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  1. G

    Question LED backlight issue

    Good evening to you all. I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong spot but I already looked through the rest of the website and could not find a more suitable place for it. If there is then please let me know...thank you. As for me question...I have a 55" Hisense smart tv which...
  2. C

    Question HISENSE H39A5600UK

    Hi there I’m at the end of my tether with this,I’m sure it was after a update, the tv starts up and then restarts and keeps going on like that I have tried Hisense uk, and they need the receipt which I can not find anywhere so I tried Germany and now radio silence there too.... is there any...

    H43A6140/Freebox-HDMI CEC

    Lorsque j eteins ma tele, ma Freebox ne s eteint pas Lorsque j allume ma tele, ma Feeebox ne s allume pas Lorsque j allume ma Freebox, ma tele ne s allume pas Lorsque j eteins ma Freebox, ma tele ne s eteint pas
  4. T

    Hisense 100 inch laser TV

    Hi - probably a bit of a long shot... Looking at an 85 inch TV which I’ve posted separate thread on and thanks for all the help. Just in my never ending searching noticed that the price of the hisense 100 inch laser TV has dropped a lot and can get near £2.5k. I guess a big screen for that price...
  5. S

    Hisense 65u8b Aspect ratio

    For some reason I'm unable to change the aspect ratio through my settings. Regardless of source Automatic is default and greyed out.... if you try to change it, it says the option is unavailable.
  6. S

    Question 70H6570G power issue

    TV is fairly new, purchased in Nov 2020, three times it wouldn't power on and with no external buttons I have to pull the power cord. Plug it back in and powers back on. Anyone else with this problem? I have notified Hisense.
  7. D

    Remote/IR Remote App not working

    Bit of a strange one, but the remote and IR remote app I use seem to intermittently stop working for the TV (Hisense 55U7Q). We can be sitting watching something for 20 minutes or 2 hours, go to pause etc and the remote does not respond what so ever. I will also then try the IR app that...
  8. S

    Samsung Tu8500 or Hisense U7QF

    Both of these are in my budget but I can't decide on which to buy. My viewing is a mix of sport, films, Netflix and news. In terms of viewing angles, I live alone so I can be sat square on. What would people recommend or is there another TV that would fit the bill in the up to £600 price range?
  9. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Best Picture Settings for Hisense 75A7100FTUK

    I received the Hisense 75A7100FTUK yesterday and wondered whether anyone else has this and could recommend the best picture settings for it?
  10. H

    Sky Q lip sync issue

    I have just purchased a HISENSE 65U8QFTUK and also a Sonos Arc soundbar. I have the Arc connected to the HDMI1 arc port on the TV but I having real issues with lip sync being out when using my SkyQ and can't figure out a solution. I read elsewhere someone suggesting an Arcana HDfury convertor...
  11. F

    Hisense BE7000 BE7200 50/65 how cheap Flag serie concept

    Sadly Hisense TVs now days went down with cheap concept after it got knowing by good middle price TVs. i am posting this only to let other be aware if you are going to buy any of Hisense new Flag which you see all inputs (USB / HDMI ) at the middle of the back side... then you will pay for One...
  12. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: CES 2021 Special - Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL and Hisense TV news and more... (12/01/21)

    The AVForums podcast returns with news from CES. We cover the new TV news from Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, RCL and Hisense as they announce new 8K & 4K OLED, Mini LED, QNED and Micro LED TVs for 2021. 00:00:00 - Start 00:00:23 - Welcome and refections on not going to Vegas for CES...
  13. jorTurtle

    Screen Issue

    What is wrong with my TV? 58” Hisense Roku from Costco.
  14. C

    Hisense/Sharp Model motherboard?

    Hello all, newbie here, I have a Hisense/ Sharp model LC-50Q7030U that started randomly not coming on, or getting stuck on HDMI 1, or USB, this happened after a power outage and surge of coming back on. I replaced the motherboard after talking to 3 different techs, who all suggested that the...
  15. pumpkingrave93

    Green trail in B&W content

    I have a 75 inch Hisense H8G tv. I have noticed a green trail that follows things moving from one side of the screen to the other in black and white films, like a car, someone walking, etc. The green also appears on things that are still while the camera is moving. So a field of bushes where the...
  16. G


    Hi ive just bought the 55" 8QF tv and so far its great , the only issue i have is cant seem to get alexa set up . i have set up my Vidaa account and added the tv to my alexa app on my phone, but when i go through the setup for alexa on the tv it comes up click refresh or try again later...
  17. D

    55H9G Audio output from built in apps HELP!

    Hi all, I have a new 55H9g. So far I'm impressed with the image output and I haven't even thrown a 4k signal at it yet! I'm (for now) using an about a 12 year old Sony Sound bar with this TV. It has 3 x HDMI in, and 1 x HDMI out. It has worked flawlessly with the previous 1080P Sharp Aquos non...
  18. V

    H9g viewing angle 23 degrees help??

    I am looking at the h9g and put a laser tool in front of the center of my 55 tv, went straight out and then pointed to my chair which is about 5 ft from center point and got an angle of 23 degrees . Am i screwed if i purchase this tv as the reviews indicate poor side viewing angles Thanks
  19. D

    HisenseTV showing multiple times as AndroidTV in windows devices

    Hi Folks: I have a Hisense Android TV Model: 5087HG. Every time I turn it on it shows up as a new multimedia device on my network in Windows 10 "Devices & Printers". ie: there are hundreds of "ghost" copies of the "androidTV" device. (image is attached) I had it set to a reserved DHCP...
  20. scottthehat

    Hisense u8qf owners

    How are people finding there tvs. Have the 65" model and so far very impressed, had the hisense xt910 before this and that was amazing until it developed faults but the u8 is some beast, not quiet 240 local dimming zones the xt910 had but at 180 it is superb and with dolby vision and the...
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