1. mightymax76

    HMV Loyalty App

    A few weeks ago, I received an email from HMV informing me they’re bringing back their loyalty points scheme. This is fantastic news, and they’re honouring your previous points (in a fashion). The problem I’ve encountered, is actually activating my account. I go via their app (iOS), enter my...
  2. Trollslayer

    HMV at risk (again)

    HMV on brink of second collapse Expensive space and competing with online retailers, not good.
  3. RedDevil85

    VHS Range (HMV/Zavvi Exclusives)

    Link: VHS Range Release date: 30/07/2018 2 for £25
  4. IGC

    Bargain HMV 5 for £30 -new titles

    Quite a lot of new stuff added here and Arrow seems to have its own section here Amazon of course pretending to care by dropping a few of their prices but still nowhere near the HMV deal if buying 5 items.
  5. Bakey

    Lack of Blu-rays in HMV

    I'm in Ipswich and our large 2 floor HMV shop has moved to a much smaller unit. I can obviously understand why they did this as the rent on the old shop must have been a lot. The shop has a good vinyl section, and a selection of film memorabilia, graphic novels etc but the number of blu-rays is...
  6. cmdrmarc

    Bargain HMV - Blurays for £4.49

    My local HMV is useless for organising their offers, but in the main A-Z section were a whole bunch of reasonably new titles for £4.49, marked as 50% off from £8.99. Complete list of titles: Split Jason Bourne Star Trek Beyond Allied Top Gun Jaws Jack Reacher - Never Go Back xXx - The Return of...
  7. K

    HMV Pure - Bridge Over The River Kwai 4K £9.99

    Just picked this up at my local HMV today. Quite a low price for those who have an HMV Pure card.
  8. scrowe

    HMV Experience Today

    Here in Brighton the HMV in the Shopping Center closed down a year ago. Some dispute over renewing the lease allegedly. There is nowhere else other than CEX to shop for generalist DVD/Blu-Ray, albeit there are a few indy vinyl/cd outlets. Luckily they have just re-opened and wanted to relate my...
  9. RayP

    Problems registering at HMV

    Two days ago I registered with HMV at their store.hmv website. The initial process was successful and a message advised a confirmation email would be sent that would complete the process once the link in it was clicked. Well two days on I'm still waiting for the email. Tried applying again this...
  10. S

    Question HMV pure point

    I no a few of you have an pure point card :D,but having problems with mine,everytime i buy something it show on my receipt how may point i got,and the staff at HMV tell on some purchases i will get double points blu rays/4K UHD discs. But when i sign into my account on HMV website,no points...
  11. tim1982

    Question HMV in store question

    Does anyone know if hmv is selling the fast and furious 4k movies in store in the 2 for £30 offer? Don't want to wait for delivery but don't fancy a wasted trip if not.
  12. I

    Question HMV 2 for £30 in store too?

    As per title anyone know if the uhd blu ray deal that is online at HMV is available in store? My local one don't seem to want to answer the phone and don't want to drive along during lunch to find it's not on in store.. Want to pick up the hunger games discs to add to my collection.
  13. nickteale

    HMV orders

    All my HMV orders have disappeared from my account and I had preordered Jason Bourne which I believe is released on Monday. Has anyone else had this happen? I was wondering why the order hadn't been processed as they tend to ship on Fridays but nothing has been charged to my credit card.
  14. I

    Question HMV uhd Blu Ray?

    does anyone know if HMV sell uhd Blu Ray in store and have the same price and selections as online? Just got a Xbox one s and a new 4K tv at weekend but moved house on Friday and have no internet or sky q yet so no 4K source to try out the tv. Was going to pop along at lunch to get dead pool or...
  15. RedDevil85

    The Premium Collection (HMV Exclusive Blu-rays)

    Collection List: 1. Them! 2. Forbidden Planet 3. The Omega Man 4. Soylent Green 5. All the President's Men 6. Logan's Run 7. The Shining 8. Diner 9. Little Shop of Horrors 10. Gremlins 2: The New Batch 11. King Kong 12. The Adventures of Robin Hood 13. Excalibur 14. The Mission 15. Jason and...
  16. mezzz

    Bargain Expired HMV 5 for £30 (or 3 for £20)

    I was in HMV in MK this weekend and noticed this current offer. I'm aware there seems to always be this kind of offer on, but I managed to pick up The Walk, Straight Outta Compton, Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge for £30. Thought it might be useful for people to post any gems they find in...
  17. edgeley

    Bargain Expired HMV: 5 Blu rays for £30 still good

    I have been adding to my Arrow film collection through HMV using this promotion and getting great savings.
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