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  1. C

    Wanted High end Dolby Atmos / DTS AV amplifier

    I'm looking at replacing my Yamaha RX-A3040 and wanted to know if anyone is selling a newer version or equivalent. Would consider things like an Onkyo TX-RZ1100 as need AV amplifier to support four ceiling Atmos/DTS-X speakers, but open to other manufacturers.
  2. Audio75

    For Sale Wisdom, Sage, ICS7a, High end speaker

    This is a pair of Wisdom Sage ICS7a In celling speakers I have only used them six times! Great sounding speakers but too good for my system and they drown out the other surrounds. They are in great condition but do not have any boxes.
  3. markjames81

    Best Mid to High End In-Wall Speakers

    Hi Everyone, Im in the process of designing my cinema room and have looked at various in-wall speakers which are required to fit behind the fabric install in the room. Ive looked at a various speakers to-date in terms of price such as Artcoustic Spitfire, Wisdom Point Source Insight Series...
  4. Q

    Used 2016 high end or 2021 lower end?!

    My current tv is a 2016 60” Samsung KS7000. I’ve moved house a want slightly smaller tv to replace the 60”. I can get a second hand 2016 55” Samsung KS8000 for £350 or a 2021 50” Samsung UE50AU8000 from Argos for £480. I love my KS7000 so I know the KS8000 would be excellent but it is five...
  5. S

    Older high end TV vs newer low end TV?

    I’m looking to buy a second hand TV for gaming/film. One of the options is an LG 42LM6200 back from 2012 and another option is a TCL 32S327 from 2019. Both are 1080p but the first is 42” and the second is 32”. The LG cost a lot more when it was new. Which of the two would you recommend in terms...
  6. R

    Older high end or newer low end?

    Hi all, Currently got an AVR-X2300W. Im running 5.1.2 currently, i may possibly upgrade to more channels in the future, but unsure exactly how many i may ever need, so not really a deciding factor. However i’ve upgraded to a Naim amp for the front channels, and need pre-amp outputs, so need to...
  7. N

    High End Soundbar vs Proper System

    Hi guys My current setup is a 5.1.2 powered by a Denon AVR-X4300: Front LR: Sonus Faber Olympica I Center: Olympica I Rear LR: Def Tech Satallite Speakers Ceiling: Def Tech In Ceiling Sub: SVS-1000 I am selling off my Sonus Faber Olympica LR and Center speakers as I will be moving to a...
  8. EightSixEight

    Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 / High End Analog Module with Phono Stage

    Anyone used the phono stage on the 2170 included with the latest "loaded" version (the current version of the High End Audio Module)? Is it any good?
  9. B


    Ok so..... 12 years ago I purchased a 50” Samsung plasma 8 series smart 3d TV AND IT WAS AWESOME! It has held it’s own all the way until tonight when dead pixels started to appear. Hats off to it it has moved house 6 times and hung above a log burner for 6 years!!! So now i want/need...
  10. gasolin

    Best entry level high end bookshelf speakers

    I have change to a Rotel A11 Tribute and a Yamaha CD-S300 using B&W 607 S1 Better depth, wider soundstage and a sound where the soundsignature stays the same when playing loud. I could improve sound quality alot buy getting better speakers but for me it's not gonna be cheap Kef LS50 meta look...
  11. A

    Is Sony quantum dot tech on most high end tvs from 2016 onward?

    I am looking for a second hand 55 inch sony LED TV and want the QD tech. The truluminous description seems to vary year to year ,and is vague. Do most of the sony tvs from 2016 to 2020 have QD tech? Or is it just the high end 8000 or 9000 ranges that have QD? Can anyone recomend a decent...
  12. S

    Question B&W M1 vs high end set up

    Hi all Been thinking a while about moving up from my awsome M1 mk2 speakers to something like monitor audio gold or platinum range. Just worried how much difference I'll hear for such an outlay as only used for movies. Thing is I had a full on XTZ cinema set up before downsizing to the M1's as...
  13. Slugsy01

    Looking for advice on high end sound bar/system

    Hi there I currently have the Samsung N950 Soundbar with wireless rears and sub. Its been okay but I’ve been a bit underwhelmed, especially as I have a fairly small room and thought the rears would be a lot better than they have been. There are no calibration tools and Atmos has been highly...
  14. C

    High End Pre-amp Advice

    I am running a high-end hi-fi system - tube CD, Chord Dave DAC, Bryston 28 monoblocks and Fact 12 speakers but need a pre-amp with bypass Thoughts include: T&A, Trilogy, Audio Research and Solution 325 Any experience or thoughts?
  15. L

    Newbie question to High end Smarthome System

    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new in this Smarthome field and i would like to know more about it. It is all started from my boss is interested in selling high-end smarthome system. I have a few question if it's okay: What is the top 3 Smarthome system currently able in the market and what's their...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: MQA expands global partnerships for high end experience

    The cancellation of important networking events such as Munich High End hasn't stopped pioneering audio technology company, MQA from growing its network of international partners and expanding its reach as it announces a series of new collaborations. Read the news.
  17. atkins14

    Question Best High End - Portable Speaker 2020? Dali/B&O/Vifa

    Wondering if anyone has any advice... I bought the Dali Katch which is meant to be one of the best sounding Portable speakers but I have been having quite a few bluetooth issues with it so I am sending it back. It does sound great, but wondering if anyone has any other recommendations. Such as...
  18. M

    New to high end audio, some advice?

    Please humor me and my total lack of knowledge. Looking for basic advice on my current audio setup. My current audio setup: - B&W Formation Duos - B&W Formation Audio - Tidal HiFi - Sony A9F, Apple TV 4K, Oppo 203, iPhone Connections: - Apple TV Tidal app —HDMI (per Apple TV format...
  19. W

    Bookshelf speakers high end

    hi. I am new in speakers world and currently have kef lsx wireless for about a week. Tried aux and optical connections and for me they sound absolutely horrible and app is a joke. Can't wait to get rid of them and was looking around for speakers for small-medium size room where my desktop PC is...
  20. Cameron583

    Why the obsession with gloss on high end equipment?

    There are many examples where a manufacturer switches to a glossy finish for their higher end ranges. B&W, KEF, Monitor Audio, Focal, Dali, REL... WHY?!?! I HATE glossy finishes. Nightmare to keep clean, prone to scratches, fingerprints and I associate it with cheap looking things trying to...
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