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  1. U

    Need help understanding speaker to receiver compatibility.

    Hello, I am having real bad troubles trying to understand the technical information with my speaker HIFI system. The system as a whole is relatively old, however, they were stored for many years, therefore, the sound produced by the speakers is really good. The HIFI system is an AIWA CX-NV710...
  2. howardlamby

    Hi-fi to sub cable connection

    Just bought a sub woofer to hook up to my mini hi-fi, From the sub out from hi-fi , can I connect to the RCA cable to the LFE input or would it be best to plug into the line input?
  3. B

    For Sale Tin HiFi T4

    Tin HiFi T4 brand new unopened.
  4. ItsNotAllSnakeOil

    Hi-Fi Bargain: Sonos AMP (NEW)

    I have recently decided to streamline my setup as i could no longer be bothered with all the boxes. I was running a Cyrus 8vs2 amp, Sonos Connect, PSB Imagine Mini Bookshelfs, CA Dacmagic + all the required cables. The system has sounded very good to my ears for a while now but i really wanted...
  5. Bobson234

    For Sale Teufel - Power Hi-Fi (based in the Netherlands)

    Completely new! It is way too heavy to ship!
  6. A

    Question Hifi dilemma

    Hi has anyone put camebridge audio CXA81 amp and Dali Oberon 5 floor standing speaker combination together?. This duo gets high prase from what hifi awards and I would very interested in your views on this setup. At present I'm using Q acoustic BT3 Bluetooth speaker and sub bass unit which I...
  7. R

    Best Audiosettings for kodi

    HI all, I am new to Kodi player. I have installed kodi player on mi MITV 4K 55" with AVR Denon 7.1 and it works over ARC I just want to configure it for hi-fi, some one please advise me to configure it better sound. Since i have a AVR already, I dont want to enable any kind of DSP setting.. I...
  8. R

    Vintage hi-fi repairs

    I have a Aura Evolution 100 amplifier bought from new about 25+ years ago, considering using it again but there seems to be issues with a "fluctuating"volume. Do any of the forum members know of any vintage hi-fi repairers, ideally someone maybe specialising in Aura amps please. I live within...
  9. howardlamby

    Adding sub to mini hi-fi

    Hi, I have a Yamaha mini hi-fi with M.A speakers and a socket for a sub. I also have 5.1 set up with yamaha av amp and Mordaunt Short speakers and sub. Would it be OK to unplug the sub from the AV amp and plug into the hi-fi when I feel like a bit of extra bass.?
  10. Adamwilk

    For Sale Yamaha CRX-550 Amp Mini Hi-Fi System with CD Player and iPod Dock

    The Yamaha CRX550 for sale. This mini system has been well looked after and is in excellent full working condition. Comes with original box, instructions and remote. Specifications: - Power output :2 x 32W into 6Ω - Input connections :1 pair stereo analogue RCA - 1 x 3.5mm minijack - 1 x FM/...
  11. W

    Wanted Alphason New Concept Hifi stand (incomplete or damaged is OK)

    Anybody got an Alphason New Concept Hifi stand they don't need. The black composite plastic type (about 600mm wide) - not the glass shelf type. It doesn't matter if its incomplete or damaged as I only want one or two shelves and the pillars and tie rods.
  12. sbanks2

    Decent Speakers and a new Amp?

    Hello so basically at the moment I own a Pioneer SA-570 and a pair of Mission 733's. I love using these as my HI-FI System but the Amp is starting to age a bit and the bass drivers in the Missions are cracking away due to the material mission used to make the cones at the time. Anyway I'm on the...
  13. M

    Bargain Tin Audio / Tin Hifi T2 IEMs £25.63 from Ali Express

    Ali express have Tin Hifi / Tin Audio T2 IEMs on offer at £25.63 down from £41.33 US $34.06 38% OFF|2019 TIN HIFI T2 TIN Audio T2 3.5mm In Ear Earphone Dynamic Drive HIFI Earphone Bass DJ Metal Earphone Headset Earplug-in Earphones from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress At this price you will...
  14. RetroDaz

    Question JB Hifi

    Are the prices over at JB Hifi in US dollars or australian dollars? I'm tempted to get the first four Harry Potter films but am concerned about postage and import tax.
  15. C

    For Sale Soundstyle arca 300 av stand.

    Looking for a new home for our Soundstyle arca 300 av stand. It's in the dark walnut finish. Finish is a real wood veneer so can be sanded if required.. Twin doors. Center section has cloth grill that we replaced a few years back as the original was beige. Vented shelves and open rear...
  16. W

    Best Hi-fi channel on YouTube?

    Like I said in an earlier post I will soon be looking for a Hi-Fi. I'm still learning all the ins and outs but I'm getting there. What YouTube channel would you say is best for audiophiles that also caters for beginners as well as those in the know, thanks.
  17. Unlucky Alf

    What to do with old hifi system?

    I’ve had a Sony separates setup (amp, CD player, and speakers) for probably 25 years now. It’s still going strong, but lately I’ve started thinking it would be nice to be able to stream music from my iPhone/iPad, and maybe Spotify. A streaming adaptor similar to the Google Chromecast Audio is a...
  18. D

    Where to start on pricing my old hifi??

    Hi Im changing out my hifi to go cinema centric and could do with some help around what my existing equipment is potentially worth. Currently I have an Naim Uniti (from the 1 year of production) in great working order (but with mild screen fade they normally suffer from) and some Ket Reference...
  19. E

    Wi-fi connection to traditional hi-fi amplifier?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I currently have an old traditional hi-fi separates system which is still working fine. These days, however, I mainly use it to play mp3s. I have an external USB drive connected to a pc with my mp3 collection on it and that is shared over my wi-fi...
  20. Sci-Fi Geek

    For Sale Hi-Fi stand. Metal with glass shelves.

    For sale my old Sound Organisation Hi-Fi stand. Black open frame with 5 adjustable black glass shelves. Dimensions Height 92 cm, Width 51 cm, Depth 37 cm. Quite old, I purchased used in 2008. Has a missing end cap on one bottom end, some marks on upright sides. It is assembled at the...
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