1. F

    Connecting Sony TRV228E Hi8 camcorder to Panasonic DMR EZ47V VCR

    I am trying to convert Hi8 tapes to MP4 files. I'm a beginner at this, but have been successfully converting VHS tapes to MP4 by playing them on the Panasonic and using Elgato software on a Mac to capture them and convert to MP4. My strategy for the Hi8s is: a) first, convert them to VHS by...
  2. H

    Video 8 with hidden audio track

    Hi there, I have a Video 8 tape that has been edited. Titles and music have been added but I'm not able to capture or hear the music, only the wild track. My camera is only finding 1 track, even if select track 1 or 2 from the menu. Currently playing back on a Sony TRV 320E. Is the only way...
  3. T

    Hi8 analogue camcorder adaptor

    Hi, does anyone know if there are any Hi8 camcorder adaptors that allow a compact Hi8 camcorder tape to be played through and into a TV or PC without the need of a camcorder, much like the VHS-C adaptors that were used for JVC camcorders. I have two old Hi8 camcorders, two Sony Handycams, but...
  4. M

    Hi8 Playback has horizontal coloured lines

    Hi there, I am having a problem with recording video from my Hi8 camcorder to my PC. To put it simply, the "camera" mode of my camcorder displays the picture on my PC perfectly, however switching to the "playback" mode and playing tapes has the output in black and white with coloured horizontal...
  5. M

    Hi8 tapes recorded in PCM - what can I play them back in now?

    I recorded about 25 tapes in PCM audio on a Hi8 camcorder (Sony EVW-300). It's no longer functioning, and the Hi8 and digital8 camcorders I have now don't play back the audio. Any suggestions as to what camcorders or decks will play these back with audio?
  6. L


    Hi does anyone know if you can retrieve the original recording if you have recorded over an hi-8 tape? I have a horrible feeling I recorded over my nephews birth with a holiday and I am beside myself with worry and upset! also when I play on the Sony camcorder it says 1 hour 25 mins but only...
  7. M

    Hi8 playback sees horizontal momentary lines and screeching noise

    Hi, original capture device a sony v700 camcorder is dead, have used a Sony Hi8 GV-D200 to capture using firewire to a windows xp laptop using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. 3 tapes out of 51 are afflicted with horizontal distortion lines full height of screen lasting a second or so accompanied by a...
  8. J

    Sony hi8 handycam has constant buzzing noise

    My Sony model ccd-tr101 camcorder has a constant buzzing in the audio. Was wondering if anyone knew how to track the problem down. Thanks
  9. J

    Chuwi hi8 SE

    Anyone know where a case for this might be found?
  10. M

    Best way to get Hi8 into PC and edited together for HD tv ?

    Hi, I have lost my Hi8 digitised recrodings and need to redo them, but the previous PC had firewire, this one has usb. Video card GTX970 has no video input. filmed on a sony CCD V700 which died, I had bought a Sony GV-D200 which played the Hi8 and outputted via S-Video or i-Link and red white...
  11. J

    Question Sony CCD-VX1e not loading tape

    I have recently been given a Sony CCD-VX1e from a family member and it hasn't been used in a long time and Ive bought a new battery for it. However when I put tape into it and close the tape door it does nothing but makes a quiet ticking noise for a few seconds then pops the door back open. When...
  12. moley27

    Question Old hi8 to digital

    Hi, I have an old Sony CCD-TR60E Pal video camera and I want to convert my Hi8 tapes to digital. It's from the 70s and has limited output options. I have the original RFU adapter, which is ok connecting to an aerial but doesn't help connecting to my laptop. I bought a USB 2.0 VHS to DVD video...
  13. A

    Question 8mm hi8 transfer sound problem

    Hi all I'm desperate for some help here, I have just purchased a Sony digital 8 dcr tr7000e, on receiving it playback had poor image quality, so I used a chamois swab and isopropyl to clean the head and the results were fantastic.. The picture and sound was as good as to be expected from tapes...
  14. tompierrepont

    How to make a Mini DV camera look WORSE? (no VFX)

    Hi there So I have a mini DV camera (Sony SONY DCR-PC101E) I shoot a fair bit of fashion & music videos using multi-format cameras. Digital, 16mm & occasionaly Hi8/DV. I'm looking for (if it exists) a cheap, simple way to to get a glitchy, bad looking image from my DV cam. Right now, it's just...
  15. Z

    Question Can Hi8 tapes work on different brands?

    Sorry if the title is worded poorly, but I'm facing a problem involving Hi8 cameras. I've bought two Sony Handycams (one of which I have returned to the seller and I plan to with the other one), both of which are faulty. The screen on the first one (an older model) doesn't seem to work...
  16. Z

    Question Recording over old miniDV tapes

    I bought a second hand Hi8 Handycam a while ago and it came with some tapes. I'm not too familiar with older equipment (I'm more used to digital, but I'm trying out different types of cameras), and as the tapes came with existing footage I'd like to know how to record over it. Whenever I record...
  17. themissingelf

    Question How to choose SP or LP Playback Mode for Sony Hi8?

    Hi. I'm trying to transfer some old Hi8 tapes to digital... The first three were fine (playing back into a video capture USB device). The following day I continued but all the tapes were flickering during playback (in both the camera viewfinder and on-screen). I've tried cleaning the heads...
  18. j1singh

    Question Hi8 Camcorder Cable Help Please

    Hi All, I am hoping you all can point me to the rite direction. I would like to transfer some old (family) footage from a old Hi8 Sony camcorder to my Mac. I need a DV to Firewire 800 cable. Apple are selling this for £30. I have seen a few on Amazon for slightly cheaper. The question I...
  19. U

    Question Importing Hi8 Video to Laptop

    Hello. I am trying to import home videos from Hi8 cassettes to my laptop. My camcorder nor my laptop have firewire ports. I also use Sony Vegas Pro 13. I tried using VIDBOX with a USB input to the laptop. I was able to bring video in using their DVD 8.0 Deluxe however Sony Vegas 13 was...
  20. Dr McNinja

    Question What to look for when comparing Digital8 camcorders?

    I'm finally getting around to digitizing the old family videos and I have my eyes on a few camcorders in the local trade pages. I've managed to find their manuals online and as far as I can tell, their specifications are pretty much identical... at least when it comes to their ability to...
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