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high definition

High Definition
  • Synonyms hd
  1. DemonAV

    Okami HD

    Hi all. I was looking for the nearest game to the legendary Zelda games on XBL and I've found this game Okami HD. Must say it's very good and very similar to the Zelda games and if you liked them you'll like this. Here's a review....
  2. AndrewYeh

    Xbox Series X HD TV Upgrade Help. Stuck

    Hi I'd appreciate some help, I've looked so much I've gone round in circles and going mad. I have LG HD 43" led that needs upgrading. Don’t fancy risking screen burn with an OLED. It's a touch out of my comfort zone with that risk, at my budget. I'd like to unlock as much of the Xbox as...
  3. P

    Sound volume on HD channels

    Hi All. I'm in the UK. I have a Yamaha Av which has a Humax Freesat receiver as an input and goes to an LG tv. If I'm on tv channel 101 (BBC1) and change to 106 (BBC1 HD) the sound volume is noticeably higher (it's set to 60 on both channels). One option is to lower the volume before I...
  4. S

    Dune HD Solo 4K - My Collection Issue

    I have two DUNE HD Solo 4K units which are both exhibiting the same strange behaviour on My Collection. Basically I have a group of around ten movies that with not show up on My Collection. By "not show up" I mean they are not even in the list of unassociated movie files. They appear to be...
  5. D

    Help on audio delay after pausing HTPC HD AV files on Denon AVR

    I am having an odd 4 second or so delay in the audio output compared to the video output when playing HD audio/video files from my Home Theater PC (HTPC) AFTER PAUSING the playback of the audio/video files. My configuration is: HTPC Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming GT Motherboard, Intel i7 6700K CPU...
  6. Basquelle

    Marantz, HEOS and Amazon HD Music

    Hi, folks, More frustrations with the limitations of HEOS.... As the number of albums I favourite over the years increases, not being able to sort them in any way other than alphabetical, I began to look into the possibility of using MConnect instead. As I explored, I got into the TIDAL...
  7. C

    For Sale PS5 Dual Sense Controller + HD Camera

    Ive got both brand new in boxed still sealed. Controller £50 Delivered. HD Camera £40 Delivered. May consider a slightly cheaper price if someone wants both together.
  8. lpoolm

    For Sale Beats solo - Black and red and Beats Solo HD - Blue. Wired over ear headphones

    Selling off my kids headphones, hardly used but due to the glossy nature will have minor marks that can be seen at angles. Not sure on prices so if miles out please say! First up Beats solo-black/red. Bigger of the two but not by much, nice looking, one side the B has a mark going across but...
  9. G

    Wanted HD Fury Arcana - no longer required

    Looking to connect 4k player to projector (no ARC) and Soundbar (EARC). Anyone got one for sale - don't mind if new or 2nd hand as long as it works.
  10. J

    Toshiba 32 full HD smart tv

    Hi all, very new to this sort of thing can anybody help/advise. Ive bought my daughter a 32 inch Toshiba smart tv with full hd. I know that its a smart tv and has all the normal apps BUT i want to plug an amazon firestick in the hdmi port which is not working and although in the source section...
  11. sembul

    3D Performance of HD LCD Televisions

    What do you think about 3D Performance of HD LCD Televisions. Which one is the best? Thank you!
  12. Access

    For Sale Apple TV 3rd Gen HD

    For sale is a fully working Apple TV 3rd Gen HD. Sale includes remote and power lead. There are marks to the main unit that I’ve tried to photograph. Remote has a new battery fitted.
  13. M

    Apple TV HD and 4 k Sony tv

    I’m waiting delivery on a 75” Sony 9505 4k I have Apple TV 4th gen box (non 4K ) So should I updated to a 4K Apple TV Or will my box upscale 720 1080 hd content to 4k
  14. S

    NOW TV vs Virgin Media/broadcast (Sky Sports HD)

    Looks like these two services are pretty much the same in price, although I can get NOW TV Sky Sports HD for around £36 per month, as well as a £30 cashback so seems worth it. My hopes: NOW TV HD seems like it is broadcast in 1080p rather than 1080i from Virgin, indicating a better picture...
  15. A

    For Sale Brand New - opened box - Teac AG-D200 AV Receiver 7.1 HMDI DTS-HD Dolby True HD

    Bought new for a second room AV setup which never happened. Item has been opened but never removed from the box so is as new. Obviously as it hasn't been removed the from the box I've never switched it on, so could power on for the winner when they come to collect. Sensible Offers - Any...
  16. G

    Amazon fire hd 10 latest tablet

    Is there anyway of playing this through a smart tv cant seem to mirror it help appreciated thanks
  17. P

    For Sale Jason Bourne Collection 4K Ultra HD, Die Hard, + Many more Batman US import with slip added

    As per title thread I have the complete Jason Bourne Collection for sale - Note separates some sealed with slipcovers! Not looking to split and want to sell as complete collection- price includes postage. Also following: MIB International now reduced to £8.00 C/W slip mint Die Hard - 4K...
  18. C

    For Sale Sennheiser HD 580 refurbished

    I'm not going to put a lot of details here, as I bought them from this thread.... https://www.avforums.com/threads/sennheiser-hd-580-refurbished-and-with-matching-branded-headphone-stand.2337337/ and the seller did a much better job of describing them than I could ever do. Had these a few days...
  19. M

    Wanted Grandia HD Switch

    Has anyone got a copy of the above. Stupidly forgot to order with limited run. Thanks
  20. K

    Triax HD Modulator IR not working with 8 way Amplifier

    Guys Recently installed a Triax HD modulator MOD103 TRIAX - MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator - 300128 to send HDMI signals around the house through an 8 way woolsey IR pass thru amp.( IR magic eyes all working fine before I did this.) Im getting perfect picture and sound through DTV for sky, but...
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