1. Garry123

    Hive multizone - control hot water upstairs and downstairs

    I am moving to a new house and will be fitting Hive Multizone. With Multizone the extra receiver only allows for controlling the heating in that zone and not the hot water. I wanted to use a dual receiver to be able to control the hot water upstairs as well as downstairs. I did think it would...
  2. mr starface

    Hive Going Wonky

    Has anyone had issues with their Hive switching the heating on randomly? Mine has been doing it for a few weeks despite Hive insisting the heating isn't on, schedules are switched off as well. I did a full reset of it yesterday in the hopes would help but again today its come on by itself. If...
  3. D

    Buying used Hive equipment?

    Hi all, I'd like to add a Hive security system to my hub, which is currently only doing the heating. I'm aware that hub's can't be transferred between owners, but does anyone know about other products? Is it possible to pair previously owned sensors/keypads/sirens etc with my hub or are they...
  4. E

    Advice needed on dumb/smart TRV for home with Hive installed.

    Hi We have just moved into a 4 bedroom home with Hive installed and have been told by Hive that we have to buy a new hub for £60, the previous owners aren’t allowed to deregister it and assigned to us. Before I go ahead and order the hub, I just wanted to get some feedback on having better...
  5. P


    HIVE SECURITY HOME ALARM SYSTEM We live in a large, 2 storey, detached house that is approached via a 130 ft (40 metre) private drive. The property has 5 bedrooms, two reception rooms and a large kitchen. The overall square footage of the house is 3,000 sq ft (280 sq metres). There are 6...
  6. wormvortex

    Smart thermometer/humidity compatible with hive

    Are there any thermometers out there that are compatible with Hive? I’d like to be able to see the temperatures/humidity of various rooms in my house but not interested in the smart radiator add ons.
  7. wormvortex

    Installing hive

    Was looking at purchasing hive so removed my current programmer which is a sunvic select 207 XLS and this is what's connected. I've already got a new backplate to replace the current broken one. Looking at hive it has all the terminals mentioned but mine has nothing on terminals 1 and 2...
  8. A

    Can I disconnect Hive from Wifi as it's draining internet speeds

    Hi, we recently had Hive installed after our boiler pump failed. Whilst it works well, we live in an area with very poor internet and it's draining what little speed we have. Can we disconnect the hub from the wifi and if so how, and will we still be able to have the heating on? Or do we need to...
  9. DPinBucks

    Justified Rant Against Hive? Or Was I Being Phished? Or Neither?

    Bear with me, it's a longish post. You may know from another thread that I have recently discarded Hive heating products in favour of Honeywell (which are working pretty well, btw). So as I don't like links with people I don't deal with lurking around cyberspace, I went on to the Hive...
  10. Smurfin

    Nest, Hive or Tado?

    Hi all Moving into my new house in a couple of week's time, and whilst I have an electrician onsite it makes sense to sort out my heating. I've got a combi boiler with a standard thermostat and controller currently. The big Q is, which automated control system should I buy? I've had Hive in...
  11. J

    Help in pairing Hive

    Hi all, we’ve had a new boiler installed in the house we’ve just bought and with it comes Hive. The thermostat on the wall works very effectively with the boiler, but for the life of me I can’t get the nano hub to pair with the thermostat, thus meaning I can’t use hive on the app. I have one...
  12. reevesy

    Anyone else having trouble with hive app?

    We'll hive app was working fine until recently...think it might have been after a recent update. Once I click on the app I get the devices screen come up...not the normal big circle with the current temp screen...selecting anything gets no response ..I can select all the options on the left...
  13. nictry

    Done with Hive heating - options to replace?

    Have had Hive for 8-9 years and of those 3 years in new house with two heating zones (top floor and combined middle/ground floor) recently the thermostat on downstairs zone kept losing connectivity with receiver by boiler (I don’t do anything it just reconnects by i - top floor was fine...
  14. J

    Hive Heating Not Communicating With Boiler

    I recently installed a Hive Active Wireless Heating package, but am having trouble with the system communicating with my combi boiler and would really appreciate some help. I'm not a certified electrician or plumber, but electrically competent, and think I'm 90% of the way there, but Hive won't...
  15. B

    SmartHome advice please - Nest or Hive?

    Evening all, Please be gentle as i am slightly confused with this whole SmartHome stuff. Ive been looking around for a while and have seen the Google Nest and Hive setups; is there any difference? I have absolutely no idea how to connect it all - i want the thermostat first and then followed...
  16. I

    Hive help-light schedule won't work

    Hi I have hive heating and now a number of hive bulbs. I recently added some bulbs to the hallway and landing. For some reason I can't get them to come on and off when set using the schedule. I can 'manually' turn them on and off using the app and also via Alexa so they are definitely...
  17. T

    HIVE help

    I have just purchased a HIVE active heating. My boiler is a basi M90e Compact_Service Manual.pdf I think I have a thermostat currently it’s always set to maximum I don’t really use it. I took the cover off and there’s a red...
  18. P

    Anybody help with google home and Hive coloured bulbs?

    Hive colour bulb only responds to pink, magenta, navy blue, no other colours from google home app or google voice command. Can someone test theirs for me please.
  19. kingslynnfc7

    Question HIve or New Learnining Thermostat

    Hi all, Im about to have a new boiler and radiators fitted in my 3 bedroom semi detached house. My Gas engineer has said I can either have a Nest or HIve system fitted. Im not to sure which one to go for. Things that are importmant to me are out of home control, Smart home integration with...
  20. Wersi

    Hive Heating

    Last year British Gas fitted my Hive2 and touch wood it works fine both from my Hive app and thermostat. The question I have relates to the box which replaced the actual time switch.. see picture below. In the picture ( top ) there's a green ( always on light ) and below left for hotwater...
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