1. urichris

    10-15m HMDI cable capable of 4k 60 HDR?

    Is there such a thing? Wanting to connect my gaming PC (upstairs) to my OLED (living room) and it's not working as I would like using my Shield and GameStream.
  2. B

    HMDI cable with small plug surround...

    Hi All, Bit of an odd one this. I'm getting my house redecorated, and the builder has put conduit in the walls to run HDMI cables, but it's too narrow for the (old) HMDI cables I already have. I found these on Amazon: But 2m is just a little too short. I could do with 3-4 metres. The issue...
  3. A

    HMDI over Cat 5E module

    Hello all. New to this forum as I am having an issue and hope somebody could provide with some guidance. I am installing hidden HDMI behind a TV and below a unit with wall plates to plug into for the services. I have two of these HDMI modules and due to the thickness of the wall have run the...
  4. S

    HMDI switcher

    Hi Need an HMDI switcher, which one is best ? HMDI lead coming out of TV, then into splitter, for plugging in an Sony PS3 and Nintendo Switch for best P/Q, inc 60 Hz and 1080p,but in case Nintendo upgrade their Switch up to say 4K 60 Hz,one that would cover that as well.. Any advise would...
  5. A

    Lack of HMDI inputs - solution?

    HI all, I am short 1 HDMI input on my tv and was wondering if there is a decent yet simple 2 into 1 automatic hdmi switch that won't compromise quality. Ideally it will switch between a nintendo switch and an xbox series x, neither of which will ever be on at the same time. Any advice?
  6. K

    Connect PC to TV and AVR via HMDI

    Hi, I am new to this forum so bare with me if I post the wrong place. What I am trying to do, unsuccessfully I might add, is to utilize the HDR function on my Samsung 2020 8k TV from my PC and also get audio from my Primare SP32 4k KVM pre-amp. Also I want to connect my TV box to the TV and...
  7. Buhaj47

    Question Does HDMI ARC add input lag?

    While I had my PS4 Pro connected to my TV (Sony XF90) directly, I noticed a lipsync issue in some games (use a Yamaha BAR 400). Now I connected my PS4 to the soundbar to utilize HDMI ARC. The lipsync issue is alleviated, but does the soundbar add input lag? I didn't notice it myself.
  8. F

    cheap Switch dock or hmdi connector

    HI, Can anyone recommend a 3rd party dock or usb C to HDMI adapter I can use to connect my Switch to another TV the offical Dock is not connected too. Dont care if its a dock or adpater. If possible it would need to have a power supply as well and if not included can any one recommendation...
  9. Bonoscot

    Looking for a 4k UHD HMDI lead 10m Plus

    Im about to purchase either of the following projectors in the next day or 2 Optoma UHD40 Optoma UHD300x Optoma UDD51 My projector is about 10m cable length away from my reciever,anyone have good options for playing 4k uhd movies through.
  10. M

    How to Verify which channels are getting signals

    Hello I am really stuck. I have a brand new SCLX904 with an Xbox One X I have updated the firmware on the receiver and factory reset. I am not sure if its Hulu, Xbox, the receiver or the speakers. I am looking for a device(s) I could place in between the hdmi signal (xbox to receiver), as...
  11. ahaydock

    Question Arcam AVR550 and Apple TV 4K Input

    I took delivery of a new Arcam AVR550 today and not had very long to listen to it, but what I have heard has seriously impressed me and that's before Dirac. However I cannot get the AVR to see my Apple TV 4K as 4K if that make sense?! The AVR says 1080p and the ATV won't let me select more that...
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