amp

    Hello, I am pretty new into this, I have been trying to learn by reading several post here. To explain a bit my current setup and story: - I received a Luxman L-5 amp. - (Sold my Bose Cinemate). - Added second hand pair of B&W 601 S3. - Added a Yamaha WXAD-10 DAC which is connected to the...
  18. D

    Question Home theatre left and right reversed?

    Is it normal that that an avr reverses the left and right channels e.g. playing this.
  19. K

    Any custom home theatre installers in melbourne?

    hey folks, im going to be moving into a new house and am designing a whole new HT setup using M&K Sound in-wall speakers all around. im in Melbourne, Australia and was wondering if anyone knows any recommended installers for the system? the only company i found selling these speakers is RIO...
  20. S

    Question FIXED - Sony KDL 46HX883 no longer has sound via Panasonic SU HTB550 Home Theatre

    After some years of use, I can no longer get sound from my Panasonic SU HTB550 Home Theatre System soundbar. It's connected to my Sony KDL 46HX883 via HDMI cable. The cable runs from HDMI1 (ARC) AVOUT on the TV to HDMI2 AUX1 AVIN on the Panasonic. I assume that the difference between HDMI1 and...
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