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  1. A

    Budget Hi Res Set-up with SMSL DA-9, ELAC 10" Sub, Fluance SX6W High Definition Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers, Schiit Audio MODIUS DAC

    I have this set-up in my computer room connected to my Mac Mini. The devices give you option to go optical, RCA, Coxial, and Balanced XLR cables. This sounds awesome for a total of about: $787 speaker cable and banana plugs included.
  2. R

    Hi-res stream vs blu ray audio

    Hi I was wondering what people’s views are about streaming vs Blu-ray audio . Ive invested in some blu ray audios and tested them against the , apparent , same hi res stream on Amazon music HD. Although both Blu-ray and stream are 24/96 the blu ray sounds more detailed , sharp and a wider...
  3. killiefan

    Question about iPhone and hi res audio

    Kit = iPhone 8 Plus and Dragonfly Black. Music = CDs copied to the phone after ripping to a Mac at the highest quality resolution. App = VOX. Issue = quality is only “green” on the Dragonfly. 44.1 kHz. What am I doing wrong? NB: I downloaded some hi res test clips from the Linn website...
  4. D

    Which Hi Res headphones for Sony NW-A45

    Hi all, I have been using my Sony NW-A45 quite a bit recently and today I copied over a DSD of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and have to say that I am impressed with the quality when compared to sone of my lower bitrate files on the player. However I can’t help but feel that I can make it sound even...
  5. X

    Hiby R3 pro my first venture into hi Res

    Hi I just wanted to take the time to add my own user experience review of the Hiby R3 Pro. I'm not an audiophile or particularly tech savvy. I'm spent months looking at many different reviews and YouTube videos and asking questions in here about various dap's to really replace my iPod and...
  6. gwstiles

    Hi Res CD playback via digital platform

    This may be an uneducated question so please bear with me, I'm trying to learn more for something I want to try. I want to be able to listen to my cd collection while working in my office, away from my regular stereo system. I want to find out if I can use a hi-res application, such as...
  7. johnhy

    Question Am i hearing hi res through phone and wireless

    Hi just a question I've got a Samsung s9+ with hi res audio dl on it eg 96khz 24bit If im listening to it wirelessly on bose quietcomfort 35 ii headphones without noise cancellation how good a sound am i actually hearing? Eg how would it compare to portable dac and wired phones or even to a...
  8. R

    Looking to get a Hi Res audio setup

    Hi folks. Think I’ve decided to get a decent DAP like the Hiby R3 pro, Fiio or Sony equivalent. Was looking at wireless headphones but have come to the conclusion I’ll be better off with decent wired cans. What would be the ones you’d recommend ? Was looking at the Shure SRH1540, HiFiman...
  9. craig808

    Downloaded FLAC or Tidal Hi Res

    Hi all I've been using Tidal for a couple of years now and generally I have no complaints with the service, their catalogue and most importantly for me...the sound quality. A friend was telling me that I should buy a nas drive and start building a library of flac music because in his opinion...
  10. B

    Hi Res????

    Hi..New on here,would like to ask any thoughts on following: I keep reading that Tidal,Amazon and Quoboz et al offering higher than cd quality with SO CALLED HI RES HR or whatever they wish to label it.But a lot of the hi fi press,journos people in the know etc. say that it is DEFINITELY NOT...
  11. Davekale86

    Question Sony Strdn1080 Hi Res

    Got a quick question that I'm hoping you guys can resolve on here I know the AVR allows hi res audio to be played through it but I'm wondering how I can get it to play? Do I have to use Tidal and stream it to the AVR or would I need to get a hi res player? Or a USB dac for my phone as it doesnt...
  12. Rob Sinden


    I sell very high-end music systems and am interested in anything that can make them sound better. The use of Hi-Res formats has become accepted as a way of improving sound quality but I don’t hear the improvements that manufacturers claim. If this is a subject you are interested in, I’d highly...
  13. georgetsang

    Question Android based DAP with optical out - Do they exist?

    Hi there delving into Hi-res DAP for the first time since owning an iPod. Wondering whether there is an android based player that has optical out? android based so that it is capable of using Tidal and other streaming services and an optical out for pure digital output for recording. If that...
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