1. sheeno99

    Phillips 50pus6272 vs Hisense B7100

    Hisense is 300gbp on amazon Phillips is the same price used. Want a VA panel for mixed use as a monitor but mostly tv. Any other recommendations or specs i should be looking out for?
  2. P

    Hisense apps store stop working

    Hi, I just got my TV this morning and I have spent the day customizing the apps, settings, etc. After a factory reset, I have notice the apps store doesn't work anymore. I was able to install ss iptv from there hours ago so the store was working initially. My internet connection is fine so I...
  3. N

    Hisense 50B7500 Returned

    With a bit of sadness my Hisense 7500 has gone back to John Lewis. The picture was great but the other issues just piled up - Stutter/buffering on usb playback regardless of SSD/USB/HDD used and over multiple media that played fine on other devices HDMI ARC not outputting DD5.1 - worked fine...
  4. whatwentwr0ng

    Hisense U8b Location issue

    Basically after a factory reset I rescanned for channels. Scanning found over 100 channels but when the tv comes on there is only QVC on and I am unable to change channel or access any settings. After turning the tv off at the plug and on again the remote only works for the first 5ish seconds...
  5. H

    Best 43' - 50' TV for Netflix/gaming that's not Hisense?

    Hi all, Looking for a TV for gaming (PS4) and Netflix watching. Won't be watching sports or even regular cable TV. Budget is up to €500 or thereabouts. Size-wise, looking for something from 43' to 50'. House is small so can't go much larger. I've already consulted the guide, which is amazing...
  6. CannibalPyro

    Question I need a link for Hisense firmware download

    My Hisense 55h6d worked fine until I updated the firmware, next time I went to turn it on it stayed on the smart logo which was animated as normal, but a little longer than usual, then the tv goes to an all-black screen but the backlight is still on, then I have to unplug it to turn it off...
  7. P

    where app store 43B7500UK

    Hi everyone, i bought a 43B7500UK. I can't find a way to add apps. Do you know if it's possible? Thank you Pierre
  8. A

    H55B7500 screen edge brightness

    Hi I recently got the H55B7500 and everything is fine but the edges of the screen are noticeably brighter. Is this normal, something in the settings or is it a fault?
  9. S

    Question H65B7300UK Problem whilst on Freeview

    I recently purchased the above tv from Costco and so far happy with it. As of yesterday I have had whilst on Freeview a small black box showing ‘Not available’ in the bottom left hand part of the screen. I’ve gone through the remote and tv settings to try and remove it but no joy. I’ve been...
  10. Erkthesage

    40inch hisense t.v. with hmdi issues

    Im trying to ethier figure out how to factory reset the t.v. without the original remote or figure out a way to get a signal to the hmdi cables. I tried multiple ports and different hmdi cables and cant figure it out. Everything was working yesterday for years and all of a sudde. Idk what to do.
  11. Q

    Hello is the input lag or response time of the B7500 known?

    Hello ive been reading up on the recommended tvs in the 50" range on Dodgexander's " best value TVs, 2019-2020 Edition" thread (Thank you, excellent information) . And the B7500 seems to be the best bang for buck, however ill be using the tv for pc vidoe games as well as TV. The RU8000 (120hz)...
  12. Bacus

    Hisense to stop making OLED TV's.

  13. E

    YouTube app update?, random video and channel suggestions in feed

    So for the past couple of years I've been using my Hisense TV's built in YouTube App and it's been great for the most part. I never bothered to use an account as it never showed you video durations for some bizarre reason. Due to this, my watch history has resulted in a very nicely curated...
  14. S

    Hisense 55u7b

    I have just bought this tv and connected it to my sky q box via hdmi and also a blueray/home cinema system via hdmi arc.These both worked perfectly on my ols tv but now the sky q box freezes and can’t be turned off by the sky remote and needs to be rebooted. Sometimes on switching on the tv it...
  15. kenethc

    HiSense 55B8000UW video calibration settings

    Hi, Can someone kindly help with video calibration settings for HiSense 55B8000UW. Much appreciated.
  16. D


    Hi, New to the forum and looking for some advice/help. I recently swapped from my LG55SK8000PLB to the H55U8B. going by the reviews I watched online and other bits & bobs i've seen claiming the H55 was a better TV, My main question was the LG had a 100hz panel which I used for watching TV and...
  17. B

    Whats causing this on my 55" 7500? (Pic attached)

    Whats causing this on my 55" 7500? (Pic attached). Source was Sky Q via the mini in the bedroom. I get horrible pixelation and where there are lights in the scene flare really bad.
  18. M


    Hi, I've recently bought H657300UK. When I click thru dynamic backlight control (off/low/high) there is no change to the picture. Is this correct? I would expect to see some change - so is my tv broken? When i go into backlight from there, this is a 0 to 100 slider and this does adjust the...
  19. M

    Picture Mode

    Hi, Can anyone advise what, if any, the difference is with the different Picture Modes? I've recently bought H65B7300UK and use avs hd 709 disc to do basic calibration of brightness/contrast/colour/aspect ratio. I've switched everything else off except HDMI enhanced. When i click thru the...
  20. MercuryNine

    No Motion Interpretation?

    So watching the TVs (H9F) native Netflix app and watching a “Dolby Vision” program the soap opera effect doesn’t work lol, no matter what I do. With ultra 4K and HD in Netflix the soap opera effect works. Now I tested this again using my ps4 pro this time and I know ps4 don’t support Dolby...
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