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  1. R

    Wanted WANTED Onkyo TX-SR333 Home Cinema AV Receiver OR SIMILAR

    Hello all, As the title says I am looking to upgrade slightly on what I have at the moment ( Onkyo TX SR605). I have not kept up with tech so have lost touch on what is available but does anyone have one of these gathering dust? The last one on the forums I believe sold for £80 plus post as a...
  2. raduv1

    UST home cinema in a conservatory ?

    Yup I know its a bit weird but hear me out and tell me I can not do it . First off the bat this is not for daytime use and I can not fit anything other than my 55" OLED in the living room . I've recently changed out my Denon AVR X2200W, SVS 2000 and B&W M1s for the Sonos Arc package in the...
  3. D

    For Sale Sony STR-DN1050 home cinema amp

    Upgraded to a Denon 3400 for better 2 channel sound so this needs to go... Sony STR-DN1050 home cinema amp. 7.2 channels and supports 4k passthrough. Review here: Home review No box but includes the remote, setup mic and tuner aerial. A few scratches and one slight dent. One issue is there a...
  4. Mohtarshe

    Mains conditioner and Powerline adapter?

    Hi, I'm new to the home entertainment setup and i need some clarification. My setup will look something like this: LG CX 55" tv LG SN9YG sound bar Panasonic UB9000 4k player Playstation 5 I'll be connecting these to a Tacima 6 Way Mains Conditioner which i was recommended, is it enough to...
  5. N

    Help needed want to purchase the sound AV AMP for Home Cinema.

    Hello, - Finally going to prchase kit - looking for the sound system first. I have seen this as it's below £1k - is it good enough, I know you can spend any amount but does thos have everything I will need to connect a projector and the multiple HDMI video sources...
  6. JCC123

    What to consider when buying high quality loudspeaker for home cinemas

    Hi, we are university students currently working on a project related to home cinemas. We made a short survey to understand what people considered important when it comes to home cinemas (ex. design, sound, etc.) If you have had a home cinema or are looking for one, your input would help us a...
  7. R

    First home cinema setup for a small room

    Hi guys, I'm planning to build my first home cinema setup. The size of the room I'm renewing is 8,5 X 14 X 10 feet (255 X 4,70 X 300 cm). I would like to fit into this space this setup: Klipsch Front Rp8000 x2 Center rp504 Rear rp502s x2 Subwoofer spl120 Is this configuration too big for the...
  8. D

    For Sale Arcam SR250 home cinema stereo receiver

    For sale mint condition Arcam SR250. Floor model from my former Hi-Fi store. Otherwise unused. All accessories included. Thanks for browsing. Continental USA shipment only
  9. kenshingintoki

    ~Good light fittings for home cinema room

    Sadly I'm slowly going into the rabbit hole. Noticed that on my ceiling I can clearly see my gold & glass little petal light fitting when the PJ is on. I'd like something more sleeker so that when the PJ is on, the room is darkness rather than something shining. Is anything available which is...
  10. B

    home cinema sound and projector help/ recommendations 3.5k budget

    Hello, Hoping for some advice, guidance or recommendations. I am converting my detached garage into a bar/movie room. Currently boarding out, insulating and sorting out the power. All of this work I can do myself or pay (electrician, plasterer etc), and I’m pretty confident I know what's what...
  11. E

    For Sale Samsung home cinema speakers and subwoofer

    Samsung Home Cinema Surround Sound with subwoofer and speakers in pristine fully working condition, comes with all leads and connectors and remote. Can be used as one whole speaker or 2 separate speakers with stands. (See in photos)
  12. J

    Home Cinema - 3k Budget

    Hi all, I've just moved into a new house and was looking to install a 5.1 system. I'm definitely a rookie in this area, so any recommendations would be welcomed. My budget is 3k, including profession installation. Ideally I'd like ceiling speakers too, but aware that my budget would likely...
  13. coliander

    Using Sonos Port as receiver for Home Cinema headphone setup.

    I'm currently using a Sonos Arc, Sub and 2x Play:1's as a 5.1/Atmos Speaker setup in my living room. I'd like to use headphones when watching movies late at night. Would a Sonos Port coupled with a headphone amp be viable for this? I'm unsure whether Sonos would stream the HDMI ARC signal to...
  14. J

    Panasonic TX-L55WT50B TV. Problem with Sony Home Cinema Unit. Sound but No Picture.

    I have a Panasonic TX-L55WT50B TV and a Sony BDV-E880 Home Cinema Unit. They have been working fine for over 10 years. They were working the last time I used it to watch a DVD about a month ago. But yesterday playing a DVD results in sound but no picture. It’s connected to the HDMI 2 (ARC) Port...
  15. M

    For Sale For Sale - Audica 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker system

    I have for sale an Audica 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker system. This is a great set of speakers in very good condition, small chip to the finish of the subwoofer (see picture), only selling as we have moved house and we cannot fit them in our new home. The set produces fantastic sound and produce an...
  16. mcbarlow

    What speakers should I buy?

    Looking to add front speakers, sub, and rear speakers here. Already to overhead speakers in the ceiling. Moving into the house and wanting to replicate something similar to shown. I’m concerned that the cabinet with the side walls may mess up rear ported bookshelf speakers. The base of the...
  17. Rob Sinden

    Promoted Steinway Lyngdorf – The Ultimate Music and Home Cinema System

    A Steinway Lyngdorf thread seems overdue, so here is my attempt to describe their benefits. Steinway Lyngdorf combine a range of technologies that remove the distortion found in other audio systems. They are only available as complete systems, but these systems will outperform any other...
  18. Eng0643

    Conversion from Home Cinema to Stereo Audio, Dual Sub Amp Replacement.

    Hi, We are currently in the process of changing over a redundant outside Home cinema system to a stereo audio system. Currently there is a Denon 4011 series AVR driving 2x rear speakers Sonance XTR, Pair front L/R speakers Sonance VP65R-XT, 1x left sub and 1 x right sub Sonance VPXT8R, the...
  19. G

    Home Cinema replacement

    Hello! I decided to upgrade my old 5.1 Home Cinema to a 7.2. Presently I have a Marantz NR 1504 and an Aragon 4004. I use for front speakers the Infinity Kappa 8 and for rear (2x75watts + 2x75watts), center (150 watts) and subwoofer 75watts all the Rock Solid series. I have decided to keep...
  20. chrkots

    Home cinema speaker setup

    hello, i need some help with my new setup. i already own the denon 2700h and its time to buy my 7.1 speakers. so, i was thinking about the dali spector. i have some questions though. 1. if i use 2x spector 2 , as front left and front right, how would it sound VS the spector 6? 2. some...
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