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  1. S

    Home amp/receiver with multiple rooms and iPhone compatibility

    Hi. I’m moving in to a new place soon and will be hitting the property and going from scratch. I’d like to set up an audio system so I can have speakers in all rooms (speakers tbc) and control from an iPhone/iPad, but be able to play music from an iPhone or guest iPhone pretty simply. I’m...
  2. JCC123

    What to consider when buying high quality loudspeaker for home cinemas

    Hi, we are university students currently working on a project related to home cinemas. We made a short survey to understand what people considered important when it comes to home cinemas (ex. design, sound, etc.) If you have had a home cinema or are looking for one, your input would help us a...
  3. mcbarlow

    What speakers should I buy?

    Looking to add front speakers, sub, and rear speakers here. Already to overhead speakers in the ceiling. Moving into the house and wanting to replicate something similar to shown. I’m concerned that the cabinet with the side walls may mess up rear ported bookshelf speakers. The base of the...
  4. N

    Having issues with poor sound quality from a home-made speaker setup

    Hi All, So, I have a project on the go in which I am trying to bring back to life a set of old car speakers in a home setup within a custom housing and home network connectivity so that I can play music synchronously over several speaker units (the setup involves a raspberry pi and is not...
  5. S

    HDMI freeview signal issue

    So I recently purchased a new tv LG 50UN80006LC I also have an LG home theatre system modal BH7440P for the freeview I have. ONE FOR ALL SV9143 Full HD Amplified Indoor TV Aerial using 2 sandstorm hdmi silver edition 3m And sandstorm optical cable 3m silver edition So my tv Setup is Xbox...
  6. coolajami

    Where is the DAC on this setup?

    Hi everyone. This is may be a trivial question, but I've really cannot find the answer wherever I've looked! so here it goes: I've have an office setup, where I'm connecting a MacBook Pro to a thunderbolt 3 Dock (Caldigit TS3+), that has an optical audio output, where I connect a set of active...
  7. Kwekelaa

    Yamaha TSR-700 Issue

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a mid-range receiver which replaced my old receiver. So far things are going great. Except for one issue. I seem to be having an audio issue. So I am hoping some of you can give me some advice. Current issue: I'm currently having issues with my sound. The...
  8. S

    Klipsch r-115sw VS SVS

    Hi I have to subwoofers to chose from, the price isn't an issue. I've read good reviews on both, and the advantages of having a larger driver. But I cannot decide on between the Klipsch r-115sw or the SVS PB2000. Please help!
  9. D

    Soundsystem with Oberon

    Hi, So i think ive decided to go back on my first decision and getting Dali Oberon 5 or 7s because of the color of the new furniture, instead of getting Klipsch RP-600M. On a post a member here wrote that the Oberons really need power and i was under the impression that they didnt need that...
  10. S

    Svs pb-1000 vs Monolith 10 thx

    Hi As the title suggests. Both within my budget, chose ported over sealed. But stuck between these 2 subwoofers. Which one would you recommend? Mostly for movies. Thanks
  11. JrM1

    Plz suggest: Pioneer BS22LR vs Yamaha NS-8390 vs Polk T50

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, so not sure if this is the right way to put my query.. but anyway here it goes: I am planning to buy a pair of front speaker to hook-up to my Yamaha HTR-2064 receiver( Yamaha YHT-196 HTIB). I have shortlisted below 3 speakers: Pioneer BS22LR, Yamaha NS-8390 and...
  12. S

    Q Acoustics or Jamo?

    Hi I am now deciding on my final 2 speakers for my HCP. (room size 17ft x 13ft). This is between the Jamo s803 or Q Acoustics 3020. These would be my front speakers but I am going for the 5.1. Which front speakers would you recommend? I've seen so many reviews and both are very good.
  13. J

    How to match receiver with speakers?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here and this is my first post! I’m just getting into home audio and currently looking at starting a small set up for my living room that I could later build on for my wife and me to enjoy. I am a bit confused as there is so much conflicting information out there regarding...
  14. H

    Yamaha aventage rx-a860

    I’m looking into getting an av receiver and I have found this, the person is asking 525 would this be a fair price?
  15. R

    Best Audiosettings for kodi

    HI all, I am new to Kodi player. I have installed kodi player on mi MITV 4K 55" with AVR Denon 7.1 and it works over ARC I just want to configure it for hi-fi, some one please advise me to configure it better sound. Since i have a AVR already, I dont want to enable any kind of DSP setting.. I...
  16. G

    Question 5.1.4 dolby atmos yamaha or polk?

    Hi folks I am planning to build up my home theatre system. Would like to know your thoughts/suggestions on the following configs for a 11ft X 12 ft room with 5.1.4 config and the seating at the back wall. Config 1: Polk with Onkyo AVR: Onkyo TX-RZ 730 Center: Polk T30 Front Left/Right: Polk...
  17. D

    Question Home theatre in ceiling home audio setup

    Hello all. First post here and not very knowledgeable with the AV world. Am doing some refurbishment in my flat and was looking to install in ceiling speakers in all of the rooms and make it surround sound in the living room. The necessary speaker cable has been set out in the entire flat to...
  18. L

    New to all this - help needed for high end complex system

    Hi, This is all completely new to me so excuse the lack of knowledge. Recently I have worked on bringing a fantastic audio system back to life which is currently installed in an outbuilding of my house. I would massively appreciate any help I can get as I'm trying to configure this almost from...
  19. J

    NAD T758v3

    Hi, Ive just brought the Nad T758 v3. Im trying to setup up my speakers with the dirac and microphone. When finished measuring the sound i receive... after measurement with code “missing sample error” Can anyone point me in the right direction..? Thanks
  20. Walinen

    Question Upgrading, where should i start ?

    Hello, im looking to upgrading my cheap hometheater setup. Imgur Speakers are Simex home cinema 2, which i got for 100€ used. Subwoofer has blown amplifier, so im using another amplifier specifically for subwoofer. They have zero faults and all sound good. Avs are Pioneer VSX-817 7.1 &...
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