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  1. E

    Home Cinema Build advice please!!

    Hello, I have began my home cinema project with an onyko htr380 av receiver (hdmi) and a benq pb2140 projector (vga), which I will use to play blu rays from my ps4. I plan on using a vga to hdmi adaptor to connect the receiver and the projector. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on...
  2. G

    Question Best speaker selection in tight space for small home cinema?

    Hi All! –– ADVERTISEMENT –– It's been a while since I've been on but as with most - the bug eventually starts to bite again and I'm back. I originally started building my sound system 8 yrs ago in a different house with different space. This was the kef Q range. Since then I moved house and...
  3. N

    For Sale Mordaunt Short Avant 903i + Avant904i + Avant905i 5 Home Cinema Speakers set

    Mordaunt-Short complete home cinema package. Avant 903i + Avant904i + Avant905i, 5 Home Cinema Speakers package. In great condition apart from minor damage to one corner. Cannot be seen from front and does not affect performance. Sounds amazing.
  4. A

    New Home Cinema Setup - help appreciated

    Hi all! I'm new to AV setups but am in the process of refurbishing the house and we will be putting a decent large TV in the basement. The layout of the area is below - it's basically 5m x 6m space (ignore the red lines in the picture). Wood flooring but with a mighty big rug covering about half...
  5. Rizvan

    Garage Conversion Home Cinema. Dolby Vision & Atmos.

    Hi all, thought I would share the latest photo's of my Home Cinema. The home was a new build which I had the garage converted (too narrow for modern day cars). I have split the room into two sections using a black out curtain and used the smaller area for a study. The remaining area is for my...
  6. S

    My first home cinema building on the attic.

    The first steps of building a home cinema on my attic. I bought new speakers from Q Acoustic die to start using with my old Kef Kub2 sub. 4x 3010i 1x 3090ci 2x 3050 I am going to provide the space with cabling for later Atmos if necessary. I have also decided to work with a projector (budget...
  7. B

    Living Room / Home Cinema

    Hi All, My first ever post and home cinema. Me and my wife recently moved into our new home. She wanted a new Evonic Fire for the living room so decided while that was going to be installed I would install a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup. Bought TV a while ago which is a 65 inch UHD 4k Samsung...
  8. mkohman

    4 x Sealed Dayton Audio Ultimax UM18-22 18" (Build Thread)

    Hey Guys, Thought it would be fun to create a build thread for my new crazy build which will consist of 4 x Dayton Ultimax 18" in sealed enclosures. The dimensions of each enclosure is 560mm (height) x 560mm (wide) x 548mm (deep), technically a traditional cubic style sub which is just over 4cu...
  9. M

    For Sale Canton Movie 265 - 5.1 Home Cinema Surround Sound System - Black

    Canton Movie 265 - 5.1 Home Cinema Surround Sound System - Black Perfectly adapted components and sophisticated technology ensure intense effects, rich bass, clear dialogue and the perfect home cinema experience. Set consists of two front speakers, a central speaker, two rear speakers, passive...
  10. C

    Home cinema newbie

    Hey guys and gals, I'm a newbie at home cinema and am looking to build a 2.1 system initially. I'm working with a budget of about £800 including the receiver. Looking for recommendations for the entire setup please. Fyi room approximately 3x2 m and sitting approx 6 feet from TV.
  11. gigavault

    Home Cinema with headphones

    As per subject, I'm looking to setup a home cinema system, with a television set about 55" to 65" wide with an audio system geared towards supporting 4-6 headphone sets. Where do I start, and what particular products should I start investigating. It's my first post in a while. I look forward to...
  12. Clickme

    Question Planning a basic home cinema install.

    So I've been given the green light to clear out a large spare room in our house to turn into a home cinema/spare lounge and just wanted some thoughts and opinions on speaker size and layout to see if I'm really making the most of the space I have. The room dimensions are 4m x 7m long and...
  13. Rubsies

    Upgrading receiver and speakers for home cinema and gaming

    Looking for some advice from the gods of AV! I currently have the following TV - LG 55B7V Monitor - BENQ EW3270U AV - Onkoyo HT-R558 Speakers (x4) - Onkoyo SKF-558 Front speaker - Onkoyo SKC-391 4k DVD player - Sony UBP-X800 Sub Woofer - Onkoyo SKW-558 Gaming System - Sony PS4 Pro Gaming - 50%...
  14. S

    First home cinema in the attic.

    Have drawn up a plan and would like to hear your opinon about my first design in terms of layout and placement speakers in the attic. My speakers will be: q acoustic: (4x) 3010i 3090ci (2x)3050 Kef Kub2 7.1 set up
  15. B

    For Sale Marantz 1403 slim home cinema amplifier

    Hi, If you don’t need 4K and Atmos, this could be your ampli. Upgraded because I needed 2 hdmi out, but it sounds the same than his big brother. I’m in Hull area, but boxed in the box of his big brother, so if you pay the delivery, it’s ok. 90 pounds plus delivery
  16. Mayandi2

    Question Bespoke Home Cinema Cabinet

    As mentioned elsewhere we are moving to a penthouse and I am getting Home Cinemas installed in the lounge and master bedroom. the layout of the rooms is such that ready-made cabinets may not fit in and so I may have to get it done bespoke. In the master bedroom especially, it will have to be...
  17. L

    Is this cheap/bodge home cinema set up dangerous for my speakers?

    Hi I have bodged together a surround sound set up in my small office, using bits and pieces of equipment I had spare. I use a USB 7.1 soundcard from my PC connected to a Creative T7700 Subwoofer/amp, my speakers are all then connected to the T7700 Subwoofer/Amp. I've also connected an Echo Dot...
  18. H

    Home Cinema Installers Manchester Area

    Hi, I am in the middle of a large extension which will be a combined Kitchen/Dining/Living area (the usual open plan with vaulted ceiling and Velux windows). I am looking for recommendations of good installers in the Manchester area. I am looking to have a Dolby Atmos system fitted with in...
  19. djkutasi

    Wanted 5.1 Home cinema speaker set up

    I am looking to buy smallish 5.1 speakers, with an active subwoofer. The budget can be 'flexible' but was thinking something like B&W M1/M2s, Monitor Audio MASS or Q Acoustics Q7000 or something similar. Let me know guys. Cheers. :)
  20. F

    Question Some advice required for first time projector & screen home cinema

    Hi all, I'd like to tap some experienced owners for some advice on setting myself up with a projector and screen. I've some idea of what I want to avoid and what my end goals might be but not much idea of what to avoid in terms or hardware or what I should be going for. Here's a sketch of the...
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