A hive may refer to a beehive, an enclosed structure in which some honey bee species live and raise their young.
Hive may also refer to:

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  1. B

    Hive heating profiles

    I have a second home and have completely different settings for the heating run times, radiator thermostatic valve temperatures, security devices, lights, etc depending whether I'm at the second home or not. At present I have to change all those settings manually for each device. Does anyone...
  2. zantarous

    Time on Hive thermostat keeps changing automatically

    I moved into a new house about a month ago and it already had a Hive system installed. I set up a daily/weekly schedule but couldn't understand why the heating kept coming on about 30 minutes early. Then I noticed the time was 30 minutes out, so I set it back to what it should be. As a few days...
  3. 152bobby

    Question Hive Geolocation Option

    I just cannot find this option ANYWHERE in my Hive App settings in either Android or IOS and I'd like to try it out. Any ideas please ?
  4. Jason56d

    Hive app timings help

    Hopefully a simple one for someone to answer? Recently had Hive installed. Working fine, no issues till tonight. I'm a train driver and obviously work shifts. This week I am on earlies and been getting up around the same time, set Hive to come on for 60 mins or so to warm house up. Still warm...
  5. Flynch191

    What timings/ temperatures do you have your hive/smart TVR’s set to around the house?

    I’m interested on what temps (and timings if possible please) that owners of smart radiator valves use. So I’ve moved into a New House recently with Hive all setup and calibrated during the summer. Placed on all radiators except the one next to the main thermostat at the top of the stairs. Now...
  6. lynx

    Anyone help with Hive room stat connection.

    I have a Hive stat to connect. Currently I have a Honeywell CM 907 room stat - two wire. Looking online the Hive stuff mostly refers to conventional systems, H & DHW How should the Hive stat be connected, just the Hive end the boiler already has the cable run for the 907. If exact model...
  7. Altabani

    Hive app update

    Anyone else use Hive here? It started out great after I was given a Hub and two bulbs by British Gas for free in a promotion, and then went all in and probably have a grand or so's worth of kit. Worlds most expensive freebie. 39 bulbs, 5 cameras, 4 smart plugs and the heating. The app...
  8. kungfuman

    Stick with HIVE or try something else?

    So I have an early gen of the HIVE thermostat installed back in 2014. It has been reliable so far and does what I need it to do which is mainly having the ability to set temperature control and schedules on the phone. However, it looks like that my hub has been discontinued and is due to be...
  9. Thug

    Advice on Hive thermostat

    Being drawn in to Prime day and just ordered this Hive thermostat. Now reading some of the questions and answers some say it not compatible with a combi boiler, where others say it is, but i cant find that in the description or find one that is compatible. Do i need to cancel my order or is this...
  10. Y

    Replace old style Hive Stat with v3

    Hi, can I use my existing receiver when I upgrade the Hive thermostat to v3 or do I have to use the new receiver that came with the new stat please ? Thank you
  11. M

    Wiring A Hive Thermostat

    Hello All, Unfortunately my Nest Thermostat broke, so when an engineer came out, he did something (I think he added the red loop cable in) to by past the nest so my heating would work. However I have now opted to change from Nest to Hive. I am wiring up the hive receiver, using the guide which...
  12. M

    Wiring A Hive Receiver

    Hello All, Unfortunately my Nest Thermostat broke, so when an engineer came out, he did something (I think he added the red loop cable in) to by past the nest so my heating would work. However I have now opted to change from Nest to Hive. I am wiring up the hive receiver, using the guide which...
  13. N

    Hive hub - controlling from 'partner' account

    Friends have a heating system controlled by a Hive thermostat + receiver, along with a Hive hub connected to the Internet. This was sold to them when they had their boiler replaced by British Gas a few years ago. It certainly wasn't something they knew about or wanted, and as they are...
  14. Garry123

    Hive multizone - control hot water upstairs and downstairs

    I am moving to a new house and will be fitting Hive Multizone. With Multizone the extra receiver only allows for controlling the heating in that zone and not the hot water. I wanted to use a dual receiver to be able to control the hot water upstairs as well as downstairs. I did think it would...
  15. mr starface

    Hive Going Wonky

    Has anyone had issues with their Hive switching the heating on randomly? Mine has been doing it for a few weeks despite Hive insisting the heating isn't on, schedules are switched off as well. I did a full reset of it yesterday in the hopes would help but again today its come on by itself. If...
  16. D

    Buying used Hive equipment?

    Hi all, I'd like to add a Hive security system to my hub, which is currently only doing the heating. I'm aware that hub's can't be transferred between owners, but does anyone know about other products? Is it possible to pair previously owned sensors/keypads/sirens etc with my hub or are they...
  17. E

    Advice needed on dumb/smart TRV for home with Hive installed.

    Hi We have just moved into a 4 bedroom home with Hive installed and have been told by Hive that we have to buy a new hub for £60, the previous owners aren’t allowed to deregister it and assigned to us. Before I go ahead and order the hub, I just wanted to get some feedback on having better...
  18. P


    HIVE SECURITY HOME ALARM SYSTEM We live in a large, 2 storey, detached house that is approached via a 130 ft (40 metre) private drive. The property has 5 bedrooms, two reception rooms and a large kitchen. The overall square footage of the house is 3,000 sq ft (280 sq metres). There are 6...
  19. wormvortex

    Smart thermometer/humidity compatible with hive

    Are there any thermometers out there that are compatible with Hive? I’d like to be able to see the temperatures/humidity of various rooms in my house but not interested in the smart radiator add ons.
  20. wormvortex

    Installing hive

    Was looking at purchasing hive so removed my current programmer which is a sunvic select 207 XLS and this is what's connected. I've already got a new backplate to replace the current broken one. Looking at hive it has all the terminals mentioned but mine has nothing on terminals 1 and 2...
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