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Home cinema, also commonly called home theater or home theatre, refers to home entertainment systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood using video and audio equipment in or outside a private home. As of 2015, system users typically use a large projected image from a video projector or a large flat-screen high-resolution HDTV system, a movie or other video content on a DVD or high-resolution Blu-ray disc, which is played on a DVD player or Blu-ray player, with the audio augmented with five or more surround sound speakers and at least one low-frequency subwoofer.

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  1. P

    For Sale Benq tk850

    For sale Benq tk850 - in good working order. Bought it just over 2 years ago brand new. Sold with original box, remote and power cable. Equivalent lamp hours= 2674.
  2. I

    For Sale Home Cinema Seperate Speakers - GALE Fronts, JAMO rears, Sony Centre

    Selling off Home Cinema Speakers, all working fine, some cosmetic marks on speakers like a bracket hole on the Sony centre and some touch up on one of the Gale fronts. Collection only for the speakers
  3. I

    For Sale Sony Home Cinema Amp STR-DB 1070

    Sony Home Cinema Amp for Sale 6.1 Amplifier work perfect, however the bottom buttons on the standard learning remote do not work, hence supplying another remote from which the volume can be controlled. All settings can be configured on the Amp itself, the learning remote does allow input...
  4. Kessel10

    New AVR + Amp setup

    Hello, My name is Ed and I was searching for some information about a home cinema setup with a good stereo setup. I am searching the internet en watching YouTube nonstop but I am getting a headache of all the information. I bought a powernode n330 two weeks ago second hands for 600euro. Now...
  5. tolmasky

    Has anyone gotten HT-A9 ethernet to work?

    I have two HT-A9s, and neither seems to ever recognize the ethernet cable. I've gone through the instructions here [1], but it never seems to recognize the fact that its connected to ethernet, and thus always asks me to join WiFi. All my other devices are connected via ethernet just fine...
  6. H

    Question Home cinema room design

    Hi all, I am building a new home and need some help with room design. I have the opportunity to design from scratch so would like some advise on what dimensions are ideal for home cinema acoustics and have a great immersive experience. Home Theater Design & Installation - Audio Advice have a 3d...
  7. S

    Comments on my plan for home cinema?

    I started by planning a modest upgrade to my home cinema. Hehe, after browsing the forum for a month, the budget has gone up and up. I would be interested to hear comments on my plan as it now stands. Rear – Dali Lektor 2 (sim to Spektor 2). I have these already and really like the sound...
  8. outwar6010

    Wanted 120hz projector

    Does anyone have a 1080p 120 hz projector? Under a hundred is the budget
  9. milano j

    For Sale 2 x Rel S8/12's

    2 x S8/12's one Subwoofer is 2 months old the other is 4 weeks old,as new, not a blemish on either,both come with Rel's 3 year warranty and original retailers receipts,original packaging is in perfect condition,reason for sale these stunning looking subs are far too powerful for my room and...
  10. Topmetom 2

    For Sale Ati 523nc class d power.REDUCED.

    Back again… the 5 has just sold on the bay…not the preferred way to sell tbh…anyways… Ati 523 nc 3 channel power amp for sale . It is black and works perfectly. Ive just removed it from the system as I bought A35.2 to use as mono blocks. Please check out ati-amp.com for specs etc.. boxed with...
  11. B

    Curse of London Living

    Looking to replace my LCR with in wall speakers after a long suffering wife who likes the big projector screen but hates the speakers. Unfortunately it's flat living for us being in central London. Have very reasonable neighbours but still want to be considerate back, walls are dot & dab (decent...
  12. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Home AV Podcast: What is the future of Home Cinema? ISE show report and more…

    In this week’s podcast, we have show reports from ISE, the largest home integration show on the planet which took place in Barcelona at the end of January, Plus, what are the big trends in home theater for 2024 and are the trends of audio downsizing and large screen TVs threatening the...
  13. G

    For Sale Zidoo Z9S

    Hi all Selling this as I have a Pro version - in very good condition with remote, power lead, HDMI cable etc. Delivery by Royal Mail Tracked included. Cheers!
  14. B

    For Sale IOTA AVXP1 x 2 (Unopened) 7-Channel Power Amps

    2 x IOTA AVXP1's (New, Unopened) These were bought some years ago for a project that never happened (Kids came along! Needed the room, that was to be my cinema, for a bedroom) They are brand new, never opened and have sat in the spare room since purchase 15/9/2017. (These are not from the...
  15. 69COU

    For Sale Audioquest Rocket 33 - 5m speaker cable pair. & Linn Axis turntable upgraded.

    Elevate your audio experience with these high-quality AudioQuest Rocket 33. This Double Star-Quad Geometry "Rocket" cable does not look normal on the outside, and it is not at all normal on the inside. A sophisticated combination of extraordinary materials and extremely refined design allows the...
  16. colinb4987

    Interim light touch layout

    TL;DR what does the crowd here think is my best option for harnessing all this extant infrastructure to get the most immersion for the least outlay? So, this is a follow-on to my other recent thread on soundbars. To expand a bit, I need to find a semi-interim (my take) or semi-permanent (my...
  17. M

    For Sale SONY TA RB 940 amp

    Sony TA RB 940 amplifier in mint silver with remote one of Sonys best Stockport area 120 cash on pickup superb sound
  18. E

    Buying my first sub...but mainly for music

    Hi everyone Not a regular visitor here, but looking for some advice about my first sub. I have a bluesound powernode and Dali Oberons, so not exactly high end gear, just decent enough. It's mainly about listening to music and watching music DVDs/blu rays. Am not interested in 5.1/7.1 etc. A...
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