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  1. C

    New home theater, need some advice on darkening it

    I'll be building a mostly dedicated theater room in a new home construction in an approximately 17x18 room. I am trying to get a game plan together and have a few questions I'm hoping to get some input on. I am looking to get a 4k projector under 3k, and probably put up a ~ 150 inch screen...
  2. T

    Question Dynaudio 18S studio sub for home theater?

    Hi, when researching for subwoofers I came upon Dynaudios Pro subwoofer, called 18S, here it is at Thomann: Dynaudio 18S It costs £1265 and to me it seems to share most if not all components with Dynaudios far more expensive HT/hifi sub 6 at £1999: Dynaudio Sub 6 (Subwoofers) As far as I can...
  3. S

    For Sale BDI Revo 9980 Home Theatre Cabinet

    BDI Revo 9980 Home Theater TV Cabinet. Excellent condition. Although usable for TV it has a safe size of about 32 inches. I have used it for about 8 years as a hifi unit only. Need to sell as wife has bought another cabinet to match decor. Price £200 or near offer. Purchaser will need to pick up.
  4. kennthhz

    Question proper size of ATMOS speaker for the home theater room

    I have a home theater room that is 18 foot long and 17 foot wide. Anyone has a suggestion of 5.1 or 7.1 or 7.2 channel I should pursue? I currently have Marantz NR1508 receiver. It supports 4k, ATMOS but only have per channel output of 50W. So how powerful the speaker and receiver I should get...
  5. F

    Is there a difference in performance when connecting home theater sub to amplifier with speaker wire vs with RCA?

    I have an onkyo receiver and for whatever reason the subwoofer pre out --> Y connecter --> red and white RCA input on my subwoofer is not working. I have spent a great deal of time troubleshooting and have not been able to get it to work (i suspect one of the components is faulty, because I had...
  6. S

    Question A budget small BOOKSHELF speaker for home theater and music?

    Hi, I listening to music and also watching tv series's. My system config is 5.1 , the current front sp are - Polk audio Signature S20. I am not saying they're not good ... it just that they're not warm enough for music too. Is there A fair quality entry level BOOKSHELF speakers that "dance"...
  7. kennyle1990

    Help with Home Theater Setup!!

    Hello everyone. I am in need of help!! My speakers are Front LR: 2 - R-625FA Center: R-52C Side LR: 2 - R-51M Rear: LR: 2 - R-51M Overhead: 6 Total = Micca M-8C (4 in movie room, and two in patio) Receiver: I am leaning towards Denon 8500H but feel free to change my mind after you read this...
  8. AntM

    Subwoofer advice for home theater set up

    Good evening Everyone, I used my living room to set up my home cinema. My current layout is: AV receiver: Marantz SR5014 Front speakers: Dynaudio excite X38 powered by a Sansui AU919 Center channel: Dynaudio Excite x24 powered by the Marantz Surround speakers: Dynaudio DM 2/7 powered by the...
  9. G

    What would you add/change to improve my home theater setup?

    Hi everyone, newbie here! Welcome all advice and suggestions. I've got a home theater setup I'm fairly happy with, but curious if there's any one (or 2, 3) things I can or should do to improve the overall experience. Here's what I have with relevant notes per each, see attached image for my room...
  10. IdoLikeFilms

    Question My 1st Home Theater needs surrounds, please help. Q Acoustics 3010i vs 3020.

    Hi I'm new, I have a series 8 LG OLED tv that I've had for a year or so. I was using 15yr old 'all-in-one' 5.1 out of the box system but it was basically rubbish (about £270 at the time) and I found that surround sound did not work for most Netflix stuff and some Disney+ films were sounding...
  11. J

    DIY Apartment Home Theater

    First time doing anything like this, very pleased with the results! Before After:
  12. J

    5.1 rear speakers volume level matching

    My rear speakers in my room are slightly awkwardly positioned. The rear right speaker is positioned slightly wider than the left because of the shape of my room. They are bookshelf speakers and both mounted to each side of the walls so that's the only place they can go. Audyssey XT32...
  13. M

    What setup do I need for muti-room - home theater combo

    So just moved into a house where they have 4 different rooms on first floor all with 2 speakers each and 6 speakers in the den and 2 speakers outside. all are wired to the den. the 5 rooms with 2 speakers each all have a volume control on the wall, but the den does not as i guess those 6...
  14. C

    My New Living Room Home Theater

    Hey, everyone! I have been lurking around here for a while but decided to register and become a new member so I could post some pics of a basic living room home theater I just set up. My wife has been wanting to refresh our living room and I had been thinking about a home theater so I convinced...
  15. E

    Denon X3500 vs s950 home theater and music

    I have 6 ceiling speakers (sonnance) Projector and screen I would like to do a 7.2 or 5.2 theater Max budget for receiver is $600 I loved the sound of Denon 3600 Cane afford it though I also have a few kitchen and dining room speakers that I would like to out in a. Totally different One just...
  16. david0513

    Help with our setup

    Dear members, –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I hope you are all well throughout this lockdown. I am looking to complete my home theatre/audio setup. I've currently got a Yamaha r-s202d receiver connected to 2 mx3 mission floorstanders. I'm still waiting to buy a TV (LG c9 hopefully) but I wanted to add...
  17. M

    New Home theatre, need advice.

    I'm working on setting up a 5.1.2 system in my basement. This is what I'm thinking so far but I have a couple questions... all my speakers are in wall/ceiling. RC85I for front and rear speakers, RC80I for Dolby ceiling speakers and VS255CRT for center. I am wondering first of all what height...
  18. S

    Question Hometheter in 160Sqft

    Hi, I am planning to setup a hometherer in 160Sqft (15 x 11) room. Planning Front LR Towers, LR Surround Bookshelf and rear In-Wall Speakers. 4 Nos Ceiling atmos. SUB is SVS PB1000. Can you prefer some good speakers for 7.1.4 channels setup ? Elac Debut, SVS Prime, Polk Signature , KEF...
  19. W

    Need suggestion on how to attach components (DirecTV dvr and Roku) to new home theater system

    Hi, I have a new home theater system that includes a Samsung q80 TV and a Sony STR-DN1070 receiver. I'm trying to find out if it's best to plug my DirecTV and Roku into my home theater system or directly into the TV via HDMI. I do have an ARC connection from the TV to the receiver. I would think...
  20. V

    Question KEF R700 vs KEF Q950 / Home Theater Upgrade

    Hi Guys, I am quite new here, also just starting my audio journey. I am planning on upgrading my current 5.1.2 system. I have a Home Theater in a Box 5.1 Setup, to which I added ceiling speakers for atmos and I am not quite happy with it . I bought it as I was on a tight Budget back then...
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