High fidelity
  1. preston8452

    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    I think it's been a quite controversial topic for years, like what's the difference between normal network switch and an audio grade network switch, the price difference is certainly obvious though... Anyway, I've done some researches, most audio reviewers say that under this " new digital...
  2. C

    For Sale Quadraspire Hi-Fi Rack

    This Quadraspire reference shelf design comes with a cut-out feature which serves to reduce 'resonant amplitude'. It combines solid black aluminum supports with specially engineered shelves to create a light and rigid construction to help deliver clearer, cleaner music. The rack can be fully...
  3. preston8452

    Is an audio media transport really better than PC?

    Hello guys, I'm having some doubts about purchasing an audio grade media transport or music streamer. Wouldn't say I'm a sole PC Hi-FI dude, by recently I've been seeing a lot of reviews and articles talking about using a audio streamer to play music can certainly outperform PC playing, like...
  4. H

    Suggestions for a £5k streaming based system.

    Can anyone recommend a decent streaming (Qobuz) set up. My music tastes are very wide encompassing everything from jazz to rock/ pop, world etc. Room size @12x15 feet. I really like Naim Unit Star but open to other suggestions and a decent set of speakers. Currently have Q Acoustics Concept 500...
  5. F

    Connect Sonos to hi-fi separate system?

    Ok, so I've got a Nakamichi hi-fi separate system I bought in 1992 which is currently stored under the stairs in the cupboard and they've been there since 1999. The speaker cabinets of the Mission 770s I used with the system are scratched all over and chipped.(Basically trashed) I've got the...
  6. nabeshima

    Brian Eno Turntable

    Am I the only one who'd love to have one of these? "Artist and musician Brian Eno has unveiled a new colour-changing turntable, which puts a psychedelic contemporary spin on the classic record player"...
  7. M

    For Sale Apollo Mezzo Soprano Modular Hifi Rack Black with 7 Glass Shelves

    Very sturdy rack can be assembled with 3 different length spacers to suit individual component heights. 12mm clear glass shelves (slight green tint) with a usable area of 460x365mm to suit full-size components. Matt black crackle finish spacers and top caps. Adjustable levelling feet (pictured)...
  8. K

    WAV file won't work on hi-fi

    Hi, might someone help me? This is the situation. I have a (Blaupunkt) hi-fi. It plays mp3's and wav's from USB. It works with all files I've tried but one. This particular wav file just won't play on my hi-fi. And I've tried the same thing with another (Blaupunkt, as well) player: this...
  9. N

    First hi-fi system...in Portugal

    Hi everyone. I'm putting together my first hifi system. I just moved to Portugal, and am finding myself going around in circles trying to plan the system. The main issues are that there are no hi-fi stores near me where I can try out speakers before I buy, and the products I get get online don't...
  10. R

    Entry-level HIFI system

    Hello, I am looking for an entry-level music system, that is with Integrated Amplifier + floor standing speakers someone can advise me for combinations that are available in India worth 70K INR -- Motorized volume control prefered. -- bass to be handled well without a subwoofer. -- Digital...
  11. DJTipster

    Where is Spotify Hi-Fi???

    So... as title suggests.... Spotify Hi-Fi was supposed to be here by the end of the year. Still with 21 days to go and there has been zero announcement on it from anyone at Spotify. I have been a premium user for years and have accumulated a lot of playlists and followed artists etc over the...
  12. R

    Denon hifi problem

    Hi there. I have a denon rcd m39 micro hifi with wharfdale diamond speakers which are around 8 years old now. One speaker has gone really quiet, as in you can barely hear it when balance is moved towards it. I’ve swapped the cables at the back and it then happens to the other speaker so the...
  13. B


    What is a better quality and sound between Panasonic vs Philips for hifi ?
  14. R

    New to HiFi

    Hi, I recently delved into the home stereo world. With no prior knowledge and only by a friend recommendation, I first bought Sansui A60 in near perfect condition. Then just by how they look and thought price is good, I got Tannoy Eclipse 2. I thought it's not a bad beginning in terms of sound...
  15. P

    Low volume on hi-fi setup.

    I have an Ariston Q-Deck turntable, Ariston AX910 Integrated Amplifier and Teac LS-X8 Speakers. Even with the sound control knob turned fully on, the volume is very low. Any suggestions on what the problem is?
  16. Obliter8

    For Sale Classic 1970s Hi-Fi setup, manuals & boxes, £150

    For sale, a fantastic, genuine 1970s Hi-Fi setup, loved for decades! In the setup: Sanyo Stereo Amp DCA 1400, wood finish, original box and manuals included Sanyo Turntable TP 600SA, wood finish, working condition but needs a new belt (old one perished) and stylus, box and manuals included...
  17. M

    New to Hi-Fi, would really love some advice and guidance

    Hi all, I'd like to open by saying to anyone reading this, I sincerely appreciate your time. I am new to Hi-Fi and new to these forums, and after spending a couple of hours reading posts I can see there is an incredible amount of knowledgeable and kind people on here. The background My wife...
  18. Braun Audio

    Bargain #BlackDeals - Braun Audio premium speakers: Buy 1, get 2nd 50% off!

    Black Deals. For Black Week, we are giving you an unprecedented chance to own a Braun Audio speaker pair. If you buy one, you get the second for 50% off. Mix and match any of the black-colour LEs, and the second or cheaper model comes at only half the price! Valid until November 29...
  19. F

    Hifi speakers help

    No deeper than 5 and half inches to go with a denon m41 dab hifi thank you
  20. C

    £20,000 Hi-Fi budget

    I have £20k to spend on an upgrade to my system. I want to start from scratch. Have had Naim in the past. Looking at Streaming unit, amps, power supply and speakers. Have cables and furniture already. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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