high dynamic range (hdr)

High dynamic range
High dynamic range (HDR) is a dynamic range higher than what is considered to be standard dynamic range. The term is often used in discussing displays, photography, 3D rendering, and sound recording including digital imaging and digital audio production. The term may apply to an analog or digitized signal, or to the means of recording, processing, and reproducing such signals.

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  1. A

    Wanted JVC with support for 4K HDR.

    Here’s hoping someone has a case of upgrade-itis and has something suitable. I haven’t the budget for latest and greatest and not sure which models support hdr formats (X5900 onwards?). I was thinking £2000ish, as I’ve yet to sort a screen and ceiling mount. Anybody? Regards, Adie.
  2. A

    Matrix resurrection hdr issue

    Hi folks, Hope I’m putting this in the right place. I was trying to watch matrix resurrection on Amazon prime and it’s not displaying hdr just in sdr. The film says 4k hdr but it’s not displaying as such. I have tried this on my Apple TV, sony xh9505 internal app and my tcl c845. Everything...
  3. herosrule

    HDR PS5 odd colours oled 707

    So I have a PS5 to go with my oled707. And the graphics are great In HDR except the colours now resemble those of the commadore 64. Yellow energy bars are now a burnt orange ect.. So I've attached two images one is the spectrum pallete and one is the C64 pallete to show the difference in...
  4. Techm8

    Deal Agreed Apple TV 4K HDR 32gb - 1st Gen - Good condition

    Good overall condition with some marks the most noticeable of which are on one side and I’ve tried to show them in the photo. None of these marks are visible unless you’re up close and personal 🙂 Purchased off this forum last year and has worked flawlessly every since. Priced at £55 which...
  5. pandabearrr

    For Sale Sony 55" XF90 LED LCD 4K HDR TV (KD-55XF9005)

    Reluctantly selling my Sony set as new lounge shape means we will benefit from 65" over 55". If it wasn't for that I genuinely would not be selling it. Got the HDTV Test 'Highly Recommended' and 'Best Value' (at £2k price point) at the time. See a couple of reviews here...
  6. P

    For Sale LG UP970 4K HDR Dolby Vision Bluray Player

    Hi I've got an LG UP970 4K HDR Dolby Vision Bluray Player spare. Fair warning, it IS (or was!) one of the noisy units, but I've added some rubber matting above & below the drive inside theunit, and also under each screw that mounts the drive to the case, and it's now pretty quiet (can provide...
  7. B

    LG G3 HDR Brightness Fluctuation Issues (especially sports)

    I've just recently purchased a 55 G3 OLED - already have 4 other LG OLEDs and love them. I have some picture issues (using specifically all picture modes, except for HDR "Cinema" and HDR "Filmmaker") with brightness flickering/ fluctuations whilst watching sports (certain green grass/...
  8. T

    Samsung Smart TV 43" 4K UHD LED UE43AU7172 HDR (2021)

    Good evening. I have bought it Samsung Smart TV 43" 4K UHD LED UE43AU7172 HDR (2021) The problem is that when I close it, after a few hours, it opens by itself. Unfortunately, I keep pulling the cable out of the outlet. Why is he doing that;
  9. gadget377

    Question Samsung Q950R HDR+

    I am trying to find the setting for HDR+ but cannot locate it. The software is the latest 1400.1 and the set tells me that this is the latest update, eARC is showing in the setting. Appreciate any suggestions.
  10. roozel41

    Question Sony A90J HDR/DV Dimming scene to scene (not talking about prolonged bright scenes)

    I have a 65 inch sony a90j and using Apple TV to stream. I understand what ABL is but this doesn't seem to be ABL Something I've noticed during HDR and Dolby Vision is that sometimes if two characters are talking and the scene switches from one POV to the other then the screen will suddenly...
  11. W

    Humax HDR pin reset

    Hi.. I have a Humax HDR1000S, the one with the programme display on the front in white writing. Some past owner has changed the pin so I can't do a factory default. ive tried the obvious ones and the 0000 as the new ones are but with no luck ...any ideas?? Cheers
  12. R

    Question Yellow spots on QN90B in HDR mode

    Hi everyone, I have my new QN90B for approximately four weeks now, and on the whole, I'm quite happy with it. However, I've encountered an issue while watching the series "The English." I've noticed the presence of yellow spots on faces, around candles, and in scenes featuring the sun (see...
  13. R

    Hdr settings on Panasonic Oled TX-42LZ980E

    Since a few months I've had this Panasonic and have been extremely satisfied with the sound and picture, watching everything i Filmmaker mode! This has been perfect for DVD:s and Blu Rays, but now as I've come to 4K HDR it's a different kettle of fish. I would like to keep everything as it is in...
  14. Y

    Question France Humax HDR 1000S Freesat no signal problems?

    Freesat HUMAX HDR 1000 Signal Issues. Good morning, I’m baffled! Please can anyone help? I live in S.W. France between Toulouse and Bordeaux. Until recently my Freesat worked fine. I have a 1.5m dish which is connected to a Humax HDR 1000S/1010S freesat box. Recently recordings...
  15. M

    TNT Sports Ultimate is in HDR

    Looks like the change of BT Sports to TNT Sports has resulted in what I hoped and caused TNT Sports to add HDR to the Virgin feed of TNT Sports Ultimate, when previously as BT Sports Ultimate the channel was 4K but SDR only. I still have a 1080p SDR TV, but just noticed when putting on today's...
  16. S

    55lz1500 skyq netflix hdr issue?

    Hi, I've just noticed a sudden change in appearance on subtitles on certain K-drama programmes in Netflix. After playing with settings for hours it now seems that I need to select UHD un the sky settings but 8bit support not 10bit. I'm sure I configured 10bit originally and all was well...
  17. VibbySM

    Philips PUS8808/8818 HDR Brightness issues

    I got this TV recently, and it's great. However - When playing HDR / Dolby Vision content (for example on Netflix), I'm noticing the screen automatically gets brighter/darker depending on the shot. Is there any way to turn that off? When accessing HDR / Dolby Vision image settings, most of them...
  18. E

    How to Turn Off HDR ? missing setting

    Hi Everyone, I have a Panasonic PANASONIC - TX-50LX650BZ 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED. I would like to turn off the HDR, do you know how? I did a lot of research and checked all the settings but there is no option to turn off the HDR. I have a problem with Disney plus.... I see everything...
  19. E

    LG CS best settings for HDR content

    Just ordered the 65 CS LG after a lot of reviewing. Being a somewhat unknown model, could a present owner share the best settings for HDR content viewing? I suppose they would mimic the C1, right? Much obliged!
  20. S

    Question HDR Settings PS5 constantly reset

    Dear Forum users, My name is Sonny and new to this forum. I recently bought a Sony 55A80J to compliment my ps5 games. Now I’m trying to set up the HDR on the ps5 with the 3 screens and suns that need to be just visible. It all seems to work fine. Only when I do the same process again the sun...
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