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  1. chaz

    Yamaha YSP 1000 Hisense TV problem

    Hoping someone can solve a problem with this Vintage Sound Bar Yamaha YSP 1000 and my Hisense R50A700GT. I brought The TV late last year and the same with the Soundbar ( Which I got on Ebay for £60 ) well got it home and found out it had only optical for the TV I was Ok with that so connected it...
  2. T

    Hisense U8

    Anyone looking for a bargain. Costco are selling the Hisense 55U8GQTUK for £499.
  3. J

    Connecting hisense tv to my phone hotspot

    I have 2 hisense tv’s and want to connect my tv in our mobile home to my phones personal hotspot. I have been on google and none of the suggestions work, any ideas.
  4. Cheap Gaming

    Question Cheap soundbar for my Hisense TV?

    So i purchased this TV a while back: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/hisense-55a7300ftuk-55-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-10207130-pdt.html The other half has hearing issues and struggles to hear it unless the volume is up at 100 and it vibrates...
  5. D

    Question I'm trying to make use of my dad's old JVC SP-E300 Speakers on the Hisense TV in my flat.

    The first thing we did to try and get the set-up to work was purchase the Prozor 192KHz DAC Digital to Analog R/L Audio Converter (Model DAC01k). I connected it up and changed the TV settings so that the speaker output was to my speakers and changed the Digital Audio Output to PCM. This worked...
  6. pixlrik

    Question Which Hard Drive Format Is Required?

    I have an external drive with a lot of content on it, it is formatted as exFAT so it can be accessed by my iMac and a Windows system. But when I plug it into my Hisense H43B7500UK it doesn't pick it up. So what format does it have to be for a Hisense TV? I hope there's a format that will suit...
  7. N

    Philips vs Hisense 50 and 65 TV's

    This is an interesting topic to start with. I had Hisense H65N6800 from 2018, but my son broke the display one week ago, so now i am looking to replace it with another 65inch model and also i will be purchasing additional 50inch one for the upstairs room. I need to choose between these: 1. -...
  8. C

    Itv hub and tv freezing

    Hi, I am new to this forum and new top Hisense TV I purchased a H55U7BUK tv when I firt had the TV ITV hub worked fine. The TV recently updated now ITV hub freezes and freezes the TV the only fix is to turn off the tv and turn it back on, running the ITV hub app again just causes things to...
  9. S

    Calibration settings for hisense h55a6200uk

    Hi guys. Just recently purchased this tv but cannot find any calibration settings anywhere online. Would be great to know what settings people are using.
  10. tim1982

    Question Hisense tv replacement

    Does anyone know if hisense will replace a tv like for like or will I get a cheeky upgrade? I purchased a k5510 model Christmas 2016 and it will be going back due to banding issues. I can't see the tv listed on there site anymore so am unsure if they'll have some kicking about in a warehouse to...
  11. J

    Question Virgin remote control code for Hisense TV

    Hi I have searched many forums and no answer. Does anyone know the code to control a Hisense TV with a Virgin V6 remote? I have tried the codes on the list given by Virgin but no luck (like all the people asking the same question). Also tried the method of CLR+TV then 0999 and channel up until...
  12. oledtrix

    65" 4K HDR Hisense tv screen issues

    Hi yall. Just logged in here for the first time since I'm desperate for any suggestions. Picked up a new TV (as described in the title) 2 days ago and I've found it has some image persistence, more specifically it has some sort of vertical darker lines which are noticeable when the screen takes...
  13. Nobbler

    Why are skin tones so bad (red) in HDR on my Hisense TV particularly from Netflix & Amazon?

    Just lost in when trying to watch Lost In Space in HDR on my calibrated Hisense 55M7000 via my XBox One X and in outdoor scenes in particular, skin tones are abhorrent - for me it makes it unwatchable. It’s not just this show - all Marvel shows are totally unwatchable because of the drop in...
  14. Timwithtelly

    Hisense tv, Benq projector, motorised satellite system setup question

    Hoping someone can give me an elegant solution to the following :thumbsup:: I would like to connect a motorised dish to both a Hisense H55M3300 tv (built-in sat tuner) and a Benq W1120 projector which is connected to an old 5.1 home theatre sound system via an Xbox One S optical feed. Not...
  15. P

    Settings on Hisense TV

    Having a minor tuning issue with my H49M3000. When doing an auto tune, most channels show, but i've noticed some such as Pick, Pick +1 and Sony Crime Channel aren't to be found anywhere. I've tried manually tuning them using the frequecies from the astra 28.2 wiki page, but still nothing. I'm...
  16. batal 00

    hisense uhd smart tv 43k300uw firmware

    hello , i was trying to upgrade my smart tv to the new firmware to enable hdr but the firmware i installed didn't work and now my tv software is useless (not booting with black screen) maybe because the firmware that i installed wasn't the same model as my tv so anyone can help me find the...
  17. Naaktgeboren

    Hisense TV - Harmony Remote Fix - Tester Needed!

    I'm sure many of you with Harmony remotes will be aware of the input switching issue affecting these sets, I've been made aware of a possible fix although I cannot try it as I no longer have the remote. Before buying another I was hoping someone could give it a try as it's a lot of money to...
  18. Dansssssy

    Question New version of Freeview no EPG

    Hi folks. Got a hisense series 7 75m7000uwd. This one's got me, Freeview epg was working great, then Freeview epg upgraded itself. Now the Freeview epg doesn't work. The rest of Freeview works, catchup, mytv etc all fine. I get epg info in the " my tv" window, but when go to the...
  19. Clive0128

    Question Tv Legs/Stand for a 50 inch hisense tv

    Hello all, I am moving in a couple of weeks and in the new place I cant put my 5o inch hisense TV on the wall. SO I am looking to buy legs or a stand for it but am not sure what to buy. I have attached 3 pics of the TV and of the fittings on the base I would be so grateful if someone could help...
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