1. stevenmcananey

    Display Issue Split Screen

    Hi I was wondering if this can be fixed cost effectively My bedroom tv started displaying the same image on both sides of the screen I dont have the remote as its only used for the xbox Display and sound are perfect other than it is displaying 2 of them I have attached some pictures as I...
  2. thesnodger

    For Sale Hisense L5 100L5FTUK-B12 Ultra Short Throw - NO SCREEN 6 months old

    Hi all, I've been living with the Hisense L5 for 6 months now and it's a great UST, especially for the money, but I am really missing 3D, which none of the Hisense line-up does. At the moment I am toying with the idea of selling the projector unit and keeping the screen, mainly because the...
  3. rockndude

    Need help using Hisense/Google assistant with my AVR

    I don't know if this is the right place for this question. If not please point me to the right forum. Hi fellow forum members. I've been lurking for years but I believe this is my first post, and I need some help. And I'll get right to the point. I have a Hisense 65in Series U9G (65U9G) TV. I...
  4. T

    What is a good backlight setting (Hisense 65U7G)?

    I just picked up a Hisense 65U7G and was wondering what a good backlight setting would be to preserve the TV's health? The last TV I purchased my parents lasted about 3 years (think it was a 65 inch LG) before the backlight started to wear out and dim, it was located in a well lit area and when...
  5. bazzergrand

    Hisense A9G 55 OLED Disp settings

    Any existing Hisense A9G oled owners with any display settings recommendations? What is the best default display mode for films?
  6. Soundwave

    Advice on 43A7GQTUK 43"

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of the 43A7GQTUK? My parents are after a new set for the living room & just seen this fairly reasonably priced on Currys but can't find a review for it anywhere It's going to be used for Sky HD / Netflix / Prime Video (no 4K Content) I'd be interested...
  7. M

    Hisense A7GQ LED bleed?

    Hi all, After a bit of advice please, I purchased a Hisense 55A7GQTUK from Currys in late November, I have noticed some bright spots/edges around the screen and was wondering if this is normal? I honestly don’t recall seeing it as much when I got the tv but I’m definitely noticing it now...
  8. D

    Need Firmware for 55H6SG

    Hello everybody, I need the last updated firmware for Hisense LED/LCD TV Model: 55H6SG. Stuck on the Logo screen, tried factory resetting but no luck. Called Hisense but they won't help because warranty is expired and it would cost more than half the price of the TV to get it looked at by a...
  9. TravellerSeko

    Hisense 65A7GQTUK vs 65U7QFTUK

    Hi there, My budget is GBP700 and about to buy one at this price point. I am in between Hisense 65A7GQTUK and 65U7QFTUK. At the moment both of them have very similar price. Which one do you recommend? Or any other brand / model recommendation for GBP700ist budget such as TCL 65C729K? 1) I am 9...
  10. G

    Does Hisense U6G 65inch have Soap Opera Effect?

    I am one of the few people who LOVE the soap opera effect on a bright tv. I bought a Hisense 55inch u7g (for gaming) and I have a 70 inch Hisense A6G in my living room for television viewing. I'm really bummed the A6 doesn't have the motion smoothing tech to show a glassy picture like my u7...
  11. E

    No video through Denon AVR

    Hi all. I've ignored all the good advice I was given on another thread and have bought myself a 43" Hisense A7G. Set it up today and so far am quite pleased with it. I want to use it with a Tivo 6 and an Xbox One S through a Denon AVR-X520BT/speakers. Plugging either the Xbox or the Tivo...
  12. U

    H49M3000 Sometimes no video?

    Hi everyone Okay, I'm kind of new to all this, so it's very possible that I missed something basic, but I'm feeling quite stumped right now. I've had this Hisense H49M3000 for around 4 years, and it only recently developed the issue of having sound, but no video. I've replaced both the main...
  13. r3play81

    u7g Color space Question

    I Have been running into an issue and its driving me a bit crazy. I use my U7G 55" as a PC monitor and when I set the color space to AUTO like most people say to do so the colors seem very dull and washed out, but if I switch the Color space to NATIVE the colors look great and pop but I run into...
  14. Punkmilitia

    Hisense U8GQ Owners Thread

    Hello all and welcome to the U8GQ owners thread! Where to buy? Amazon UK (£650) - £150 offf 4K, HLG, HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, IMAX enhanced, Film Maker Mode 1000nits peak, Quantum Dot Color, FALD Pro Local Dimming: Full Array Input lag: 17ms - great for gaming ALLM, VRR, eArc(HDMI 2) - 4x...
  15. cylonwarrior

    For Sale Hisense 40A5600FTUK SMART TV

    I’m selling this TV. unfortunately I have lost the remote but I think you can get one online for under a tenner. It was gifted to me in March 2021 so I wouldn’t think it has any warranty. It’s in good condition. I think it’s likely had less than 24 hours on time. I have the original...
  16. N

    Constant blurry pulse when mirroring to Hisense 43AE7200F

    I reported this to Hisense's support with (surprise, surprise) no results or solutions beyond the generic answers. So I bring it here hoping someone has the same problem and knows of a workaround. The problem is this: When I mirror the screen to my Hisense TV it transfers well and I can share...
  17. I

    Hisense Oled, not that good -> other Deals?

    Hi, I have now the Hisense A81G for 700€ in 55", which has some problems. I am especially annoyed with the colours, brightness, movement looks sometimes blurry and at least HDR in RDR2 is Trash. There are now some Deals, which should be quite good. I was also looking for the U8QF, but I waited...
  18. T

    Hisense U8

    Anyone looking for a bargain. Costco are selling the Hisense 55U8GQTUK for £499.
  19. M

    Hisense 65U68G - Message showing every 15 mins to Press a Key or it will shutdown

    Hisense 65U68G (Android) - Message showing every 15 mins to Press a Key or it will shutdown I have Timer set to Off It happened watching a movie in Netflix (1 month owner of brand new TV) How to solve this?
  20. N

    I need a piece of advice about clouding on my new Hisense A7G QLED

    Hi everyone, I bought a Hisense A7G QLED 3 days ago on sale. Unfortunately, soon after I turned it on I noticed some strange bright clouding at the upper right corner which became much more noticeable when I turned the lights off. This only happens if the screen is black or if the colours are...
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