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In economics, a luxury good is a good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises, and is a contrast to a "necessity good", for which demand increases proportionally less than income. Luxury goods are often synonymous with superior goods and Veblen goods.

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  1. S

    Fully equipped budget cable or high end cable with adapter?

    Dear all, I am recording vinyl from a Technics SL-1500C with a Ortofon 2M blue pickup, through a Universal Audio interface. The outputs of the 1500C are RCA and the input of the interface are 1/4 jacks. Until now, I have used a Klotz MiniLink Pro RCA - 1/4" Jack Cable to connect the units, but...
  2. B

    For Sale Classe SSP-800 - High end processor

    Up for sale is my second ( backup) Classe SSP-800, Selling only as I am moving towards 2 Channel ( on a full analog mode) and I am using less and less of surround.... This unit is the Dual DSP model, with 5 HDMI 1.4 and 2 HDMI card and it SHOULD fully decode DTS-HD and TrueHD but the HDMI is...
  3. samo8076

    High end gaming laptop advice

    Hi, I'm looking a getting a decent high end laptop to play games such as starfield, cyberpunk etc with the highest possible graphic setting with 60fps or more. I have come across this.... the 32gb ram model seems really decent for the latest games so wondering if this would be just as good? I...
  4. Photogenic Moose

    my first venture into high end audio.

    I am starting from almost scratch here, with only some pre-installed bose cieling speakers. So I would like advice on weather this set makes sence, and will work. Any advice is appreciated! I will use it 33% music 33% movies 33% games. Also, I live in Japan, so some speakers are not available...
  5. B

    Question How important is the tuner?

    I have a Marantz ST 49 tuner which I know is anything but high end, (I bought it years ago for £19.99), but the sound I get through my speakers seems acceptable to my ears. My question is am I likely to do any better without spending a lot of money?
  6. P

    Question 3D On a High End Laser Projector

    Hello everyone. Being fairly versed in video projectors for many years, recently after acquiring a prosumer 3D Panasonic HDC-Z10000 camera, I became fascinated with shooting and viewing 3D content. Its ironic this happens now, years after the 3D craze already ended and at a time that just about...
  7. P

    Please help me decide on older second hand high end kit or newer mid range

    Hi all. Please forgive me if this has been asked. I did look for answers before asking. Anyway I haven’t bought anything for a while my receiver is a Onkyo TX-NR905, My question is with about £500 to spend would you think the best sound would come from something new with all modern bells and...
  8. P

    Newer mid tier CPU vs older high end one for a budget gaming upgrade?

    I'm looking at upgrading an older PC with an X470 motherboard to give it a little more kick when gaming. If I limit the CPU to 65W I won't need to spend any extra money upgrading the PSU or cooler. Making this a cheap upgrade for a little extra performance on medium graphics settings rather...
  9. mb3195

    High end remote to replace harmony

    I think I’ve reached the end of my journey equipment wise in my room (I might add electric masking at a later date) so am now looking for a more reliable solution that my harmony. @Seriously Ltd what would you recommend for me? (Or anyone else) Equipment needed to manage: Trinnov altitude 16...
  10. M

    Drone advice ; high end

    Hello I’m thinking of setting up a drone company : offering photography , scanning and lidar services . I had in mind buying x2 DJI Inpire 2 with X7 cameras and head and lens kits. I use drones a lot in my day job and this kit seems to be what all the pros are using for high end film work...
  11. P

    High end amp/speakers with punch

    Although I've dabbled with hi-fi and car audio my whole life, I have never owned high end audio equipment. I guess the reason is because I've always preferred loud music with lots of low end. Saying that though, more than 20 years ago I listened to some hi-fi / home cinema kit in a shop that...
  12. J

    Insuring high end home cinema equipment

    Is anyone insuring their high end items? My home contents insurer wants a list of any items worth above £1k. When I attempted to insure AVR Projector LCR Speakers Kaleidescape Lumagen Total c30k I was quoted an extra £90 a month. Seemed excessive albeit I do want to get insurance. What is...
  13. M

    Are Today's Budget TVs Better than High End Models of 11 Years Ago?

    The plan is to go for it tomorrow and buy a new TV at Best Buy. I'm still undecided between: Hisense A6H and TCL 4Series Both are entry level models, have Bluetooth, and the Google OS. I'm on a major budget. The TV I'm replacing is this one: Samsung UN55ES6150 I bought it about 11 years...
  14. O

    Switching from Optoma P2 to high end large 4K tv

    I have an Optoma p2 which we use on a 110” screen about 12 feet back for viewing distance as our main ‘tv’. The room has decent light control during the day but not perfect. Would I be crazy to switch to a high-end 85” OLED or QLED 4K tv? Trying to figure out how much of a picture quality...
  15. B

    High End Wireless home Cinema

    Hi, I am looking for a fully wireless home theatre solution. I've found a few manufacturers but don't know much about them and wondering if anyone has experience. The budget has to be under GBP 15,000 any other suggestions would be very helpful. if you know of a device that can make a...
  16. E

    Arendale or Elac high End bookshelf speakers

    I have a pair of Elac Solar's for my fronts and center and rears. I got a very good dersl on them. They sound fantastic with acoustic music, bass, and vocals, but lack the sense of space and instrument separation I am looking for with classic rock. I am still within the return period and was...
  17. rccarguy3

    High end tannoyz

    Anyone listened to high end tannoy speakers? I do like the wood styling, to go with my smoking jacket and pipe
  18. C

    New Monitor Audio Line Debut - Munich High End Show May 2022

    Anyone know what MA is about to unveil? New Gold 6G? Would go well with their 50th Anniversary Gold logo! https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/blog/join-us-at-high-end-munich-2022/
  19. Stoleberg

    High end CD player conundrum

    Guys I am in the market for a high end cd player to match my B&W 803 D speakers and Pioneer SC-LX83 with and I am between the Marantz SA10 and the Accuphase DP-570. Any thoughts please? My current source is a 1990s Marantz CD6000 KI Signature which is getting old although it still sounds ok...
  20. L

    Best High end Oled for watching football on?

    So im just about ready to pull the trigger on one of the big four 2021 Oleds , but primarily i want the best picture and motion for watching sports on ,mainly football ( soccer ) and the F1 .So is it a C1 (dont fancy paying extra for the feet G1 ) Panny JZ2000 Phillips 936 + or Sony A90 J ...
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