1. RobinOfLoxley

    Childhood Holidays and Happy Memories?

    We had similar holidays at my Grandparents tiny country cottage, in darkest Shropshire around 1971 Only a rough, earth farm track to within 200 yds of it. Rest across a field of cows. Mum was terrified we'd get trampled The well hand-pump (like a draught beer bar pump) kept breaking but my Dad...
  2. Mystery Man

    Holidays in the uk with the kids

    So moved our foreign holiday to next year but still fancy a few nights away somewhere this year but in the UKand nothing so far is filling me with much excitement. I stay near Edinburgh and have been looking all over for something which appeal to 2 adults and 2 young kids, where do you all...
  3. D

    Holidays abroad and non-essential foreign travel

    Why don't the government stop airlines flying holiday makers abroad rather than fine those attempting to go? And to swing it round slightly, why have some people taken it as gospel that from 17th May we would have been able to go to Spain etc? It was always written in pencil. It was always...
  4. Stuart Wright

    Has anyone changed their travel arrangements because of Coronavirus?

    Anyone worried enough to change their holiday plans? Or do you think it's fine to go on holiday to places where there hasn't been a larger outbreak?
  5. Red City

    Feed back on Boston

    Can anyone give me any feedback on Boston USA? I'm looking at going next September. Places to stay, see transport and so on. Thanks
  6. Raincast

    Winter Christmas Cheers 4K - 2min.

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's our Christmas Eve celebration filled with food, gifts, Bingo, karaoke and family! It's 1:58 minutes long (or short) and I just wanted to share it with you. I submitted this video to the "Share your country’s Christmas spirit with your DJI device" contest. A...
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