high dynamic range (hdr)

High dynamic range
  1. T

    KS7005 support for HLG HDR via HDMI

    hi, since Winter Olympics will be broadcasted in europe via Discovery's Eurosport 4k channel, with HLG, does anyone know if my older KS7005 UHD TV recognizes the HLG Transfer characteristics ? I read something on the www that KS8000 had an firmware update for this, and i thought these 2 tv...
  2. M

    HELP Please Looking for TV with good black HDR 50 inch £700 budget

    Hi everyone, I have a Philips 43PUS6814/12 and find the blacks really bad in hdr. Plus the interface has lots of lag and fails to read USBs some times, forcing me to pull the plug and reboot at times. I am currently considering the Hisense 50U7QFTUK and the LG A1. What do people think is...
  3. Davidj6420

    XG8096 Picture Settings

    Hi, Looking for recommended pictures settings for the above television. I’ll typically be using it to view HDR and SDR content via the built in Android apps, as well as watching 4K Blu-rays and the odd bit of gaming on PS5 and Switch. Any help would be really appreciated!
  4. L

    HDR picture too dark

    Hello everyone, I have a Philipps 65PUS6703/12 TV and I am not satisfied with the rendering of 4K HDR contents (regardless of the source, Netflix, Amazon or 4K HDR Blu-ray rip). I spent several days playing with the image settings and searching various forums to optimize the rendering but in...
  5. Waynej

    SkyQ new customer - tips? HDR and refresh rate issues…

    Left Sky in 2004, so it’s been a while. Not sure if we’ll stick with this past the contract period, but thrown it on as we’re not getting out as much, and the Freeview box was acting up. We have the Entertainment (Signature?), Cinema, Ultra HD and Ultimate TV Netlflix and multiroom package. I...
  6. R

    UHD HDR Movie Release Delays

    I noticed that, although A Quiet Place 2 premiered on Sky on Friday, the UHD HDR version only became available today. I'm quite new to Sky Q and wanted to know if this is Sky's normal practice. It's annoying because I just watched the movie yesterday in HD thinking Sky weren't going to show it...
  7. wlodekmarkowicz

    SDR and HDR picture settings (HZ2000)

    Hello, I’ve calibrated my HZ2000 using Calman in Professional1 picture setting to both SDR and HDR. I would like to use BFI in SDR mode but not in HDR as it lowers the brightness too much. Is there a way to apply different picture settings to SDR and HDR? Right now it seems to share the...
  8. C

    For Sale Sony Bravia KD-85XH9096BU 4K HDR LED TV Dolby Vision VRR , 120hz

    Sony Bravia KD-85XH9096BU 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV Dolby VisionTV & just under 4 years warranty with receipt. 120hz VRR. For sale in excellent condition. Features superb gaming features too with 4K 120hz and VRR for next gen gaming cost me £2700 from curry’s October 2020. 4 years warranty left...
  9. Beyondajoke

    For Sale Zappiti Duo 4K HDR Media Player

    Zappiti Duo 4K HDR media player, like brand new and unmarked, in perfect working order, plays just about anything you throw at it inc ISO, so great for ripping your own owned content from disc etc, I have recently upgraded to the Reference model, please note I am not including Hard drives with...
  10. Jimmyfenn

    LG C1 owner HDR issues on Amazon prime?

    Hi, I recently bought my first oled, LG c1. I'm pretty happy with it, I've set it up according to the usual online resources , but I'm having issues with certain HDR films and I will show you an example which made me question 8f I had a broken TV I started watching THE ICE ROAD on Amazon prime...
  11. VHS Gamer

    Can we clear up what colour space we should be using for consumer HDR?

    Very confused right now, and I've tried to do my research with no clear answer. So far I'm guessing bt 2020 is what we're supposed to be using for HDR, and not DCI p3. Something about DCI p3 being in a bit 2020 container hence, we should use by 2020? So far on my display I use Auto on my...
  12. Sessen Ryu

    HD to 4K / UHD / HDR upgrade

    I currently have: 65" Plasma Panasonic TX-P65ST50B Denon 4311 AVR Oppo 103 player 3 x M&K IW150 fronts, 2 x K4 rears 18" Fi DIY sealed sub I would like to upgrade my TV to a 4K OLED. I understand that I will need to upgrade both my receiver and player. I would like to keep the 5.1 affair, I...
  13. xkam555

    Philips 50PUS7805 blocky / pixelated HDR (PS5, YT)

    Hi, I have recently bought Philips 50PUS7805 and PS5, but it has got issues with HDR content, because it gets blocky / pixelated on dark scenes. Issue doesn't exist with SDR. Is that issue with my particular unit, or with that model in general? I can sell that and get 50PUS7956. Is that change...
  14. Oswald

    CES 2022 will introduce HDMI 2.1a, another confusing new spec

    Article in The Verge: "HDMI 2.1a is an upcoming revision to the HDMI 2.1 stack and adds a major new feature, Source-Based Tone Mapping, or SBTM. SBTM is a new HDR feature that offloads some of the HDR tone mapping to the content source (like your computer or set-top box) alongside the tone...
  15. Jason56d

    HDR banners?

    Hopefully a quick and easy answer. Yesterday my in laws bought a Hisense 55A7GQTUK from Costco. I set it up for them and seems pretty decent for the money. Plus they are very happy with it. Anyway, my question, I set their Prime Video app up for them to watch the football last night, but...
  16. MahaRaja

    Prime football - not in hdr or 4K

    Just watching live prem league action on Prime Video between Liv vs Leicester. It says 4K and HDR but on the actual content, it labels in HDR but not in 4K! But, when I watch it; it's just in HD and not HDR?! What's going on.
  17. S

    4K 120 hz HDR low res text on OLED806?

    Hi! I have noticed recently that while 4k HDR and 4k 120 hz work well separately connected to my pc (via a Maxonar certified 2.1 cable into hdmi 1) if I go to 4k 120 hz and hdr enabled in windows 11, all the text becomes slightly lower resolution, almost as if anti aliasing isn’t turned on...
  18. Jacko007

    Games not showing in HDR

    Hi I have a Sony XG9005 connected via HDMI 2 enhanced to the XBOX Series X. When I calibrate HDR on the XBOX it all works fine, I can see that the HDR flag is on the screen, etc. But none of the games such as Forza 5 or Halo Infinite are showing as HDR - at least there’s no flag showing. Any ideas?
  19. mr.black79

    Sony KD-55XG7073, enabling HDR?

    Hi all, A friend of mine has the Sony KD-55XG7073 and now has a PS5. It has automatically set itself to 2160p but we're unsure about HDR10 compatibility. So far the console is on it's auto settings in the video section. If HDR is selected it says connected device (TV) not compatible and offers...
  20. D

    Do i need a new avr?

    Set up.... Samsung QN95A 85" PS5 Av receiver onkyo TX-SR252 Having spent a pretty penny getting a top spec tv, and ps5, is the older avr giving me the best picture ?
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